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AMMS Alumni Found P-R

NOTICE:The following format will be used on all  future updates to the website:   Last name, first name, middle initial , address, telephone number, email address (with a link to contact you), bases assigned to along with  dates.  Individuals that are deceased will have a gold star placed in  front of their names.  If there is any information that you do not want  published with your listing, please indicate that when you submit your  updates.

Pace, Russell L., 393 Jackie Way, Shepherdsville, KY, 40165, Phone: (502) 531-0028, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB(70-72), Robins AFB (72-74), Cannon AFB (74-76)
Pack, William R , Brookfield, CT , Loring AFB (63-66)
Pack, William R , Brookfield, CT , Loring AFB (63-66)
Page, Robert W., Address: 9167 Bay Point Drive, CityStateZip: Orlando Florida 32819, Phone: (407) 876-5385, Email: , Squadron: Barksdale AFB (71-73),  Kincheloe AFB (73-75)
Palermo, Michael A., 1250 Woodlawn Dr., Hazle Township, PA 18202, Phone: (570) 455-7026, Email:, Ramey AFB (60-63)
Palmer, Gene C,  407 Reynolda Place, Goldsboro, NC 27530, Phone: (919) 736-2539, Email:, Squadron: Davis-Monthan AFB (66-75)
Palmgren, Frederick C----------Port Richey FL, Squadron: Beale AFB
Palumbo, Ronald C., 10011 Huntington Way Dr., Houston, TX 77099, Phone: (281) 405-7902, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (60-63)
Pandolfi, Joseph J., 75 Dream Lake Dr., Madison, CT 06443, Phone: (203) 843-5712, Email: ,    Squadron: Dow AFB (64-68)
Pankow, Robert E----------Auburn WA, Barksdale AFB
Paris, William B., 13652 Amiot Dr., St. Lous, Phone: (314) 878-7955, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Park, Robert (Bob, 166 Crescent Ave., Santa Maria, CA 93455, Phone: (805) 934-4386, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB
Parker, Stewart H., 6935 N Hairpin Dr., Quinton, VA 23141, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: KI Sawyer AFB (65-67), Mather AFB (67-69), Beale AFB (69-72), Kincheloe AFB (72-77), Castle AFB (77-84)
Parker, Winiford C. Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Parks, James R.-----------Las Vegas, NV, Squadron: Altus AFB
Parlier, Robert N., Squadron: Beale AFB
Parnell, Bill, 1037 Tralee Tr., Beavercreek. OH 45430, Phone: (937) 572-1518, Email:, Squadron: McCoy AFB (62-67), Ramey AFB (67-70), K.I. Sawyer AFB (70-72)
Parrish, Don, Barksdale AFB
Pate, Aaron E. -----------Blythville AR, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Patterson Sr., David R., 4915 Saratoga Dr., Redding, CA 96002, Phone: (530) 222-2807, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Patterson, Ede L.
Patterson, Henry F.,  Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
1-star Pattin, Raymond J., - Deceased
Patton, Ron, Squadron: Altus AFB
Paul,Eugene P-----------Rapid City SD, Squadron: Beale AFB
Payne, Carlton, Squadron: Altus AFB
Payne, Elmer H., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Payne, Fred E., Squadron: Beale AFB
Payne, J.L., Squadron: Altus AFB
Payton, William C., Squadron: Beale AFB
Peach, William K
Pearce, J. W., Squadron: Blythville AFB
Pearson, Lloyd H.-----------Rock Hill SC, Squadron: Beale AFB
Peck, Orrin R.---------Rochester MN, Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Pefferman, Gary J., 1602 Cunningham Ave, Joplin, MO 64801, Phone: (417) 499-6096, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB (64-67)
Pegley III, Charles H., 8191 Marshall Rd., Birch Run, MI 48415, Phone: (989) 777-4961, Email:,  Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (67-68) and (72-75)
Peluso, Richard L., 3367 Mahlon Moore Road, Spring Hill, TN 37174, Phone: (931) 487-9088, Email:  Squadron: Homestead AFB (63-66), Davis-Monthan AFB (66-72)
Pemberton, Robert, 161 Jardin de Mer Pl, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250, Phone: (904) 242-9662, Email:, Squadron: AMMS, Fairchild AFB (71-72)
Penninger, Gene P., Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Penrose, Spencer K
Pentecost, Eldon W., Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Pepin, Randy, Address: 4468 18th St., Holdingford, MN 56340, Phone: (320)573-2487, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB (73-74)
Pepper, George A., 7146 Caribe Pl., Huber Heights OH 45424, Phone: 937-236-1750, Squadron: WPAFB 65-68, Chanute AFB 68-71 (Instructor)
Perezruiz, ,Angel M
