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Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron Alumni Website

This website is dedicated to the men and women assigned the Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron in the Strategic Air Command.  They maintained the GAM-77/AGM-28 Hound Dog Missiles, GAM-72/ADM-20 Quail Missiles, and AQM-34 Firebee Missiles used to protect our nation during the Cold War.  I would like to thank everyone that has contributed photographs, materials and money to them maintenance of this website.  And a special thank you to Tom Dillion for twisting the arms of everyone at the reunions to collect funds to defray the cost of operating the website and newsletter.  All of your contributions are greatly appreciated.  Thank You!

Ronald Sortor, Webmaster




The cost of each patch is $5.00 and shipping is free.  Orders can be sent to Ronald Sortor, 3980 Curtisville Rd., South Branch, MI 48761

17th AMMS - 500x500

17th AMMS

42nd AMMS - 500x500

42nd AMMS

100th AMMS - 500x500

100th AMMS

319th AMMS

319th AMMS

379th AMMS Patch - 500x500

379th AMMS

410th AMMS - 500x500

410th AMMS

456th AMMS Patch - 500x500

456th AMMS

GAM-72 Quail Missile Patch - 500x500

GAM-72 Quail Missile Patch

AMMS Missileer Bulletin Board

The monthly newsletter has been discontinued.  A summary of recent changes to the website will be posted in this Bulletin Board every month in the future. 

Additions to the Honor Roll

Walter H. Zaptin - Sep 24, 2006 - Loring AFB (67-689), “Ramey AFB (69-70)
John Mackey
- 2013 - Ramey AFB, Grand Forks AFB
Philip Keesy - ?
Alpha “Sully” Sullivan -

Open Houses

Beale AFB - Apri 28, 2018 - Expo website:

Members Identified and/or Updated

Richard, Carl M., 2280 Garden Crest Dr., Rockwall, TX 75087, Phone: (469) 338-5760, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (73-74)
Pulliam, Jr Claude C
, 9303 Smoke Hollow Rd, Kernersville NC 27284, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (61-64)
Vanacore, Mike, 1877 E. C. 476, Bushnell, Florida, 33513-5601,  Phone: N/A, Email: , Squadron: Columbus AFB (65-68),

Air Show--T

Tell Your Friends About Our Website

Free Tell A Friend from Free Tell A Friend from

Please tell your friends about the AMMS Alumni Website.  Click on the link above to email our address to a friend.

Call For Photographs

I am in the process of updating all of the photo galleries on the website to the new flash format.  This format permits the photographs to be displayed in a larger size and load faster.   I would welcome any new photographs that you can contribute.  So dig through those old photo albums and send me copies of of your photographs.  Please  include a  recent photograph of yourself for inclusion in the troops photo galleries.  Send photographs to me at


Replica AMMS Squadron Patches

Replica Squadron Patches are available for purchase through the website.  The patches that are currently available are:  17th AMMS, 100th AMMS, 319th AMMS, 379th AMMS, 410th AMMS, 456th AMMS and the GAM-72 Quail Missile.  Patches for other Squadrons will be made available for purchase in the near future.  These patches make a great gift for your grand-children.  The proceeds from the sale of these patches will be used to extend the life of the AMMS Alumni Website and AMMS Missileer Newsletter.   Click here to order.



Quail Sweatshire
Hound Dog Sweatshire
We have a great selection of  Golf Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Coffee Cups, Beer Steins, etc. The proceeds from the sale of these products will be used to extend the life of the AMMS Alumni Website and AMMS Missileer Newsletter.  Click here to order!


Missile Restoration Projects

Driving the wife crazy?  Need to get out of the house for awhile?  Volunteer to work on one the missile restoration projects that are in progress around the country.  Many of the people that are working on these projects have no experience working on the Hound Dog, Quail or Firebee Missiles.  They sure could use your expertise.  Click on the following link to check out the restoration projects that are in progress.  Click Here!

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