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2004 Reunion

2004 AMMS Alumni Reunion Photo Gallery

The photos above were provided by Frank Townsend, Earl Witt, Betty Mauller, Tom Clinard, Reece Henderson, Bob Van Alst, Orion Sims, Al Millis, John DeSousa, John Lutz, and Bob Horne setstats1

Reunion 2004 is History


A resounding "Good Show" should go out to Jesse and Diane Hyde and Buck and Betty Leach for the excellent job they did at this years reunion. I know a good time was had by all. Lets hope 2006 will be as good.


Party Dogs


Atkinson, Richard and Barbara
Bade, Ed
Balint, Robert
Bender, Ron and Vernette
, Ron and Barbara
Bradford, Rocky and Marie Jones
Butinski, Victor
Carpenter, Bob and Ann
Carpenter, Gil and Lorraine
Champley, Richard and Barb
Clinard, Tom and Margaret
Collister, Clarence and Kaye Cradduck
Cook, David and Susan
Coronado, Joe and Anne
Corrick, Edward and Vickie
DeSousa, John and Susan Burke
Dillion, Tom and Gisele
Doggett, Clay and Judie
Ducharme, Dutch and Pat
Dunkin, Lee and Pat
Durstock, Russell
Dvorak, Mike and Cindy Scott
East, Charlie and Judy
Emerson, Lowell and Betty
Emmons, Wayne and Margaret
Eskridge, Ray and Betty
Farley, Jim and Linda
Flanagan, Michael
Fox, Wally and Shirley
Gay, Jake and Sally
Havekotte, Byron
Hayes, Travis
Henderson, Reece and Eileen
Hendrix, George and Millie
Horne, Bob and Sharon
Hudson, Tom and Harriet

Huff, Orval and Joyce
Hyde, Jesse and Diane
Jack, Dale
Jansonius, Jan and Lila
Jones, Don
Kann, David
Keim, Don and Edna
Keller, James
Keylon, John and Carla
Lacy, Lin and Marge
Lamson, Curtis and Dorthy
Landers, John and Dottie
Leach, Buck and Betty
Lombardi, Carmine and Patsy
Lutz, John and Carmella
Mangnall, Lloyd and Marilyn
Marney, John and Mary
Mauller, Richard and Betty
McAnsh, Ben and Edith
McDonald, Colen and Jean
McGaunn, John and Donna
McIntyre, Alan and Deborah
McQuiggan, John and Nina
Melland, Norman and Sharon
Melton, William Harris and Shirley
Milan, Tom and Susan
Millis,  Al and Gay Butcher
Morey, Al and Julie Rae
Mullany, Bernie and June
Murphy, Jim and Jo Ann
Neal, Charles and Judy
Nelson, Dave and Dorothea
O'Connor, James and Donna
Peck, Orrin and Mary
Podrazik, Joesph and Evelyn

Postel, Charlie
Reichenbach, Joe and Eleanor
Riendeau, Aldoria
Rozier, George and Barbara
Runion, Lorren and Maureen
Salzman, Bob and Phyllis
Schneider, Charles and Fern
Sell, Larry and Mary
Shanahan, Billy and Patty
Siedlecki, Walt and Joan
Sims, Orion and Jean
Sinopoli, Buzz and Rose
Sites, Robert and Gertrude
Smith, Harold and Shirley
Soldner, Leo and Leah
Spenser David
Sullivan, Alpha and Janie
Tabako, Kent and Cathy
Tafolla, Joe and Leah
Tomb,  Charles and Virginia
Townsend, Frank
Tyndale, Walter and Judy
Valente, Hank
Van Alst, Robert and Nina
Wages, Fred and Olivia
Warzynski, Jim
Westrack, Gary
Widhalm, Donald and Doris
Williams, Vernon and Sharon
Wiss, Larry and Sharon
Witchley, Dick and Karen
Witt, Earl and Rose
Wojciechowski, Henry and Kathleen
Zimmerman, Russ
Zuntag, Bob and Erika

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