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Button-Honor Roll

Ramey AFB Memories

72nd Airborne Missile Maintenance Squadron


Squadron History

Time Line

1961                          Assigned to 72nd A&E as GAM Branch

1 Nov 1962                Activated 72nd AMMS

1 Nov 1962                1st C.O. - Maj P.E. Hodge

Jun 1971                   72nd AMMS Deactivated and transferred
                                 to Ellsworth AFB to become the 28th AMMS



Provided courtesy of: Orlando Gallardo - Puerto Rico Miltary Historian


Ramey B-52's and Dogs on a roll during an ORI  - Provided courtesy of: Orlando Gallardo Puerto Rico Miltary Historian

The Best of the Best
Master Technician Awards


Standing L-R, Capt Ron Skoneki, Fredrick Grover,
William Lovelace, William Cochran, Franklin Lawson, Carter Mattis, Joe Tafolla, Lt Col Tom Joes,
and CMS Lawrence Bainbridge.
Kneeling, L-R, Richard Oswalt, Leroy Davis,
James Wallace, and Don Widhalm.


Some of the 72nd AMMS Finest

Lt Col Joseph Kata and his Troops

Front L-R Sam Jones, Clark Webb, Michael Donovan Rear L-R Robert Davis, Daniel Berry, Wayne Gilbert,
Carl Pirkle,Jerry Converse, Herman Galloway

Remember the Big “R” Suggestion Program?

Newspaper Artical-303
Newspaper Artical-2

If I remember correctly $15.00 bought 3 gallons of Ron Rico Rum!  Don’’t know what Walley did with his $25.00

NCO Leadership School

Newspaper Artical-1

Wallace Hubbard remembers the NCO Leadership School

Patrick D. Rife Remembers a Shack!

A bit  of trivia: I think, though can't prove, that I had the first, but not the last,  "shack" (bullseye) with an AGM-28 Hound Dog MissileB as the Navigator/Programer while at  Ramey.  It was September 15, 1969, with AGM-23B 237 on B52G 590 at  Statesboro, NY RBS (radar bomb site).  Whoopee huh?

Joe Kata and I,  along with many of the fine folks formerly at Ramey, participated in the Ghost  Walk 3, successful live launch of an ADM-20 Quail MissleC Quail in June 1972.  Jones,  Jackson, Wallace, Turner, Willis, and Puccio were the enlisted guys who made it  happen.  I know Jones was at Ramey, but not sure of the others, but bet  some were.  I don't have first names--getting too old I guess, but saw  Jones' picture in your photos.  Many of the former Ramey folks were  instrumental in the cleanup efforts in Rapid City after the extensive flood of  June 1972.

Patrick D. Rife,  Lt Col USAF (Ret)

Old Missilemen Never Die - They Just Get Old & Gray

Joe reichenbach,Butch Smith,John Marston04
Joe Reichenbach, Butch Smith & John Tarston - 2005

What Happen’s Missilemen That Retire?

Old Guys Rule03


Butch Smith as a  “Hells Angel”

72nd AMMS Troops Past & Present

Send me a recent photograph of yourself to be included in this photo gallery.  Click Here!

Ramey Today

A special thank you to Rillie Austin’s son Jimmy and his wife Annette for the wonderful photographs of Ramey today.  They went back to Ramey to see where Jimmy was born.

More information about Ramey is available on the Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association website 



