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Button-Honor Roll

Robins AFB Memories

465th - 19th Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron





Squadron History

Time Line                 Factoid

Nov  1960          Assigned 4137th A&E as GAM Branch

Feb  1961          1st AGM Received

Nov 1 1962         4137th AMMS Activated

May 1962           1st Gam-72 Launch 

Feb 1 1963         4137th AMMS deactivated

Feb 1 1963         465th AMMS activated

Jul 25 1968         465th AMMS Deactivated

Jul 25 1968          19th AMMS Activated

1968-1970            Commander: LTC Juell McDaniel
Sep 72-Jun 73    Commander, Capt John J. Casper

Sep 30 1974        19th AMMS deactivated


465th AMMS Squadron


Do You Remember?




Receiving 1st AGM-28 Hound Dog MissileA
Maj. McKinley and Larry Williams

Missile Control
Maxcy Lewis giving instructions
to Ron Kopp

Unloading 1st AGM S/N 60-2127
Mike Miller, Larry Williams
Robert Owen and Lee Dunkin

Combined Systems At Work

Patrick Benton and David Crafton
T. C.        ---       Colen McDonald 
C2-1M      ---       Patrick Benton  
C2-3A      ---       Ara Fiquette
C2-58A    ---       David Crafton
Arra Fiquette
Patrick Benton,  David Crafton,  Ollie Spires, 
Colen McDonald and  Arra Fiquette

Awards For The Best

1961 Best in SAC
4137th A&E

Mr. Bassett - Lee Dunkin - Maj. Tollman
Maj. McKinley - Roland Ducharme

Courtesy of: George Rozier

The 465th AMMS had the honor of winning the SAC Outstanding AMMS  in 1962 and 1964
19th AMMS Golf Champs 1969
1st Row: William Lloyd, Vern Hedlund, Curtis Lamson, Stephen Kinnaman, Charles Despain, LTC R.C. Riecks, 2nd Row: Hartley Hermansen, Betram Trafford, Jerome Barrette, Ronald Kaleta
Base Golf Champs 1968
Co-Captains Vern Hedlund and Curtis Lamson
Another Award for Robins Personnel
Presenter to Mahlon Martin, Puccino  and Thomas by: Col Wesley Pendergraft
Outstanding AMMS Award 1962
465th AMMS---Received at SAC Headquarters
Msgt Bernie Mullany-----Msgt James Nicols
Gen Hunter Harris------Maj James McKindley

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

Bernie Mullany
at Rest
Lee Dunkin with his 1955 Pontiac Starchief (He said it "ONLY" took 3 years to restore)
Otis Brown with a   21 in Redfish

19th AMMS Hound Dogs Assigned In 1974

61-2122  61-2149  61-2163  61-2191  61-2192  61-2207  61-2212  61-2214  61-2215  61-2241  61-2258 
62-0042  62-0099  62-0142  62-0152  62-0162  62-0174  62-0184  62-0195

465th & 19th AMMS Troops Past & Present

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465th - 19th AMMS Personnel Roster


