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2016 Reunion



2016 Reunion Group Photograph

Once again the AMMS Alumni Reunion has come to a close, but we are all looking forward to the next one in 2018. I think most, if not all, would say the event was great.  I thank my wife for putting up with me over the last several weeks and for her assistance.  Buck Leach for my sounding board and Charlie East for his assistance, Tom and Shirley Milam for their assistance and Shirley for providing the great paintings and Lowell Price for the prints for the drawing.  Thanks to Jim and Susie Loar for the sound system and Gary and Lila Jansonius for hosting the Hospitality Suite.  We did have a sad note during this reunion though, Bernie Mullany, who intended, and tried to attend, unfortunately passed away on Thursday April 21st, the day of our dinner.  It appears that the next Alumni Reunion will be hosted here in the Bossier City/Shreveport/Barksdale AFB, LA area in 2018, however with a different host.  Bill Jackson has graciously agreed to take the reins for that one. I’m sure you will hear from him in the near future.

Registration on Monday went well, although we did get some cancellations due to weather conditions and other issues, sickness, etc.. The hospitality suite opened about 3:00 pm, hosted by Gary (Jan) and Lila Jansonius.  This set stage for the rest of the event.  Thanks Jan and Lila!!

The Boomtown Casino Hotel and Dining Staff were once again exceptional.  The Picnic was once more conducted on Base at Cullen Park on Tuesday; however we were extremely concerned about the weather forecast. We had heavy rain all day Monday, registration day, however, on Tuesday it misted a little in the morning then around noon it cleared off and we had great weather the remainder of the day.  Tom Milam provided two 15 passenger vans to and from the picnic which eased transportation woes for our non-military Identification card holders.  Thanks Tom.

On Wednesday the Parkway High School Band, specifically the Wind Ensemble, performed for the attendees.  They were exceptional as usual and received numerous accolades from all.  Mr. Mark Minton, PHS Band Director, expressed his and the Band members thanks on their again being asked to perform at the event, and stated that it was an honor to do so.  He further stated that he would hopefully see us again in two years, at our next reunion.

Our Dinner on Thursday was as usual, outstanding.  The food was great and the staff was exceptional.  Our Guest Speaker, (Retired) Colonel Warren Ward of the Global Strike Command at Barksdale AFB, spoke on his experience with being part of the first B-52 strike at the beginning of the Iraqi war and some of the preparations for subject mission.  They launched Conventional ALCM Missiles. His presentation was outstanding and appreciated by all.

The Parkway High School Junior ROTC Cadets posted the Colors prior to our dinner and recited the names of our members that had passed away since the last reunion.  They did a great job and were very professional and courteous.

On Friday our departure breakfast was, again, hosted by Tom and Shirley Milam, another great ending for our reunion. A big thanks to Tom and Shirley.

In closing Buck Leach, Charlie East and I thank everyone for attending. A special thanks to Jim and Susie Loar, Tom and Shirley Milam, Jan and Lila Jansonius and Ron Sartor for maintaining our web page.  We again passed the hat for donations to assist Ron with maintaining the page and collected $354.00. We thank those who donated and ask if you haven’t visited the site, do so, he has a lot of Hound dog and Quail memorabilia.  The next Reunion in 2018 is here in the Shreveport/Bossier City/ Barksdale AFB, LA community and will be hosted by Bill Jackson, his address is: 765 Trails End Circle, Hurst, TX. 76054, his Email address is:,  his telephone # is: 817-656-0352  :cell: 817-266-3270. As stated above, he will be contacting members as we get closer to the reunion time frame.
Again, thanks for coming and May God Bless each of you, and we hope, with God’s willing to see you in 2018.

Tom Hudson

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