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AMMS Alumni Found G-I

NOTICE: The following format will be used on all  future updates to the website:  Last name, first name, middle initial , address, telephone number, email address (with a link to contact you), bases assigned to along with dates.  Individuals that are deceased will have a gold star placed in front of their names.  If there is any information that you do not want published with your listing, please indicate that when you submit your updates.

Gadson, Foster L., Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Gaertig, Michael E., Lompoc, CA, Squadron: Beale AFB, Ellsworth AFB
Gafey, Donald L., Squadron: Bergstrom AFB
Galbreath, David Ray, Frankston, TX, Squadron: Altus AFB (64-67), Barksdale AFB (68-75)
Galka, Robert, Squadron: Homestead AFB
Gallaher, Dennis O., Squadron:Walker AFB
Gallo Jr., John J., Address: 18 Carriage Square, Tules Run, Montoursville, PA 17754-9101, Phone: (570) 433-4775, Email:, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB (69-72)
Gammel, Kenneth, Squadron: Dow AFB
Gapol, Ron E., Sunnyvale, CA, Squadron: Altus AFB
Garcia, Geraldo, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB
Garcia, Johnny G., Address: Unit E104 The Boardwalk, 1 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, NSW, Australia 2300, Phone: +61-2-4034-8608, Email:, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB, Wright Patterson AFB, Fairchild AFB
Garcia, Joseph, Squadron: Altus AFB
Gardner, Richard L., Squadron: Walker AFB
Garner, R. C., Squadron: Grand Forks AFB
Garr, Preston H., Beale AFB
Garrett, Arthur H., Shreveport, LA, Squadrons: Barksdale AFB
Garrett, Elbert (Gene) E., Hillsboro, OR, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Garrison, Larry, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Garten, Daniel C., 8616 Pershing Ave., Fair Oaks, CA 95628, Phone: (916) 967-1748, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Gary, Gary L., Sandusky, OH, Squadron: Travis AFB (60-64)
Gashion, Donald E.,  Squadron: Beale AFB
Gass, Brad, Ft Wayne, IN, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Gatlin, Harold W., Squadron: Beale AFB
Gay, Jake L., Quitman, TX, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Gdovin, Stephen J., Squadron: Grand Forks AFB
Genetin, Herman A., Squadron: Elgin AFB
George, Robert D., York, NE, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Georgen, Mike, St. Louis, MO, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (64-67)
Georges, A., Squadron: Walker AFB
Gerue, Keith R.,  4145 N Skylark Rd, Kingman, AZ, Phone: (630) 748-9529, Email: ,  Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB (73-75)
Geiselman,John H., 6010 S. Latah Ln, Spokane, WA 99224, Phone: (509) 443-6173, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (64-70), Wright-Patterson AFB (70-71), Kincheloe AFB (71-78)
Ghwan, George, Squadron: Eglin AFB
Giannukos, Norman, New Paltz, NY, Squadron: Walker AFB
Giba, Richard, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Gibson, Edwin G., Rapid City, SD, Squadron: Beale AFB
Giere, George W., Security, CO, Squadron: Barksdale AFB, Grand Forks AFB, Walker AFB
Gifford, Tom, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Gilbert, Robert C., Kennesaw, GA, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Gilbert, William G., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Gill, David, Indianapolis, IN, Squadron: Seymore Johnson AFB (72-73), Blytheville AFB (73-74)
Gillespie, D. R., Squadron: Altus AFB
Gillette, Al, Grand Blanc, MI, Squadron: Chanute AFB (Instructor) (60-61), Wright Patterson (FTD Instructor) 61-64, Wurtsmith AFB (64-71)
Gillham, Rex, Haughton, LA, Squadron: Barkksdale AFB (72-75), Davis-Monthan AFB (76-77)
Gillis, Dennis M., Harrison, MI, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Gilman, Robert, Squadron: Dow AFB
Gjone, Roger, 141 Col. Thomas Heyward Road, Bluffton, SC 29909, Phone: (843) 705-2850, Email:, Squadron: Griffiss AFB (69-73)
Gladden, Gary, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Gladin, Steven T., 2030 SE 41st Way,  Trenton, Fl 32693-4600, Phone: (352) 472-3064, Email:,  Squadron: Walker AFB (65-67), Homestead AFB (67-68)
Gladney, Erbia, Wichita, KS, Squadron: Columbus AFB, Ellsworth AFB
Glasgow, Malcolm M., Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Glenza, Peter, Jesup, GA, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Glidden, James W. , 152 Gumtree Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Phone: (916) 208-9864, Email:, Squadron:  Seymour Johnson AFB (60-62), Wurtsmith AFB (62-66), Griffis AFB (70-74), Beale AFB (74-76)
Glisson, Miley A. (Tony), Pineville, LA, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB
Godolphin, Jerry, Knoxville, TX, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Goff, Fredrick, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Goff, Robert E., Manor, TX, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB (62-65)
Goff, William D., Squadron: Columbus AFB
Golden, Henry, Irvin, CA, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Goldsby, Claude W., 2748 NE Yellowpine Road, Prineville, OR 97754, Phone: (541) 447 4964, Email:, Squadron: Davis Monthan AFB (63-74
Golliher, Carl, Shorewood, IL, Squadron: Walker AFB
Gomez, Richard L., Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Gompf, George H., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Goodall, James, Phoenix, AZ, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Gooding, Donald, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Goodpaster, Phillip R.,  13041 Pineview Dr.,  Loogootee, IN 47553, Phone: +1 (812) 295-9129, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Goodwin, J. L., Squadron: Homestead AFB
Goodwin, Robert D., Squadron: Walker AFB4
Gorney, James, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Gorsche, William G., 430 Greenbrier Ln, Lowell, IN 46356-1791, Phone: (219) 690-1385, Squadron: Minot AFB (61-64)
Gosbee, David, Squadron: Altus AFB
Gottselig, Daniel, Squadron: Barksdale AFB, Grand Forks AFB
Gouge, Carl A., Sacramento, CA, Altus AFB
Grabb, Arthur, Carnation, WA, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Grace, John M., Squadron: Dow AFB
Grafe, Robert, Austin, TX, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Graham, Alfred J., Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Graham, Bruce L., Email:, Squadron: Dow AFB (64-67)
Graham, Frank A , 6511 S Constellation Way, Boise ID, Phone: (208) 362-0942, Squadron: Travis AFB
Granchie, John Joseph,  615 Como St.,  Struthers, OH  44471, Phone: (330) 750-1668, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (60-66)
Granger,Leonard A., 7405 Gentile Lane-Farm, Vacaville, CA 95688, Phone: (707) 678-3639, Email:, Squadron: Travis AFB (60-66) Kincheloe AFB (66-70) Beale AFB (70-73)
Grant, Gerald “Gerry”, Lubbock, TX, Squadron: Eglin AFB (64-65), Walker AFB (67-71), Mather  AFB  (67-68)
Grassfield, Richard A., Squadron: Eglin AFB
Gray, Bruce E., Squadron: Beale AFB
Gray, Donald H., Dalton, GA, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (71-75)
Gray, Norman C., Toledo, OH, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Gray, Ralph W., Squadron: Bergstrom AFB
Gray, Robert O., Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Gray, Ronald, Squadron: Dow AFB
Gary, Russell, Squadron: Dow AFB
Greecher, John S., Squadron: Beale AFB
Green, Bobby R., Squadron: Beale AFB
Green, Harold, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Green, Jamie S., Lubbock, TX, Squadron: Walker AFB
Green, Robert D., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Greene, R., Squadron: Walker AFB
Greenleaf, Stuart E., Trevett, ME, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Gregory, Paul J., Squadron: Grand Forks AFB
Gremillion, Earl J.,  318 Knobbs Road,  McDade, Texas 78650, Phone: +1 (512) 273-2755, Email:, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB
Grevy, Joseph A., Squadron: Eglin AFB
Griffin, Hugh, Address: 18 Chadwick Pl, Niantic, CT 06357, Phone: +1 (860) 608-6512, Email: , Squadron: Grand Forks AFB
Griffins, William L., Nine Mile Falls, WA, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Griffith, Karl, St. Peters, MO, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Griggs, David C., Rapid River, MI, Squadron: K. I. Sawyer AFB (65-68)
Griggs, Walker W., Squadron: Beale AFB, Eglin AFB
Grim, Robert R., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Grimm, Mike, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB
Groebner, Kenneth, Springfield, MN, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Groff, Carl, Squadron: Eglin AFB, Fairchild AFB
Groshek, Randy, Franklin, WI, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB
Gross, Allan S., Rogers City, MI, Squadron: Loring AFB (63-66)
Gross, M. H., Squadron: Altus AFB
Grossen, Clarence L., Rio Rancho, NM, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (69-75)
Grossman, Gary G., Holly Grove, AZ, Squadron: Walker AFB
Grubb, Herbert R., Niceville, FL, Squadron: Chanute (59-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (76-78)
Gruer, John (Jack) D., PO Box 632, Cornville, AZ 86325, Phone: (520) 789-5980, Email:, Squadron: Walker AFB
Grumbles, Ronnie H., 3042 Ventosa Dr., Charlotte, NC 28205, Phone: (704) 650-5472, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (70-75)
Gruver, Charles T., Squadron: Beale AFB