Allmon, Byron L., 2008 Bayshore Drive, Niceville, FL 32578, Phone: (850) 803-8581, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (67-70), Wurtsmith AFB (70-73)
Alonzo, Leslie R. Jr.,1012 W. Peninsular St., Tampa, FL. 33603-5212, Phone: (813) 229-1083, Email:,  Squadron: Loring AFB (63-67) Robins AFB (67-68)
1-star Anderson, John R-----------Deceased
Archer,Wayne F-----------Griffin GA
1-star Arnold, John M. - Deceased
Austin,Harlow R-----------Centerville GA
Baldwin,Curtis L
Barrette,Jerry-----------Warner Robins GA
Bassett,Robert F-----------Bradenton FL
Baumker, Thomas W., 356 Freude Lane, Box Elder, SD 57719, Phone: (605) 791-4155, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (63-66), Barksdale AFB (68-75)
1-star Benedict, Chester L-----------Deceased
Benson, James A ------------Arden, NC
Benton,Patrick S-----------Prattville AL
Billingsley, Tommie D., Address: P. O. Box 130, CityStateZip: Jasper, TN 37347, Phone: (423) 227-1524, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (65-68), (69-70), Loring AFB (68-69), (72-77)
Biser,Joe-----------Keymar MD
Blanton,George L-----------Bonaire GA
Blevins,Troy D-----------Bonaire GA
Bonaparte,Albert E-----------Grove Town GA
Bordwell,Robert H-----------BonaireGA
Brewer,Billy-----------Yazoo City MS
1-star Bridges, Franklin R. - Deceased
Britton,Jeff-----------Chapin SC
Broome,Fred D
Brown, Carl L., Macon, GA, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Turner AFB (65-67), Robins AFB (67-72); Chanute AFB (72-74)
Brown, Otis,  78 Piedmont Dr., Palm Coast,FL 32164, Phone: (386) 313-5313, Email: , Squadron: Minot AFB (61-65), Robins AFB (65-70), Barksdale AFB (70-74)
Brown,Robert E-----------Lebanon TN
Burghardt, William T ----------- Newmarket, NH
Burgoyne,Bruce F
Burke,Keith-----------Warner Robins GA
Casey,Charles F----------Wilmington NC
Casper, John J., 3203 Westgate Lane, Richardson TX 75082, Phone: (972) 680-8438, Email:,  Squadron: Mather AFB (70-73)
1-star Chambers, James B. - Deceased
Chipchase, Steven R., 228 Russell Ave, Blackwell. OK 74631, Phone: (580) 363-0753, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (63-68), Beale AFB (68-73), K.I. Sawyer AFB (73-76)
Clark,Warren M-----------Livingston TX
1-star Cochran, William H-----------Deceased
1-star Cohenour, Ira B-----------Deceased
Copley,Don L-----------Tampa FL
Corrick, Edward O. ---------- Cullman, AL
Cowling,Neal-----------Patton MO
Crafton,David R----------- Tucson AZ
Curl, Roy (Jack) J.----------Warner Robins, GA
Cutrell,Gary-----------Warner Robins GA
Davis, Eric J.-----------Stittville NY
Davis,Edward P-----------Bonaire GA
Davis,Joe E
Davis,John L
1-star Davis, Leroy----------Deceased
1-star Deese, James-----------Deceased
Dehlinger,John E
1-star DeSpain, Charles-----------Deceased
Dilks,Charles O-----------Warner Robins GA
Doan,Robert-----------Perry GA
Dortch,Lesley E----------Macon GA
Ducharme,Roland J
Dunkin,Lee-----------Orlando FL
Dutton, Glenn E., Address: 5250 Harlon Rd, Bastrop LA 71220, Phone: (318) 281-3048, Email:, Squadron: Walker AFB (62-65), Robins AFB (65-67), Minot AFB (69-71), Blytheville AFB (71-78)
1-star Dykes, Eddie-----------Deceased
Dziedzic, Chester J-------- Flat Rock NC
Dzwonkowski,Wladyslaw--------Warner Robins GA
Easom,Charles-----------Walnut Grove MS
East, Charlie, 562 Meadow Dr., Bossier City, LA 71112, Phone: (318) 742-1190, Email: , Squadron: Robins AFB (60-66), K.I. Sawyer AFB (66-07), Baksdale AFB  (70-76)