72nd AMMS Personnel Roster


Adams,Brenton K ---------- Albany KY
Alexander,Thomas E
Allen,Charles H --------- Longview TX
Arnold,Cyril P
Arrowwood,Wiley-----------Flat Rock NC
Artis,James L --------- Severn MD
1-star Arts, Harold J-----------Deceased
Austin, Rilie -
Bainbridge, Lawrence W ----------Deceased
Baxter, Robert -------- Tucker GA
Barone, Joseph J ----------- Fort Payne AL
Bell,Rupert W ---------- Winston Salem NC
1-star Benedict, Michael J --------- Deceased
Berry, Daniel O
Boaz, Clifford L., P.O. Box 877, Ft. Fairfield, Maine 04742, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (60-63), Turner AFB (63-67), Loring AFB (67-69) Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-73)
Bohner,Thomas E ----------- Tampa FL
Boldware,Earl H-----------Dayton OH
Boldys,Joseph F
Boudreau, Norman S ------- Bernhards Bay, NY
Boyle, David H ---------- Au Gres, MI
Brauner, Robert F., Address: 660 W. Via Rosaldo, Green Valley, AZ 85614, Phone: (520) 399 3352, Email:, Dow AFB, Mather AFB, Ramey AFB (66-69), Great Falls AFB
Brown, John R -------- Atwater CA
Brown, Richard F --------- Rome NY
Browning, Dana W --------- Jacksonville AR
Brust, John G --------- Bradenton FL
Buras, Larry D --------- Alvarado TX
Burnham, Daniel
1-star Bustos, Emilio -------- Deceased
Cadiz,Roberto-----------Orlando FL
1-star Cale, John M ------- Deceased
Camlin, Edwin W.------Edmond, OK
Carey, Edward E -------- Milford DE
1-star Carpenter, Gilbert-----------Deceased
Carroll, Paul
Carson, Cottrel
Carson, Robert
Cate,Bennie-----------Bossier City LA
Champagne,Douglas F-------------Portage MI
Champion, Melvin A., Address: 120 Sun Prairie Road, Great Falls, MT  59404, Phone: (406) 965-3208, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (64-70), Ramey AFB (70-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-74)
Chimento, Edward
Chipchase, Steven R., 228 Russell Ave, Blackwell. OK 74631, Phone: (580) 363-0753, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (63-68), Beale AFB (68-73), K.I. Sawyer AFB (73-76)
Choney,Billy-----------Warner Robins GA
Christen, Reginald
1-star Cochran, William H-----------Deceased
1-star Cohenour, Ira B-----------Deceased
1-star Converse, Francis J ----------- Deceased
Corrick, Edward O. ---------- Cullman, AL
Cowell, Leon D., 715 N Owalla Ave, Claremore, OK 74017, Phone: (918) 638-3413, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB, Ramey AFB, Barksdale AFB
Davis, James D ----------- Harrogate TN
Davis, Leroy -------- Deceased
Davis, Robert C. (Red), 1264 Old Mobile Highway, Lucedale, MS 39452, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Blytheville AFB (67-70), Ramey AFB (70-71), Minot AFB (71-72),  Ellsworth AFB (72-74)
Davis, Robert D ------- Fort Worth TX
Demott, Roger
Devane,William-----------Merritt Island FL
Dillon,Thomas E --------- Pensacola FL
Donnelly,Lawrence T
Driscoll,Richard-----------Matthews NC
Dunkin,Lee-----------Orlando FL
Dutton,Elmer-----------Orlando FL
1-star Eisenman, Dave - Deceased