Guerra, Steve, Las Vegas, NV, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Guess, Thomas L., Squadron: Dow AFB
Guiher, Norman C., 199 West Crawford Street, Ebensburg Pa 15931, Phone: (814) 472-4938, Email:, Squadron: Kinchloe AFB
Guillory, Robert J (Bob), 2119 Morton League Road, Richmond, TX 77406, Phone: (713) 478-7105, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (64-67)
Gulley, Jerry, Squadron: Beale AFB
Gunn, Leonard, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Gunther, Robert, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Gurauskas, A. W., Squadron: Homestead AFB
Gurick, Lamoine P., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB

Haak, Paul E., 10554 S. 82nd Ave., Palos Hills, IL, Phone: (708) 974-1138, Email:, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB (62-65)
Haake, Harlan H., Squadron: Tucson, AZ, Homestead AFB
Habka, David, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Hacker, David G., Kingsley, MI, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Hadden, Norman K., Aurora, CO, Squadron: Walker AFB, Loring AFB, Mather AFB
Hadley, Larry G, Squadron: Beale AFB
Hagar, James W., Columbus, MS, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB, Columbus AFB
Hagen, Jack L., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Hajek, James, Waukomis, OK, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Haines, Larry, Mountain Home, AR, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Haire, Winford J., Bonaire, GA, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Hale, Bernard E., Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Hale, Dan, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hall, A. L. , Squadron: Altus AFB
Hall, Al, Carencro, IA, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB (59-66)
Hall, Edward B., Saint Pals, NC, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hall, James H., Squadron:  Dow AFB
Hall, Jimmy L., Northridge, CA, Squadron: Eglin AFB
Hall, Neale, Moreno Valley, CA, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Hall, R. L., Squadron: Grand Forks AFB
Hall, Robert E., Squadron: Homestead AFB, Griffis AFB
Hallen, Lincoln, Rockville, MD, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (65-68)
Hamblen, Gary T., 6800 Strand Ave., Yuma, AZ 85364, Phone: (928) 271-8087, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Hamill, A. L., Squadron: Altus AFB
Hamill, Gifford H., Squadron: Dow AFB
Hamilton, Alexander F., Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hamilton, Gary, Battle Creek, MI, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Hamilton, Jack,
Hamm, Robert E., Squadron: Dow AFB
Hamm, Walter, Mary Esther, FL, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB
Hammer Sr., Gary E., Vail, AZ, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB (72-75)
Hammersfahr, Roy D., Squadron: Beale AFB
Hammond, Gary, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hammondtree, Paul, Tucson, AZ, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Hand, William, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Handley, Bob, Peoria, AZ, Squadron: Robins AFB (71-74)
Haner, Roger W., St. John, WA, Squadron: Beale AFB (67-71),  Davis-Monthan AFB (71-74)
Hankinson, Ron, Los Gatos, CA, Squadron: Homestead AFB
Hanks, Charles F., Squadron: Walker  AFB
Hansen, John E., 634 Spruce Head Rd., South Thomaston, ME 04858, Phone: (207) 594-5310, Email:, Squadron: Lowry AFB (62-63), Robins AFB (64-65)
Hansen, Kenneth J., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hansing, Curtis H., Marietta, GA, Squadron: Walker AFB
Hanson, Charles, Squadron:  Fairchild AFB
Hanyak, John, M., 190 Cool Creek Drive, Willow Spring, NC 27592, Phone: +1 (919) 902-2389, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (72-74)
Hara, Gil. N., Address: Orosi, CA, Phone: (559) 591-7369, Squadron: Mather AFB
Harazda, Casimir, Tampa, FL, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Harbin, Arthur W., Squadron: Bergstrom AFB, Grand Forks AFB
Harden, John D., Squadron:  Clinton Sherman AFB
Harder, Ralph, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Hardern, Darryl K., 3672 Terramore Drive, Viera, FL 32940, Phone: (321) 632-1726, Email:, Squadron: Altus AFB (66-68); Robins AFB (68-69); Griffiss AFB (72-74)
Hardin, William B., Franklin, TN, Squadron: Griffis AFB (70-73),
Hardy, Delbert, Squadron: Eglin AFB
Hargis, Harvey, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Harlow, William T., Ft. Worth, TX, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB, Dow AFB, Fairchild AFB
Harmas, David E., 3115 Savoy Way, Sarasota, FL 34232, Phone:  N/A, Email:, Squadron: Davis Monthan AFB, Osan AB  (71-72)
Harmon, Ken, Squadron: Homestead AFB
Harmon, William H.