Perkins, Ralph Q., 1755 Cypress Lake Dr., Grant Valkaria,  Florida 32949, Phone: (321) 725-8825, Email:, Squadron: Altus AFB (63-64), Blythville AFB (67-70),  Ellsworth AFB (70-75)
Pereira, Elmo-----------Rome, NY
Peters, Edgar J A-------Fort Walton Beach, FL, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Peterseim, William T., 1235 Crane Crest Way, Orlando, FL 32825, Phone: (440) 336-4257, Beale AFB,(64-67)
1-star Peters, William L.-----------Deceased, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Peterson, Bruce D., Squadron: Beale AFB
Petersen, D.W., Squadron: Altus AFB
Peterson, Leland M
Peterson, Maxie J., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Peterson, Raymond, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Peterson, Richard E., Squadron: Columbus AFB
Peterson, Robert, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Petit, Jr., Theodore E., 519 Lake Street, Bellingham, MA 02019, Phone: (508) 259-7706, Email:, Squadron: Griffiss AFB (72-74)
Petroski, Daniel D., 250 Moose Brook Re, Ludlwo, ME 04730, Phone: (207) 532-2728, Email:, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB (63-64), Wurtsmith AFB (64-66)
Petty, Teddy V., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Pettyjohn, John W. (Wayne), Athens GA, Squadron: Columbus AFB
Peyton,William A. ,Squadron: Beale AFB
Phillips, Earl-----------Jacksonville AR, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Phillips, James A, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Phipps William J., 193 Monterey South Isle, Longwood. FL 32779, Phone: (321) 557-4904, Email:, Squadron: Homestead AFB (60s), Turner AFB (60s-70s), Fairchild AFB (70s) Loring AFB (70-73)
Pickering, Billy J. -----------Miami FL, Squadrons: Columbus AFB
Pierce, Glen E., Squadron: Clinton Shernman AFB
Pierce,Joseph F-----------Bellview NE
Pierpont, Cortlandt G., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Pimental, Raynod, Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Piper, Pat, Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Pippin, Jimmie M. Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Pirkle, Carl F (Fred), 105 Dundee Pass, Byron, GA 31008, Phone: (478)396-2622, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (62-66) and (70-74), Blytheville AFB (66-67),  Ramey AFB (67-70), Robins AFB (74-81)
Pittman, Joe-----------Eagle Lake, FL, Squadrons: Columbus AFB
Platt, William----------Oklahoma City OK, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Poindexter,Charles A-----------West Point MS, Squadrons: Colubmus AFB
Polo, George A., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Pollard, Robert G
Pollock, Edward J.
Pond, Walter C., Email:,  Squadron: Columbus AFB (65-67), Wurtsmith AFB (67-68)
Porcase, Daniel J., Address: 843 W. Riddle Ave, Ravenna, OH 44266, Phone: (330) 297-7348, Email:,  Squadron: Wright Patterson AFB (63-65)
Postel, Charles----------- Bossier City LA, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Poust, James L., 12468 Brady Place, Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223, Phone: 904-262-7862, Email:, Squadron: Minot AFB (68-70)
Potter, R.C., Squadron: Altus AFB
Powell, Daniel F
Powell, Floyd A., Sqaudron: Columbus AFB
Powell, W. E., Squadron: Mather AFB
1-star Prahl, Thomas M.-----------Deceased, Squadron: Beale AFB
Presor, Edward J., 1806 Hunter Hill Rd., Troupsburg,NY 14885, Phone: (607) 525-6426, Email:, Squadron: Blytheville AFB (69-75)
Preston, W. H., Squadron: Altus AFB
Preston, Walter H., Squadron: Beale AFB
1-star Presley, Erskine W----------Deceased, Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Preston, Renwick----------Houston TX, Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Price, Albert R., 205 N. Smith St., New Carlisle, OH 45344, Phone: (937)272-9871, Email:,  Squadron: Fairchild AFB (71-72), Robins AFB (72-76), Seymour Johnson AFB (76-78), Mather AFB (78-83)
Price, Dale C., 14270 Lenox Dr., New Berlin, WI 53151, Phone: (262) 785-1127, Email:, Squadron:  Altus AFB (60-64), K.I. Sawyer AFB (64-74)
Price, Larry, Squadron: Altus AFB
Price, Larry J., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Price, Lowell L., 765 Couchwood Rd., Hot Springs, AR 71901, Phone: (501) 262-0089, Email:,
Squadrons: Barksdale AFB (61-64), Chanute AFB (64-68), Barksdale AFB FTD (68-74), Barksdale AFB (74-75)
Prior, Robert I., 14308 N.E. Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97230, Phone: (503) 252-1720, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Pritchard, David M.