Eskridge, Graham-----------Clovis, NM
Evans, Roy A., 336 Salmon Ct.,  Kissimmee, FL 34759, Phone: (863) 496-0060, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (64-68), Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-73)
1-star Feldhauser, James R-----------Deceased
Feragne,Eugene-----------Milbrook AL
Field,Duane E --------- Coldwater MI
Fitzgerald, Jim -------- Atlanta GA
Fornal,Donald------------St Mountain GA
Forrest,George-----------Piggott AR
Fowler, Harold - Auburn, MI
1-star Francis, Lewis---------Deceased
1-star Francis, Ralph -------- Deceased
Frank, David ---------- Joshua TX
Frankhouser, Michael D ------- Florence, OR
Fulcomer, Kenneth F --------- Tyrone PA
Fussel,Ernest-----------Montgomery AL
1-star Gabbart, Arwin L ----Deceased
Gaertig, Michael E -------- Lompoc CA
Galloway, Herman W --------- Deceased
Gelsomino,Louis-----------Port St Lucie FL
Gilbert,Robert C ---------- Kennesaw GA
1-star Glenn, Donald L ------- Deceased
Gray, Norman C ------- Toledo OH
1-star Gray,Royce ------- Deceased
Griffin, Jesse L ----------- Minot ND
Griffith, Karl T., 225 Park Charles Blvd. N., St. Peters, MO 63376, Phone: (636) 928-2275, Email:, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB (69-70), Ramey AFB (70-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-74), Mather AFB (74-75 SRAM)
Grimes,Gary B-----------Decatur GA
Grover, Fredrick L
Hall,James R-----------Viper KY
Hardy,Leslie-----------Colorado Springs CO
Harmon, William
Harvell,James R
Havekotte, Byron L.-----------Merritt Island, FL
Hayes, Gary L --------- Dayton OH
1-star Hayes, Lester R --------- Deceased
Hermansen, Hartley K., 10623 Lambrusca Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Phone: (916) 635-1850, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (60-62), Beale AFB (62-67), Robins AFB (67-70), Minot AFB (70-75), Mather AFB (75-78)
1-star Hodge, Phillip Edwin - Deceased
Hogan, Christopher W
1-star Holland, Charles --------- Deceased
Horne,Robert-----------Bossier City LA
Howard, Gregory C ------- Apache Junction AZ
Hubbard, Wallace K.,  6509 Bent Wood Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73169, Phone: (352) 348-9611, Email:,  Squadron: Dow AFB (62-63), Ramey AFB (63-66), Altus AFB (66)
Huggins, Philip H
Irons,Gerald P ----------- San Juan PR
Isenhour,Edward A ----------- Granite Falls NC
Jacobs,  Ralph----Rutherfordton, NC
James, Harlan
Jansonius, Gary l., Box 68, Lahoma, OK 73754, Phone: (580) 796-2908, Cell (318) 286-8917, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (63-64), Ramey AFB (64-66)
Jenkinson, Benjamin R. -----------Conway SC
Jewett, Malcom R., 3085 Ranchfield Drive,  Beavercreek, OH 45432, Phone: (937) 427-1966, Email:,  Squadron: Grand Forks, AFB, Ramey AFB
Johnston,James G -------- Valparaiso FL
Jones, Sam, 6324 S 139 St., Omaha, NE 68137, Phone: (402) 895-6138, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (60-63), Wright Patterson AFB (63-68), K I Sawyer AFB (68-69), Ellsworth AFB (71-73)
Jones,Thomas J.