Harper, Elliot L., Squadron: Homestead AFB
Harper, Robert L., Squadron: Beale AFB
Harper, Ronnie F., 1571 Big Hawg Dr., Trinity,TX 75862, Phone: (740) 649-3053, Email:,  Squadron: Griffiss AFB (61-66), Wright Patterson AFB (66-67)
Harper, Ronnie P., Squadron: Griffis AFB
Harre, Paul A., Carbondale, IL, Squadron: McCoy AFB (65-68)
Harrell, Julian H., Bonita Springs, FL, Squadron: Beale AFB, Clinton Sherman AFB, Eglin AFB, Wurtsmith AFB
Harrell, Robert C.., Squadron: Columbus AFB
Harris, Charles E., Squadron: Barksdale AFB, Clinton Sherman AFB
Harris, Ed, Broken Aro, OK, Squadron Altus AFB
Harris, Ernest E., Tucson, AZ, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB, Fairchild AFB
Harris, Harold, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Harris, Jerry, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Harris, Jerry B., Squadron: Barksdale AFB, Beale AFB
Harris, Phillip C., Squadcron: Dow AFB
Harris, Martin L., 305 Summit, Marshalltown, IA 50158, Phone: (641) 752-1937, Squadron: Dow AFB (61-63)
Harrison, George W., 4001 Terrytown Ct, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-3441, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Davis Monthan AFB
Harrison, Hiley David, 1306 N Rickey Rd, Shawnee, OK 74801, Phone: (405) 642-6016, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (73-75)
Harshfield, Lawrence, Seattle, WA, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hartley, Ronald C., Squadron: Eglin AFB
Harvey, David,
Harvey, Phillip R., Aztec, NM, Squadron: Walker AFB
Hasman, Thomas, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hastings, Joseph D., 104 Tift Court, Warner Robins, GA 31093, Phone: (478) 922-0288, Email:, Squadrons; Robins AFB (61-66), Dow AFB (66-68)
Hatfield, Thomas B., Squadron: Dow AFB
Hatin, Roger E., , Squadron: Incline Village, NV, Squadron: Mather AFB (61-65)
Hattin, David L, Deberry, TX, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Haugen, Lawrence D., Eagan, MN, Squadron: Fairchild AFB (62-65)
Havekotte, Byron L., Merritt Island, FL, Squadron: Ramey AFB , Grand Forks AFB, Chanute AFB (52-68)
Havener, Gary W., 154th Ave., Madeira Beach, Fl. 33708, Phone: (727) 420-4242, Email:, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB (70-71), Loring AFB (72-73)
Havemann, Larry J., Sparks, NV, Squadron: Altus AFB
Hawkins, James, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Hawkins, Walter L, Squadron: Clinton  Sherman AFB
Hawks, Roy L., 131 Woods Mill Road, Goldsboro, NC 27534, Phone: (919) 778-9958, Email:,Squadron: Robins AFB (60-67), Minot AFB (67-71) Seymour Johnson AFB (71-79)
Hawley, Douglas E., Squadron: Beale AFB
Haycox, Lovell G., Columbus, MS, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Hayes, Garl L., Dayton, OH, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Hayes, Muary N., Squadron: Beale AFB
Hayes, Travis D., Bossier Citiy, LA, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Haynes, Claude E., Vero Beach, FL, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Bergstom AFB (62-65)
Haynes, William K., Monahan, TX, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Hays, Julius W., Squadron: Hudson, FL, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB (61-63)
Hays, Roy B, , Squadron: Fairborn, OH, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Healey, James A., , Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Heburn Jr., Kenneth J., Swanboro, NC, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB (62-66)
Hegg, Bob, Squadron: Altus AFB
, Hegman, Elmo, Columbus, OH, Squadron: Dow AFB
Hegner, Howard, Squadron: Altus AFB
Hegwood, Edwin E. (Larry), Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Heintz, Carl R., Squadron: Beale AFB
