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AMMS Alumni Lost

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Name & Assignments

Name & Assignments

Aahl,Leon E—Fairchild AFB
Abbott,James M—Clinton Sherman AFB
Ables,Willie—Altus AFB
Abney, Dan - Davis-Monthan AFB
Accord,Ken—Blytheville AFB
Acevedo,Louis—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Achtau,Husein (Gus)—Minot AFB
Adams,Edgar E—Barksdale AFB
Adams,Harry J—Wurtsmith AFB
Adams,Raymond L—Dow AFB
Adams,Richard E—Kincheloe AFB
Adamson,Elmer S—Dow AFB
Addision,Andy—Altus AFB
Addleman,Jerry S—Griffiss AFB
Afdahl,Norman G—Seymour Johnson AFB
Agard,Jack C—Seymour Johnson AFB
Ahunada, Edward - Davis-Monthan AFB
Aicher, Dennis L.---K. I. Sawyer AFB
Alabovitz,L—Wright Patterson AFB
Albu,John—Kincheloe AFB
Aldrich,Norman C—Eglin AFB
Aldridge,William M.—Loring AFB
Aleksy,R.E.—Grand Forks AFB
Alexander,Eugene—Travis AFB Walker AFB
Alexander,H.—Homestead AFB
Alexander,L.H.—Wright Patterson AFB
Alexander,Robert B—Minot AFB
Alexander,Thomas E—Ramey AFB
Alexander,William J—Beale AFB
Alford,John S—Kincheloe AFB
Alford,Ronald G—Wurtsmith AFB
Allbritton,Charles E—Bergstrom AFB
Allen,Delbert L—Griffiss AFB Kincheloe AFB Ellsworth AFB
Allen,Donald—Ramey AFB
Allen,Edward—Clinton Sherman AFB
Allen,Gary—Griffiss AFB
Allen,Hugh R—Beale AFB Homestead AFB
Allen,Richard L—Griffiss AFB Dow AFB
Allen,Robert H—Griffiss AFB
Allen,William—Ellsworth AFB
Almos,Joaquin—Walker AFB
Alverez,Natividad—Ramey AFB
Ameny,Richard J—Altus AFB Travis AFB
Amerine,William E—Kincheloe AFB
Ames,W.H.—Travis AFB
Anastasio,Michelan—Travis AFB
Anderson - Davis-Monthan AFB
Anderson, A.J.—Travis AFB
Anderson, Allan H—Fairchild AFB McCoy AFB
Anderson, Carl—Griffiss AFB
Anderson, Charles F—Clinton Sherman AFB
Anderson, David—Fairchild AFB
Anderson, Earl F—Columbus AFB
Anderson, Epp T—Beale AFB
Anderson, Frank D—Bergstrom AFB
Anderson, Franklin—Griffiss AFB
Anderson, James L—Dow AFB, Wright Patterson AFB
Anderson,J ohn—Grand Forks AFB
Anderson, Joseph—Clinton Sherman AFB
Anderson, Warren D. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Anderson, William B—Eglin AFB
Andrejewski,Francis W.—Minot AFB
Andrews, Jack (Andy) -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Andrews, Jefferson O—Clinton Sherman AFB
Ankerbrand,A.H.—Barksdale AFB
Ankerbrand,George W—Barksdale AFB
Antczak,Arthur—Wurtsmith AFB
Anthony,H.H.—Travis AFB
Anttila,Samuel D—Walker AFB
Anttilas,R.—Walker AFB
Apilado, Rudy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Apman, John M—Minot AFB
Appleby, Robert L—Walker AFB
Aragon, Jose E.—Loring AFB
Arcand, Roy L—K.I. Sawsyer AFB
Ard, G.W.—McCoy AFB
Ardrey, R.C.—Altus AFB
Armstrong, Clinton O—Walker AFB
Armstrong, Edward M—Griffiss AFB
Armstrong, James T—Clinton Sherman AFB
Arnett, Stephen E—Beale AFB
Arnold, Cyril P—Ramey AFB
Arnold, James W—Griffiss AFB
Arnold, Lester M—Blytheville AFB
Arnold, Marvin — Wurtsmith AFB
Asher, Michael R—Columbus AFB
Ashley, Morris W—Mather AFB
Ashley, R.N.—McCoy AFB Walker AFB
Ashmore, Everett J—Barksdale AFB
Askey,Arther W—McCoy AFB
Askey,Rod—Beale AFB Fairchild AFB
Atherton,D.E.—Travis AFB
Attebury,Jerry L—Altus AFB Beale AFB
Auger,Paul F—Travis AFB
Austin,Ernest L—Mather AFB
Austin,Glen A—Fairchild AFB
Austin,John A—Bergstrom AFB Loring AFB
Averett,Gaston—Homestead AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Azzarello,Greg—Minot AFB
Baar,Tom—Homestead AFB
Babish,Greg—Mather AFB
Baildon,Richard J—
Bailey,Benny M—Homestead AFB Loring AFB