Kincade, Thomas E
1-star King, Dennis P ----------- Deceased
Kunze,Donald-----------Lewiston ID
Laidacker, Robert C.----------- Bozman MD
Lamson,Curtis-----------Bastrop TX
Landy, John F.-----Tucson, AZ
Leale Jr., Thomas J., 3171 W. Shadow Dr., Buckeye, AZ 85326, Phone: (623) 374-4206, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (66-69), Ramey AFB (69-71),  Ellsworth AFB (71-74), Beale AFB (74-76) Ellsworth AFB (76-77)
Ledoux,Richard E --------- Odessa FL
Levi,Bernard-----------Hot Springs AR
1-star Loibl, J ohn E ----------- Deceased
Lopez, Leroy
Love,Millard D --------- Whitesburg TN
Lovelace, William R
1-star Mackey, John - Deceased
Mannino, Sal R-------- Surprise, AZ
Marquez,Mark-----------Schertz TX
1-star Marston, John E ----------- Deceased
Mattis, Carter H ------------ Bossier City LA
Mauller, Richard J-----------Inverness FL
Maynard,Ernest-----------Mincral VA
McAleese,Charles-----------Orange City FL
McCoy, Ashley D ---------- Riverside OH
1-star McGinty, Leonard T----------- Deceased
McIntyre, Alan B., 9657 E. 28th Street, Tulsa, OK 74129, Phone: (918) 828-0677, Squadron: Beale AFB (60-64), Ramey AFB (64-67),  Loring AFB (67-71)
1-star McLendon, James A Jr -------- Deceased
Meyer,Gerald-----------Punta Gorda FL
Middleton, Darryl S., Address: 1009 Plymouth Drive, CityStateZip: Stafford VA 22554, Phone: +1 (540) 658-9208, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (68-70)
Milner,Roger-----------Dawson GA
Miner, Edgar P ---------- Honolulu HI
Mitchell,Leonard-----------Oklahoma City OK
Moose Jr., Dewey H, 3559 Valiant Ave SW, Concord, NC 28027, Phone: (704) (788) 8616, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (64-65), Ramey AFB (65-67) Griffis AFB (67-68)
Monhollen, Shelby -------- Beavercreek OH
Murphy, Michael J., 1933 126th PL SW, Everett, WA 98204, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB (67-68), Ramey AFB (68-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-72), Fairchild AFB (72-85), Griffiss AFB (85-86)
Neal,Junius-----------Bossier City LA
Nellis,Steve-----------Las Vegas NV
Olejniczak, Thomas J., Address: 6780 Northland Dr. NE, Rockford, MI  49341, Phone: (616) 884-6618, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB(67-68), Ramey AFB (68-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70)
Olinger,James W --------- Cherokee AL
Oswalt, Richard B
1-star Ouye, Edwin ----------- Deceased
Palermo, Michael A., 1250 Woodlawn Dr., Hazle Township, PA 18202, Phone: (570) 455-7026, Email:, Ramey AFB (60-63)
Parnell, Bill, 1037 Tralee Tr., Beavercreek. OH 45430, Phone: (937) 572-1518, Email:, Squadron: McCoy AFB (62-67), Ramey AFB (67-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70-72)
Parsons,Donald C----------- Inverness FL
Pearson,Lloyd H-----------Rock Hill SC
Pennington,Bobby L ------- Havre De Grace MD
Pereira, Elmo-----------Rome, NY
Phillips,Gary-----------Omaha NE
Pier,Dwayne F --------- Mt Juliet TN
Pirkle, Carl F----------Byron, GA
Pitts, T.C.
Preston, Walter H
Prewitt, David E ----------- Imperial Beach CA
Pruitt,Earl, 1603 Quail Run, Muskogee, OK 74403, Phone: (918) 577-7809, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB, Mather AFB, Ramey AFB, Beale AFB, Malmstrom AFB
Pridgen,Jesse R --------- Hillsboro OR
Pruitt, Earl
Rabey,Charles-----------Virginia Beach VA
Reagan, John J
1-star Reichenbach, Joe – Deceased
Riebe, Ernest R.-----Goose Creek, SC
Rife, Patrick D. LTC USAF (Ret), Address: 1811 14 Street Road, Phone: +1 (970) 395-0950, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-72)
Riggs, Wayne E
1-star Riley, Vincent ------ Deceased
1-star Rogers, Richard ----------- Deceased
Rouch,James-----------Gaithersburg VA
Rountree,William-----------Tucson AZ
Runyan,Kenneth R-----------Sun City Center FL
Ruoff, Walter T----------- Browns Mills NJ
1-star Sager, Ritner G --------- Deceased
Sale, Leonard H., 1001 Mustang Ct, Springtown, TX 76082, Phone: (817) 677-2860, Clinton Sherman AFB (67-68), Ramey AFB (68-70), Minot AFB (70-73)
Salzman, Robert D------Cabot AR