Helisek, Joseph J., Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Helms, Wiley E., Norwood, NC, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Henderson, Avery M, Durham, NC, Squadron:  Clinton Sherman AFB
Henderson, David J.., 259 Harmony Drive, OH 43015-4332, Phone: (614) 203-7628, Email: , Squadrons: Turner AFB (65-67), Grand Forks AFB (67-69), Seymour Johnson AFB (69-73), Wright Patterson AFB (73-75)
Henderson, Reece J., Statesville, NC, Squadron: Eglin AFB, Fairchild AFB, Griffis AFB
Henderson, Richard L., 924 N. County Line Rd., Westville IN  46391, Phone: (219) 926-7443, Email:, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB (62-64), Wurtsmith AFB (65)
Hendren, Robert, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hendrickson, Douglas, Squadron: Beale AFB
Hendrix, George L., 300 Lakeview Dr., Ponca City, OK  74604, Phone: (580) 749-5018, Squadrons: Altus AFB (60-66), Loring AFB ( 66-70), Wright Patterson AFB (70-75)
Hennette, Jack M., 1728 Spruce Drive, Linton, IN  47441, Phone: (812) 847-2215, Email:, Squadron: Altus AFB (60-64)
Henningsen, Richard K., 312 Demont Ave. E., Little Canada, MN 55117, Phone: (651) 484-5101, Email:, Squadrons: McCoy AFB (62-65)
Henry, Virgil W., Squadron: Dow AFB
Henson, Walter, Kenna, WV, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Hermansen, Hartley K., 10623 Lambrusca Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, Phone: (916) 635-1850, Email:,  Squadron: Ramey AFB (60-62), Beale AFB (62-67), Robins AFB (67-70), Minot AFB (70-75), Mather AFB (75-78)
Hermetz, Robert J., Squadron: Walker AFB
Herpst, Daryl, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Herren, Thomas, Squadron: Walker AFB
Herring, Willard L.,
Hester, Don, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Hettervik, Randy, 7554 Independence Rd, Millington, TN.  38053, Phone: (901) 876-4142, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (73-76)
Hewett, Donald G., Squadron: Dow AFB
Hickey, James W., 294 Ashepoo Creek Dr., Myrtle Beach, SC 29579, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB (61-66), Robins AFB (66-70), Recruiting Duty Chattanooga TN (70-74),  Barksdale AFB (74-78)
Hicks, Nelson C., Palmdale, CA, Squadron: Walker AFB
Hicks, Rick, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Hicks, Samuel B., Squadron: Beale AFB, Dow AFB
Hier, Mason W., Squadron: Beale AFB
Higgins, J. C., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hightower, Lewis F., 4013 Timber Ridge Ct., Mt Juliet, TN  37122, Phone: (615) 758-0553, Email:, Squadron: Blytheville AFB (65-68), Grand Forks AFB (69-73), Wright Patterson AFB (73-74)
Hildabrand, Herbert L., Enid, OK, Squadron: Beale AFB, Clinton Sherman AFB
Hilderbrand, George, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hildebrant, Charles D.,  4808 County Road 117A,  Wildwood , FL 34785, Phone: +1 (352) 748-3447, Email: JPMNOFWW@AOL.COM, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (59-64), Beale AFB (64-70), Pease AFB (70-73)
Higgins, R. A., Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Hileman, Billy, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Hill, Donald A., Port St. Lucie, FL, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (68-70, Loring AFB (72-73, K. I. Sawyer AFB (74-75)
Hill, Edmond A., 571 N. Espanita, Orange, CA 92869, Phone: (714) 633-8628, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Hill, George R., Griffin, GA, Squadron: McCoy AFB (62-64)
Hillerts, Norman D., Ankeny,  IA, Squadron: K. I. Sawyer AFB
Himmelburg, Ron, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Hinchliffe, Royce, Squadron: Bergstrom AFB
Hinkle, Daniel R., 3451 N Val Vista Rd, Apache Junction AZ 85219, Phone: (480) 266-6208, Email:, Squadron: Davis Monthan AFB (73-79)
Hirsch, M. M., Squadron: Homestead AFB
Hittle, Robert E.