1-star Edwards, Arthur-----------Deceased
1-star Eisenman, Dave - Deceased
Emmons, Wayne, 562 Meadow Dr, d'Iberville, MS 39540, Phone: (228) 392-2243 Cell: 324-5218, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (60-65)
Eppley,Edward-----------Tucson AZ
Fabick, Darryl C.-----Des Peres, MO
Farley, James (Jim) B.-----------Smyrna GA
Fazette,Billy-----------Snellville GA
Ferris,Paul-----------Sausalito CA
Ferros,George G
Fiquette,Arra-----------Orlando FL
Fournier, James L., 17 Martins Road, Huguenot, NY. 12746, Phone: (845) 856-1981, Email:, Squadron: Wright Patterson AFB, Robins AFB
Funnemark,William L----------Algona IA
Fussell,Ernest C-----------Montgomery AL
Gaines,Edgar-----------Byron GA
1-star Galloway, Herman W.-----------Deceased
Gibler,James F
Gillenwater,Vernon W ------- Powder Springs GA
1-star Glenn, Donald L----------- Deceased
Glenza,Peter-----------Jesup GA
Gnann,Keith A-----------Jacksonville FL
1-star Gordy, James - Deceased
Gosby,James A.-----------Warner Robins GA
Greene,Jack A
Greenwell,Roger-----------Bradstown KY
Grumbles, Ronnie H., 3042 Ventosa Dr., Charlotte, NC 28205, Phone: (704) 650-5472, Email: Email:,  Squadron: Robins AFB (70-75)
Guleserian,Armen J
Hall,Edward B-----------Saint Pauls NC
1-star Hancock, Thomas A. - Deceased
Handley, Bob-----------Peoria, AZ
Hansen, John E., 634 Spruce Head Rd., South Thomaston, ME 04858, Phone: (207) 594-5310, Email:, Squadron: Lowry AFB (62-63), Robins AFB (64-65)
Hardern, Darryl K., Address: 3672 Terramore Drive, Viera, FL 32940, Phone: (321) 632-1726, Email:, Squadron: Altus AFB (66-68); Robins AFB (68-69); Griffiss AFB (72-74)
Hardy,Dale-----------Destin FL
1-star Hartsell, Earl - Deceased
Hastings, Joseph D., 104 Tift Court, Warner Robins, GA 31093, Phone: (478) 922-0288, Email:, Squadrons; Robins AFB (61-66), Dow AFB (66-68)
Hawkins,James O
Hawks, Roy L., 131 Woods Mill Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534, Phone: (919) 778-9958, Email:,Squadron: Robins AFB (60-67), Minot AFB (67-71) Seymour Johnson AFB (71-79)
1-star Hayes, Lester R----------- Deceased
Hearn,James L
1-star Hedlund, Vernon L-----------Deceased
Hermansen, Hartley K., 10623 Lambrusca Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Phone: (916) 635-1850, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (60-62), Beale AFB (62-67), Robins AFB (67-70), Minot AFB (70-75), Mather AFB (75-78)
Heroman,John H
Hesse,Bland K --------- Miami OK
Hickey,JamesW-----------Myrtle Beach SC
Holley,Steve-----------Warner Robins GA
Holmberg,Paul R
Holt,Drew-----------Anchorage AK
Homer,James-----------Warner Robins GA
1-star Honican, John T. - Deceased
1-star House, Cecil H. - Deceased
1-star Howell, George R. - Deceased
Howerton, Fred E., 979 Sweetbriar Place, Galesburg, IL 61401, Phone: 309-342-7800,  Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (67-70)
Hudson, Tomas W. (Tom), 3223 Caroline Dr., Bossier City, LA 71112, Phone: ((318) 747-1836, Email:, Squadron: Squadron: Robins AFB (66-71),  Blytheville AFB (71-77), Barksdale AFB
1-star Hudson, Wallace - Deceased
Hume,James I-----------Spokane WA
1-star Iacuzzo, Amilio-----------Deceased
Jeffries,Joseph H
Jenkins, James D.-----------Bonaire, GA
Jenkins,John-----------Warner Robins GA
Jernigan, Norris C
Jewell,William E
Johnson,Joseph S