Prody, Mark J. Lt Col
Proulx, George----------Bay St Louis MS
Pruitt, Dee C----------Almgordo NM, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Pruitt,Earl, 1603 Quail Run, Muskogee, OK 74403, Phone: (918) 577-7809, Email:, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB, Mather AFB, Ramey AFB, Beale AFB, Malmstrom AFB
Puckett, L. F., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Proulx, George N----------Bay St Louis MS, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Prust, James V., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Puckett, Lee D., 1321 Cedarcliff Dr., Beavercreek, OH 45434, Phone: (937) 429-3243, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (65-69)
Pudliner, Thomas C., Johnstown, PA 15904, Phone: (814) 266-7327, Email:, Squadron: Blytheville AFB (70-74)
Pullen, John W. Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Puls, Larry J. -----------Bangor ME, Squadron: Beale AFB
Pyle, Richard W., Squadron: Beale AFB


Quintero, Richard, 1104 Netherlands Ct., Silver Spring, MD 20905, Phone: (301) 384-2183, Email:, Squadron: Seymore Johnson AFB (64-67)


Raduenz, Vernon, Squadron: Altus AFB Rand, Robert D. , 5150 W 144th St, Savage, MN, Phone: (952) 226-5646, K.I. Sawyer  (69-72)
Rambeau, Jimmie W., 2551 South Illinois Ave, Carbondale IL  62903, Phone: (618) 549-6253, Email:,  Squadron: Loring AFB  (59-63)
Randall, Lee M., Squadrons: Columbus AFB
Randell, Michael J -------- Manakin VA, Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Raso, Louis, 30 Dante St., Johnston, RI  02919, Phone: (401) 273-5118, McCoy  AFB (65-68)
Ratajczak, David L., Address: 55 Peter Pan Ln, CityStateZip: Marshall, MI 49068, Phone: +1 (269) 579-9580, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (63-67)
Rayburn, Larry------------Cheyenne WY, Squadron: Beale AFB, Blythville AFB
Reader, Richard L
Redmon, Hubert L,  1st Lt, Squadron: Beale AFB
Redd, William E., 4180 Polaris Ave., Lompoc, CA 93436, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Eglin AFB (65), Griffiss AFB (65-68),Loring AFB (70), Mather AFB (70-74)
Reed, Charles Scott, Address: 430 West Louis Way, Tempe, AZ 85284, Phone: 480-491-3862,Email:, Squadron: Chanute AFB 64-65), Walker AFB (65-67), Minot AFB (67-68)
Reese, Carl-----------Greenville TX, Squadron: Altus AFB
Reichel, Dan H., 2285 Bent Pine St., Melbourne, FL 32935, Phone: (321) 591-4724, Email:, Squadron: Fairchild AFB (73-75)
1-star Reiland, Lloyd----------- Deceased, Squadrons: Columbus AFB
Reinert, Lester L., 2806 E Perkins Rd, Urbana, IL 61802-3374, Phone: (217) 493-4360, Email:, Squadron: Chanute AFB (59-65), Mather AFB (65-68), Chanute AFB (68-70), Vandenberg AFB (70-71), Chanute AFB (71-74), Kinchloe AFB (74-76)
Reichenbach, Joseph F., 1831 Plaza Drive, Rockford, IL 61108, Phone: (815) 332-2229, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB (60-67), Ramey AFB (67-71)
Reske, Frederick M., 2235 S. 1400 E. #2, St. George, UT 84790, Phone: 435 656-2666, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB 72-73)
Reyman, Ronald, L., Address: 1908 Plotz Rd NW, CityStateZip: Swisher, IA 52338, Phone: (319) 857-4108, Email:, Squadron: Altus AFB (67-68), Barksdale AFB (68-70
Reynolds, Bernard, Squadron: Altus AFB
Reynolds, Clarence William, Address: 21503 Old Linclon Hwy, Crescent, IA 51526,
Phone: (712) 355-2640, Email:,  Squadron: Seymour Johnson (70-78)
Reynolds, Clarence William, Address: 21503 Old Linclon Hwy, Crescent, IA 51526,
Phone: (712) 355-2640, Email:,  Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (70-78)
Reynolds, Raymond P., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Rhea, Charles E.