Hjelter, Larry, Hutchinson, MN, Email:, Squadron: Fairchild AFB (67-71)
Hobby Sr., Glen T. , 7713 Gibbs Road, Corryton, TN 37721, Phone: (865) 686-7873, Email:, Eglin AFB, Blytheville AFB, Barksdale AFB, Wurtsmith AFB
Hockey, Bill, Squadron: Walker AFB
Hodges, Jimmy, Squadron: Beale AFB
Hodgson, John M., Lakewood, CO, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hoeven, Terry R., 1613 Overcup Lane, Keller, TX 76248, Phone: (817) 577-5244, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (73-75)
Hoff, William F., Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Hoff, William V., Plano, TX, Squadron: Loring AFB (60-66), Walker AFB (66-67), Barksdale AFB (67-68)
Hoffer, Mike, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Hofmann, William F., Squadron: Dow AFB
Hogancamp, Billy, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Hogue, Ronald, , Squadron: Blue Lake, CA, Wurtsmith AFB
Hohmann, Howard E., 4059 Sandy  Hill Rd., Gibsonia, PA 15044, Phone: (724) 443-3517, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Hohmann, Roger M., Squadron: Beale AFB
Holbrook, John A., Cheboygan AFB, Squadron: Griffis AFB (69-71), Wurtsmith AFB (71-75)
Holcomb, Robert H., Squadron: Beale AFB
Holder, Robert E., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Holland, Bertram D., Squadron: Dow AFB
Holland, E. W., Squadron: Altus AFB
Holland, Lee R., Riverview, FL, Squadron: Altus AFB
Hollenbeck, S., Squadron: Walker AFB
Holley, Martin, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hollingworth, Donald, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hollingsworth, Donald L., Squadron: Bergstrom AFB
Hollingsworth, Eugene J., San Jose, CA, Squadron: Travis AFB (61-64)
Hollins, Darnell V., Squadron:  Griffis AFB
Holloway, Russell (Max), Marquette, MI, Squadron:  K. I. Sawyer AFB (67-73)
Holmes, Henry, J., Address: 5601 W. West Wind Drive, Glendale, AZ 85310, Phone: +1(623) 780-3294, Email:,  Squadron: Mather AFB (74-75)
Holmes, Jimmy L.
Holsinger, Jeffery L., 111 Magnolia Bend, Lufkin, TX 75904, Phone: (936) 875-5312, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (70-74)
Holtz, James, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Homan, Earl C., Eglin AFB
Hoock Jr., Leonard K., 9982 Reindeer Ct., Spring Hill, FL 34608-7304, Phone: (352) 688-1958, McCoy AFB (65-68)Hoots, George E., 883 Twin Lakes Dr., Sumter, SC 29154, Phone: (803) 481-7961, Email:,  Squadron: Barksdale AFB (74- 75)
Hopkins, Michael D., Squadron: Beale AFB
Hopkins, Theron (Terry), 2717 106th Ave., Allegan, MI 49010, Phone: (269) 673-5061, Email:, Squadron: Fairchild AFB (61-65)
Hosman, Richard K., Rantoul, IL, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB (60),  Turner AFB (65-77, Columbus AFB (67-68)
Holt, Charles C., Owensville, MO, Squadron:  Wurtsmith AFB
Holyoke, Lawrence W., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hooper, Rick, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Hopkins, Terry, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Horne, Robert, Bossier City, LA, Squadron:  Barksdale AFB
Horn, Billy H., Casa Grande, AZ, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB, Fairchild AFB
Horton, Bruce, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB
Hosman, Richard K., Rantoul, IL, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Hough, Charles T., 206 Alden Dr., Ft. Walton Beach, FL, Phone: (850)862-8938, Email: CTHNDH@COX.NET, Squadron: Columbus AFB (60-63), McCoy AFB (63-65), Grand Forks AFB (65-66)
House, Richard M., Squadron: Beale AFB