1-star Jones, Sterling O-----------Deceased
Jordan,Robert M
1-star Kaleta, Ronald E. – Deceased
Keller,Douglas-----------Bonaire GA
1-star Kennedy, Charles K------Deceased
Kinnaman,Stephen B-----------Seattle WA
Kirts,Donald D
Kopp, Ronald J
Krajewski,Gerald J-----------La Habra CA
Lambright, Graig E.----Chandler, AZ
Lamson,Curtis E-----------Bastrop TX
Landy, John F-----------Tucson, AZ
Leach,Everett V----------Bossier City LA
Leonhardt,Blanton C
Lewis,Leonard R-----------Gallatin TN
1-star Lewis Jr., Maxcy - Deceased
1-star Lloyd, William H.  - Deceased
1-star Logue, Olin J-----------Deceased
Lombardi,Carmine A------ Keystone Heights FL
Lopez,Prudencio R
1-star Louis, Ernest J --------- Deceased
Maldonado,Mario----------Austin TX
Martin,Mahlon I-----------Geneva FL
Mauro, Daniel M., 2765 Silver Fox Circle, Fairfield, CA 94534, Phone: (228) 265-0740, Email:,  Squadron: Robins AFB (72-75)
McCormack,Howard E
McCormick,Charles F----------- Avon Park FL
McDaniel,Juell H-----------Waskom TX
McDonald, Colen R. PO Box 44, Bonaire, GA 31005, Phone: (478) 329-1337, Email:, Squadron: Columbus AFB (61-66), Robins AFB (66-74)
McFarland, Robert L.-----------Utica NY
McGann,Joseph B-----------Tucson AZ
McGough,Vincent E
1-star McKinley, James-----------Deceased
1-star McLendon, James A Jr----------Deceased
1-star Meade, Marvin-----------Deceased
1-star Meska, Melvin E. --Deceased
Meybaum, Klaus --------- Fredericksburg TX
Miller,Michael R-----------Palm Bay FL
Mills, Robert E------------Sparks NV
Milner,Roger R-----------Dawson GA
Miner,Donald D
Mitchell, William - Deceased
Mizzell,John H
Moore,Noel A-----------Royer AR
Morey,Alvin L-----------Clearfield UT
Morris,Richard-----------Warner Robins GA
Mosley,Bobby D-----------Toccoa GA
1-star Mullany, Bernard P.- Deceased
1-star Murphy, James M. - Deceased
1-star Nash, Ronald E. - Deceased
Needham, James O., 6387 Bartlett Rd.,Rome, NY  13440, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Dow AFB (60-65),  Seymour Johnson AFB (65-68),  Robins AFB (68-70),  Loring AFB (70-78),  Griffiss AFB (78-80)
Nell,Claude E
Nix,Ralph----------Macon GA
Osborne,Eugene R-----------Port Richey FL
Owen,David S-----------Bonaire GA
1-star Owen,Robert D-----------Deceased
Owens,Alvin-----------Claxton GA
Pace, Russell L., 393 Jackie Way, Shepherdsville, KY, 40165, Phone: (502) 531-0028, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB(70-72), Robins AFB (72-74), Cannon AFB (74-76)
Page, Paul R., 4504 Jeff Road, Toney, AL  35773, Phone: (256) 851-9380, Email:,  Squadron: Minot AFB (60-66), Robins AFB (66-69)
Park,Robert L
1-star Parker,Harold-----------Deceased
Parkhurst, Joe P
Parsons,Donald C----------- Inverness FL
Partin,Lincoln-----------Warner Robins GA
Patzer,James H
Pelissier,Richard A-----------Bonaire GA
Petras,Frank M-----------Citrus Height CA
Pettitt,Paul R
Pirkle, Carl F----------Byron, GA
1-star Poelker, Richard H-----------Deceased
Powers,Richard-----------Centerville GA
Price, Albert R., 205 N. Smith St., New Carlisle, OH 45344, Phone: (937)272-9871, Email:,  Squadron: Fairchild AFB (71-72), Robins AFB (72-76), Seymour Johnson AFB (76-78), Mather AFB (78-83)
Probst,Marvin-----------Centerville GA
Puccio, Sebastian F-----------Lithia FL
Puskas,William J----------Lake Harmony PA
Radsvilowicz,Edward J-----------Mary Esther FL
Ranger,Bruce N-----------Manchester NH