Reichenbach, Joseph F., 1831 Plaza Drive, Rockford, Il 61108, Phone: (815)332-2229, Email:, Squadron: Robins AFB(60-67), Ramey AFB(67-71)
Rheinecker, Ralph L
Rhode, Raymond P., 3789 Kinsley Place, Winter Park, FL  32792, Phone: (407) 677-9443, Email:,  Squadron: Beale AFB (62-63)
Rhodes, Earlye T.,  215 McRae Dr., Anacoco, LA 71403, Phone: (337) 238-4515, Davis Monthan, Elsworth AFB, Dyess AFB
Rhodes, Lawrence W., Squadron: Columbus
Ribbach, John (Jack), 1300 S. Sunset Ave, Roswell, NM 88203, Phone: (575) 623-1284, Email:, Squadron: Walker (60-67), Minot (67-74)
Ricard, Carl, 296 Broad St., Hollis NH 03049, Phone: (603) 321-0900, Email:, Squadron:  Minot AFB
Rice, Carlton 2564 Daly Drive, Birmingham, Phone: (205)856-3624, Email:,  Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (62-67)
Rice, Phillip R., Squadron: Clinton Sherman
Rice, Robert E., 4744 Navarre Unit 107, Oregon, OH 43616, Phone: (419)  754-9561, Email:, Squadron: Grand Forks AFB  (69-73), Wright Patterson AFB (73-75)
Ricevuto, Patrick, J., Address: 5129 147th Place SE, Everett, WA 98208, Phone: +1 (425) 337-7398, Email:,  Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (72-75)
Richard, Carl M., 3606 Stillmeadow Dr., Bryan, TX 77802, Phone: (979) 218-4575, Email:, Squadron: Loring AFB (73-74)
Richard, John, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Richards, J. E., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Richards, William A., Squadron: Beale AFB
Rickardet,Joseph J.
Rider, Thomas E., Address: P O Box 6035, Hickory, NC 28603, Phone: (828) 495-8256, Email:, Squadron: Mather AFB (69-72)
Ridgill III, Robert A------------Greer SC, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Riendeau, Aldoria A. --------- Robertsdale AL, Squadrons: Columbus AFB
Rife, Patrick D. LTC USAF (Ret), Address: 1811 14 Street Road, Phone: +1 (970) 395-0950, Email:, Squadron: Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-72)
Riggs,Charles., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Riley, Walter, Squadron: Altus AFB
Rinker, Edwin W., 1284 Pinetta Circle, Wellington, Fl 33414, Phone: (561) 753-0333, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (60-64)
Rizzzotto, Samuel A., 4203 S. Cruzen Rd., Mikado, MI 487845, Phone: (989)736-6714, Email:, Squadron: Wurtsmith AFB (64-67)
Roane, William T., 1311 Summer Hideaway Rd, Wilmington NC, Phone: (910) 540-7302, Email:, Squadron: Wright Patterson AFB (64-67)
Rockovich, Robert F., 15657 SW 17th Terrace, Ocala, FL 34473, Phone: (352) 347-0763, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (63-65)
Rodell, Maynard C----------Tonganoxie KS
Rodney, James R., 3518 12th Ave., Moline, IL 61265, Phone: (309) 737-5699, Email: jrr1941@AOL.COM, Squadron: Ellsworth AFB (62-64), Columbus AFB (64-66)
Roeske, Robert A., 1050 E. 10th Ave, Blythe, CA 92225, Phone: (760) 921-8262, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB (61-64)
Roaf, Steven, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Roane, William T., 1311 Summer Hideaway Rd, Wilmington NC, Phone: (910) 540-7302, Email:, Squadron: Wright Patterson AFB  (64-67)
Robbins, John-----------Parkdale OR, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Robbins, John A., 7080 Meadowbrook Rd., Benton Harbor, MI 49022, Phone: (269) 944-5511, Email:, Squadron: Beale AFB