Sauer, W.J. "Joe" ----------- Murfreesboro TN
Saunders,Robert E.
1-star Scarberry, Glen N. - Deceased
Seasock, Walter J.----West Lake, LA
1-star Sell, Larry----------- Deceased
Severa, Amuel Tony, 1700 India Hook Rd, Apt 202, Rock Hill, SC 29732, Phone: (803) 324-3075, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (61-64) Travis AFB (64-68)  Wright Patterson AFB (68-69) Ramey AFB (69-71)
Shelton, John D., 146  Tollgate Trail, Longwood Fl 32750, Phone: (407) 331-9379 Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (63-65) Turner AFB (65-67) Grand Forks AFB (67-69)  Ramey AFB (69-71) Ellsworth AFB (71-74)
Sims,Robert-----------Ft Worth TX
Skoneki, Ron --------- Montgomery AL
Smart,Charles-----------Salt Lake City UT
Smith, Bobby C ----------- Houston MS
1-star Smith, Carlos D.-----------Deceased
Smith,Charles F
Smith Jr., Charles W., 131 Axtell Dr., Summerville, SC 29485-3420, Phone: (843) 873-3690, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB (60-63), Ramey AFB (63-66)
Smith,  Elwood S. "Butch", 7508 Covedale Drive,  Orlando, FL 328818, Phone: (407) 595-9005’ Email:, Squadrons: Homestead AFB (59-62), Seymour Johnson AFB (62-66), Kincheloe AFB (66-68), Ramey AFB (68-71), Blytheville AFB (71-75)
Smith,Ronald T
Snipes,George-----------Warner Robins GA
Soldner,Leo O ----------- The Villages FL
Sortor, Ronald J., 3980 Curtisville Rd., South Branch, MI 48761, Phone: (989) 735-3734, Email:, Beale AFB (61-63), Ramey AFB (63-67)
Streiff,  David O., 4933 Algonquin Trl, Antioch, TN 37013, Phone: (615) 512-6273, Squadron: Loring AFB, Ramey AFB, Grand Forks AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB,  K. I. Sawyer AFB
Summerfield, Steve
Surrett,Warren C-----------Tampa FL
Tafolla, Joe, Schertz,TX, Email: , Grand Forks AFB (61-64), Mather AFB (64-67), Ramey AFB (67-70),  Minot AFB (70-71), Barksdale AFB (72-75)
Talkington, Chris R.----Twin Falls, ID
Tallant, Harold R-----------Ft Valley GA
Tarnawa,R.A.-----------Milford CT
1-star Taylor, Ulysses S --------- Deceased
Thomas, Aubrey -------- Clarksville AR
Thorne, John W --------- Tampa FL
Tucker, William T. (Tom / Tuck), 8306 Linda Lane, Little Rock, AR 72227, Phone: (501) 425-5076, Email:, Squadrons: Ellsworth AFB , Ramey AFB,  Wurtsmith AFB
Turner,Travis-----------Macon GA
Tyre,Norman E-----------Austin TX
1-star Umholtz, Roger C. ----------- Deceased
Urch, Harold L. ,  Ashtabula, OH  44004, Email:, Squadron: Ramey (60-62),  Eglin (62-65)
Varga, Robert N., 14770 Hubbard Rd., Burton, Ohio 44021, Phone: (440) 834-1126, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (64-65), Ramey AFB (66-67)
Velayas, Michael E
Wallace,James W-----------Schertz TX
Ward,James-----------New Carlyle OH
1-star Warth, James R ---------- Deceased
Washington,Thurman-----------Orlando FL
1-star Wendell, Kenneth J ---------- Deceased
Whaley,Kenneth J -------- Shoals IN
Whiting, Ivan N
Widhalm, Donald G --------- Winter Park FL
Willette Lorey S., Address: 215 Quail Valley, Batesville, AR 72501, Phone: 870 7936017, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB (65-66), Ramey AFB (66-68) Kincheloe AFB (68-72)
Wilson,James T-----------Henderson CO
1-star Wilson, James M. “Mike” - Deceased
Witt,Earl-----------Titusville FL
Stephen Wood, Address: 395 Flat Rock Road, Phone: +1 (518) 293-8126, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFRB (69-70), Ramey AFB (70-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-72), Warner Robins AFB (72-74)
Wootton. Charles W., Address: 896 Blake Cove, Dyersburg TN. 38024, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (53-58), Seymore Johnson AFB  (58-62), Ramey AFB (62-65), Mather AFB (65-76)
1-star Zaptin,Walter H - Deceased
Zemialkowski, Walter R -- Dominican Republic
Zimmerman,Ronald E -------- Shannon IL
Zuntag, Robert F, 207 Pebblebrook East, Warner Robins, GA 31088, Phone: (478)_ 929-5849, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-62), Ramey AFB (62-65), K .I. Sawyer AFB (65-69),  Mather AFB (72-75)

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