1-star Reichenbach, Joe – Deceased
1-star Reiners, George H -----------Deceased
Riebe, Ernest R.-----Goose Creek, SC
Riecks, R,C.
1-star Roberts,George ----------Deceased
Robinson,Jack C-----------Greenville SC
1-star Rodriguez, Alex A----------- Deceased
1-star Rogers, Benjamin – Deceased
Rowe,John E
Rozier, George W ,  PO Box 1747, Lucedale, MS 39452, Phone: (601) 508-8058, Squadron: Robins AFB (61-65)
Rupe,Richard J
Sawyer,Ramsey L
Schleicher,Richard P
1-star Schnabel, Charles H. - Deceased
Schoening,William A----------Warner Robins GA
Schuster,Rick-----------St Louis MO
Seabolt,George T-----------Warner Robins GA
Sealing,Lester L-----------Belhaven NC
Septer,Thomas L-----------New Philadelphia OH
1-star Sevin, Charles A----------Deceased
Seymour,Thomas B
1-star Shepherd, Carl-----------Deceased
1-star Shivley, Jack----------- Deceased
Sims,Orion W-----------St Petesburg FL
1-star Skiles, Daniel-----------Deceased
Smathers,William-----------Olivehurst CA
Smith,Harold D-----------Cullowhee NC
Smith,Joseph M
Smith,Willie A------------Statesboro GA
Sparks,Jack H
1-star Spiers, Ollie L-----------Deceased
Steinman,Ralph W-----------Brooksville FL
Stephens III, Westeron, Address: 2001 Larkin Ave., Elgin, IL 60123, Phone: (847) 742-4200, Email:,  Squadron: Robins AFB (71-74)
Stephenson, Jerry
Still,Clinton B
Stillson,Charles W-----------Henderson NV
1-star Stine, Ronald L-----------Deceased
Stubbs,Charles-----------Valdosta GA
Summer,Ray E-----------Warner Robins GA
Suter,Robert W
Swan,Bob-----------Charlotte NC
Sweeten, Homer L-----------Covina CA
Tallant, Harold R-----------Ft Valley GA
Tebbs,Max O-----------San Antonio TX
Thomas,Delmas B.-----------Salisbury MD
Tischer,Carleton-----------Bonaire GA
1-star Torton, Louis-Deceased
Trafford,Ben L-----------Warner Robins GA
1-star Tucker,John A-----------Deceased
Tyler,James P
1-star Tyndal, Johnny-----------Deceased
Vance,Hugh H-----------Warner Robins GA
Varga, Robert N., 14770 Hubbard Rd., Burton, Ohio 44021, Phone: (440) 834-1126, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (64-65), Ramey AFB (66-67)
Vigrass, Roger P., 4851 Spike Horn Dr., New Port Richey, FL 34653, Phone: (727) 459-7317, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (67-70)
Wages, Fred P-----------Winter Haven FL
Walker,Johnny M ----------- Wrens GA
1-star Warth, James R------------ Deceased
Webster, Charles "Chuck, 211 Crestwood Ter., Warner Robins, GA 31088, Phone: (478) 955-3777, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (64-67)
Weir,John J-----------Gadsen AL
Wellman,Kenneth-----------Merrimac WI
Wesson,Harley R-----------Madison FL
Whiteside,Gordon K-----------Boaz AL
Willette, Charles R.
Williams,Larry-----------Gainsville TN
1-star Williams, Walter L-----------Deceased
Wing,George R-----------Acworth GA
Stephen Wood, Address: 395 Flat Rock Road, Phone: +1 (518) 293-8126, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFRB (69-70), Ramey AFB (70-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-72), Warner Robins AFB (72-74)
Wooster,Marvin-----------Greenwell Spring LA
Yench, Daryl L., Cortez, CO, Squadron: Robins AFB (68-71) Chanute AFB - Instructor, Email:
Young,John A
Youngen, Dennis,145 Henson Rd, Hawkinsville, GA 31036, Phone: (478) 636-3979, Email: , Squadron: Chanute (76 - 77), Robins AFB (77 - 80)

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