Robbins, Von L., Squadrons: Columbus AFB
Robbins, Willium, Squadron: Altus AFB, Clinton Sherman AFB
Robert, Kenneth L----------Leeds ME, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Roberts, David L
Roberts, Robert S. Jr., 448 Parkhouse Ct., Marco Is., FL 34145, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (69-72)
Robertson, Patrick F., Squadron: Clinton Sherman
Robinson, E. H., Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Robinson, Joseph M., 16 Carlisle Drive, Honea Path, SC 29654, Phone: N/A, Email:, Squadron: Turner AFB (65-67)
Robinson, Junior, Squadron: Altus AFB
Robinson, L, Squadron: Altus AFB
Robinson, Robert D., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Rockovich, Robert F., 15657 SW 17th Terrace, Ocala, FL 34473, Phone: (352) 347-0763, Email:, Squadron: Barksdale AFB (62-65)
Rodgerson, Sam ---Ratcliff, V.W., Squadron: Altus AFB
Rodney, James R., 3518 12th AVE., Moline, IL 61265, Phone: (309) 737-5699, Email:, Ellsworth AFB (62- ), Columbus AFB (66)
Rodriguez, Rodolfo G., Squadron: Beale AFB
Roeske, Robert A., 9951 10th Ave., Blythe, CA 92225, Phone: (760) 921-8262, Email:, Squdron: Beale AFB (61-64)
1-star Rogers, Benjamin “ Deceased
Rogers, Jimmy W., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
1-star Rogers, Richard W.--------Deceased, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Rollo, Alan-----------Great Falls MT, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Roloff, Edward A., Address: 29630 11th Pl. So., Federal Way, WA 98003, Phone: (253) 941-0716, Email:, Squadron: Travis AFB (60-64)
Romero, Antonio, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Romano, John,  Squadrons: Columbus AFB
Rooks,Robert R., 36 Taylor Drive, Farmingdale, NY 11735, Phone: (516) 317-8680, Email:, Squadron: Griffiss AFB (71-73)
Roper, Donald M
Rose, Jack, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Roseman, Jerry P
Ross, Daniel E., 902 Willow Bend Drive, Marlow, OK  73055, Phone: (580) 658-5975, Email:, Squadron: Seymour Johnson AFB (72-75)
Ross, Joseph, Squadron: Altus AFB
Ross, William E----------Castroville TX, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Rossi, Frank, 380 Alfonso Drive, Rochester, NY 14626, Phone: (585) 230-1437, Email:, Squadron: Kincheloe AFB (68-70)
Rossiter, Charles M, Squadron: Blytheville AFB
Rousche,Norman, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Rozinski, Clarence J.------LaPorte, IN
Rowand, John C
Rowden, Ted W. Col, Squadron: Barksdale AFB
Rowe, James F.,----------Lexington KY, Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Rowe, William T., Squadron: Beale AFB
Royce, Gary E., Squadron: Clinton Sherman AFB
Royston, J.
Rozier, George W , PO Box 1747, Lucedale, MS 39452, Phone: (601) 508-8058, Squadron: Robins AFB (61-65)
Rozinski, Clarence J., 307 Scott St., La PorteE, IN 46350, Phone: N/A, Email: N9CJRAE@GMAIL.COM, Squadron: Walker AFB (61-64)
Ruiz, Ysidro, Sqaudron: Bytheville AFB
Rupe, Robert R Jr., 7185 Bright Ave., Cocoa, FL 32927, Phone: (321) 639-6839, Email:, Squadron: Blytheville AFB (72-78), Fairchild AFB (76-80)
Russell, John E., Squadron: Beale AFB
Russell, Robert M.



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