Houser, Earl S., 27911 Industrial Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545, Phone: (510) 501-2102, Email:, Squadron: Travis AFB (66-68), Loring AFB (68-69)
Houser, William, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Howard, Gregory C., Apache Junction, AZ,  Squadron: Beale AFB, Fairchild AFB
Howerton, Fred E., 979 Sweetbriar Place, Galesburg, IL 61401, Phone: 309-342-7800,  Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (67-70)
Huber, James A., Squadron: Beale AFB
Hubbard, Wallace K.,  2359 Camden Terrace,  The Villages, FL 32162, Phone: (352) 348-9611, Email:, Squadron: Dow AFB (62-63), Ramey AFB (63-66), Altus AFB (66)
Hudgins, John D., 160 Oakland Drive, Longview, TX 75605, Phone: (903) 746-5449, Email:, Squadron: Blytheville AFB (69-70)
Hudman, Charles R., Marshall, TX, Squadron: K.I. Sawyer AFB (62-65)
Hudson, Elven M., Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hudson, Gerald L., Squadron: Dow AFB
Hudson, Harold L., Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Hudson, Joe, Squadron: Eglin AFB
Hudson, Thomas W., Bossier City, LA, Squadron: Robins AFB (66-71),  Blytheville AFB (71-77), Barksdale AFB
Huff, Bernard A., Squadron: Dow AFB
Huff, Orval S., Indianapolis, IN, Squadron: Walker AFB
Huffman,Charlie E., , Squadron: Cadillac, MI, Wurtsmith AFB
Huffman, Charles L., Shreveport, LA, Squadrons:  Barksdale AFB
Huggins, James A., 144 Milmont Shores Rd., Chapin, SC, Phone: (803) 345-0123, Wright Patterson AFB (60-66, 68-71), Travis AFB (66-68)
Hughes, Douglas, Niceville, FL, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (71-75)
Hughes, John L., Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hughes, Percy G., Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hull, John, Wellington, KS, Squadron: Griffis AFB
Hull, Russell L., Burlington, IA, Squadron: Altus AFB, Barksdale AFB
Hummel, Randolph, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Hummer, Walter I., Shreveport, LA, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Humphrey, David, Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Humphries, R. D., Squadron: Altus AFB
Hurn, D. J. , Altus AFB
Hunsicker, Ronald, Douglassville, PA, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB
Hunt, John C., Squadron: Dow AFB
Hunt, Lee A., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Hunt, Martin Marty" Charles, Flower Mound, TX, Email:
Hunt, Roderick L., Fair Oaks, CA, Squadron: Minot AFB (67-70)
Hunter, James H., Colville, WA, Squadron: Fairchild AFB, Wurtsmith AFB
Hunter, Kenneth L., 22216 Peoria St.,  Greenview, IL 62642, Phone: (217) 445-2023, Email:,  Squadron:  Davis Monthan AFB
Husser, Gary L., 192 Marshall Rd., Sequim, WA 98382, Phone: (360) 683-6783, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Hutchinson, Herman E., Squadron: Beale AFB
Hutchinson, Mark C., Spokane, WA, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB
Hutson, Walter M., Squadron: Bergstrom AFB

Iadarola, John M., Squadron:  Dow AFB
Imdieke, Duane J., Squadron: Beale AFB
Immel, Dennis D., 2938 320th St., Exira, IA 50076, Phone: (515) 418-3043, Email:, Squadron: Fairchild AFB (62-64)
Ingram, Donald B., Squadron: Griffis AFB
Ingham, Dennis E., Squadron: Fairchild AFB
Ingrim, Henry L., Squadron: Griffis AFB
Irons, Gerald P., San Juan, PR, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Irons, Ronald T., Squadron: Squadron: Griffis AFB (67)
Isaac, Thomas C., Squadron: Squadron: Dow AFB
Isenhour, Edward A., Granite Falls, NC, Squadron: Beale AFB
Istle, John A., Las Vegas, NV, Squadron: Homestead AFB (61-66)
Ivy, John L., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB



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