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2002 Reunion

Reunion 2002 is History

SAC Logo04
SAC Logo05
Talk about a bunch of guys going in the wrong direction at the same time

Well it's all over. Pete Starkis and his gang did an outstanding job..  Many war stories were told and some of them may even be true but who cares.. Already preparations are underway for 2004 at Barksdale AFB.The co-hosts
for this event will be: Everett " Buck" Leach and Jesse Hyde.

I will be adding photos to this page as they become available so keep checking back. Photo's posted are through the courtesy of Frank Townsend, Richard Ledoux, Orion Sims, Al Millis, Emory Floyd and Butch Smith.

I wish to thank everyone for the kind comments about the Web Page. I couldn't have done it without your help and I sure do appreciate it.

                                                                                   Thanks,  Tom Clinard

A Salute To The Participants

1.  Jean McDonald
2.  Colen McDonald
3.  Jerri Lewis
4.  Maxcy Lewis
5.  Jo Tischer
6.  Carleton Tischer
7.  Glenna Dilks
8.  Charlie Dilks
9.  Brynn D. Morgan
10.  Jennie L. Morgan
11.  Bruno Sinopoli
12.  Rose Sinopoli
13.  Donald Widhalm
14.  Doris Widhalm
15.  Leo O. Soldner
16.  Leah Soldner
17.  Don Keim
18.  Edna Keim
19.  Lawrence Cole
20.  Garrell Clark
21.  Richard Ledoux
22.  Lana Ledoux
23.  Tom Hudson
24.  Harriet Hudson
25.  Alton Millis
26.  John Landers
27.  Dorothy Landers
28.  Richard Champley
29.  Barbara Champley
30.  Edward Koski
31.  Mary Koski
32.  David Spencer
33.  Franklin Townsend
34.  Gil Carpenter
35.  Lorraine Carpenter
36.  Curtis Lamson
37.  Dorothy Lamson
38.  Richard Mauller
39.  Elizabeth Mauller
40.  David Kahn
41.  Charles Hough
42.  Nan Hough
43.  Billy W. Smith
44.  Virginia T. Smith
45.  James P O'Connor
46.  Donna J O'Connor
47.  Leonard "Mac" McGinty
48.  Marjorie  "Marge" McGinty
49.  Thomas Clinard
50.  Margaret Clinard
51.  Earl Witt
52.  Rose Witt

53.  Joseph Barone
54.  Barbara Barone
55.  Gary Westrack
56.  Maxie Westrack
57.  David O. Nelson
58.  Dorothea M. Nelson
59.  Rocky Bradford
60.  Lou Bradford
61.  Larry Sell
62.  Mary Sell
63.  Burt Ogleysby
64.  Elwood "Butch" Smith
65.  Joanie Smith
66.  Lee Dunkin
67.  Pat Dunkin
68.  Joe Tafolla
69.  Leah Tafolla
70.  David Parks
71.  Vicki Parks
72.  Orion Sims
73.  Jean Sims
74.  Enoch "Dick" Witchley
75.  Karen Witchley
76.  Lowell Emerson
77.  Betty J. Emerson
78.  Joe Reichenbach
79.  Eleanor Reichenbach
80.  Richard Pelissier
81.  Barbara Pelissier
82.  Charles Easom
83.  Guest of Easom
84.  Harold Smith
85.  Shirley Smith
86.  William D. Shirley
87.  Rose L. Shirley
88.  Billy Shanahan
89.  Patty Shanahan
90.  Bernie Mullany
91.  June Mullany
92.  Lin Lacy
93.  Margaret Lacy
94.  Reece Henderson
95.  Eileen Henderson
96.  Solon Xenias
97.  Betty Xenias
98.  Richard Starkel
99.  John A DeSousa
100.  Susan Burke
101.  James L Artis
102.  Pete Starkis
103.  Sharon Starkis

104.  Beverly Pickard
105.  William Lloyd
106.  Dot Lloyd
107.  Jack Shively
108.  John Keylon
109.  Carla Keylon
110.  Emory Floyd
111.  Carolyn  Floyd
112.  Johnnie Sangster
113.  Wayne Emmons
114.  Margaret Emmons
115.  Donald W. Jones
116.  Vivian Jones
117.  David L. Cook
118.  Susan F. Cook
119.  Peter D. Foster
120.  Roberta Foster
121.  Edward Corrick
122.  Vicki Corrick
123.  George L. Hendrix
124.  Millie Hendrix
125.  Teresa Cole
126.  Pat O'Connor
127.  Jesse L. Hyde
128.  Diane M. Hyde
129.  Jim Farley
130.  Linda Farley
131.  Thomas Rider
132.  Edward Melko
133.  Sharon Melko
134.  Thomas A. HancockJr
135.  Kent Tabako
136.  Cathy Tabako
137.  Ramona Shively
138.  Edward Eppley
139.  Gary Stephens
140.  Bill White
141.  Robert Salzman
142.  Phyllis Salzman
143.  E. V. Buck Leach
144.  Betty Leach
145. J. Mike Dvorak
146. John McGaunn
147. Cindy Dvorak
148.  John M. Arnold
149.  Joan Arnold
150. Armand Coutu
151. Helen Coutu
152. Bill White
153. Jane White

The Squadron Connections

The Columbus Connection

The Dow Connection


Front L-R, Bruno Sinopoli, David Spencer,
Lin Lacy, John Landers and Colen McDonald.
Back L-R, Frank Townsend, William Shirley, Charlie Hough and Brynn Morgan.

L-R, Tom Clinard, Richard Mauller,
Lowell Emerson and Dick Witchley.

The Turner Connection

The Fairchild Connection


L-R Ed Koski, Dick Champley, Curtis Lamson,
Al Millis, Dave Parks, Don Jones, Emory Floyd
and Rocky Bradford
Missing: John Keylon, Pat O'Connor, Gary Stephens and Bernie Mullany.

L-R Tom Clinard, Reece Henderson, Ed Eppley, Gil Carpenter, John DeSousa and Garrell Clark

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