Bailey,James M—Homestead AFB
Bailey,T.L.—McCoy AFB
Bain,D.F.—Wright Patterson AFB
Baker,Byron H—Loring AFB
Baker,Edward L—Walker AFB
Baker,Gary L—Blytheville AFB
Baker,James B—Wurtsmith AFB
Baker,John—Ellsworth AFB
Baker,Marion—Ellsworth AFB
Baker,William J—Dow AFB
Balchunas,Anthony—Clinton Sherman AFB
Balducci,Dale H—Dow AFB
Baldwin,Curtis—Robins AFB
Baldwin,Delmar J—Griffiss AFB
Baldwin,Doc F—Dow AFB
Baldwin,Sam—Homestead AFB (62-65)
Bamberg,G.O.—Blytheville AFB
Banker,M.B.—Grand Forks AFB
Barber,Robert—Ramey AFB
Barber,Tommy—Fairchild AFB
Barbieri,Joseph J—
Barclay,James R—Beale AFB
Bardill, Mark - Davis-Monthan AFB
Barkauskas,J.M.—Blytheville AFB
Barna,Ronald F—Blytheville AFB
Barner,T.A.—Loring AFB
Barnes,George—Wright Patterson AFB
Barnes,R.D.—Loring AFB
Barnett,David—Ellsworth AFB
Barnett,G.G.—Travis AFB
Barnett,R.T.—Travis AFB
Barnett,Roy—Altus AFB
Barnett,Tom—Travis AFB
Barney,J.G.—Travis AFB
Barnhill,Don E—Ramey AFB Clinton Sherman AFB
Barrett,Paul E.—Loring AFB
Barret, Ron,  Altus AFB, 11 AMMS, (60-64)
Barron,Donald A—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Barrow,Arlie J—Beale AFB
Barry, Hal--Davis-Monthan AFB
Baskett,Burl—Altus AFB
Baskin,Thomas L—
Basnett, Milton S. ---- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Bass,Sam—Ellsworth AFB
Bateman,G.H.—McCoy AFB
Bates,Charles A—Eglin AFB
Bates,Horace C.—Loring AFB
Bates,Raymond L—
Battin,Delmer—Robins AFB
Battles,Edgar W—Walker AFB
Bauer,E.—Wright Patterson AFB
Bauer,Lee A—Travis AFB
Baum,Thomas—Ramey AFB
Baumer,Jerry—Homestead AFB
Bayne,C.E.—Blytheville AFB
Beaird, Dave --Davis-Monthan AFB
Beall,David L—Blytheville AFB
Bean,James E—Travis AFB Dow AFB
Bean,Robert D—Columbus AFB
Beasley,Alan B—Loring AFB
Beason,R—McCoy AFB
Beatrice,Kenneth J—Loring AFB
Beauchamp,Jack A—Grand Forks AFB
Beauchane,Homer—Barksdale AFB
Beaudoin,Raymond R—Grand Forks AFB
Beaver,James A—Bergstrom AFB
Beaverson,Dennis E—
Becker,Arlo—Fairchild AFB
Becker,William R—Blytheville AFB
Beckham,W.T.—Homestead AFB
Beckhem,Jeffrey A—Seymour Johnson AFB
Beckman,Darryl B—Beale AFB
Beckman,James—Clinton Sherman AFB
Beeby,James—Fairchild AFB
Beers,Melvin—Barksdale AFB
Beggs,Harry N—Fairchild AFB
Begin,Ronald. W.—Homestead AFB
Behm,Howard M—
Bejma,Thomas C.—Loring AFB
Belcher,Clarence E—Loring AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Belcher,Lee E—Dow AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Bell,Dave—Mather AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Bell,Norman K—Blytheville AFB Loring AFB
Bellar, Virgil ---Kincheloe AFB
Bellis,Walter H—Ramey AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Bello,G.C.—McCoy AFB
Belt,Everette W—Blytheville AFB
Bender,R.R.—Blytheville AFB
Bender, Glenwood R. ----- K. I. Sawer AFB
Bender, Ronald N—Loring AFB
Bennett, Frank S—Clinton Sherman AFB
Bennett, Hubert G.—Minot AFB
Bennett, Rodney O—Fairchild AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Bentley, Jim --Davis-Monthan AFB
Bentley, Lowell C—Walker AFB
Bentz, Dawson N—McCoy AFB Minot AFB
Beradsley, G.E.—Travis AFB
Berendsen, John L—Beale AFB
Bergen, Thomas—Eglin AFB
Berggren, Donald E—Beale AFB
Berghoff, B.L.—Blytheville AFB
Bergman, J.C.—Wright Patterson AFB
Berkholtz, Wallace W—Kincheloe AFB
Bernard, Walter J—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Berry, D.D.—Altus AFB
Berry, Daniel O—Ramey AFB
Berry, John S—Kincheloe AFB
Berry, Ken—Blytheville AFB
Berryman, R.L.—Travis AFB
Bertelle, Ralph—Griffiss AFB
Bertelsen, Kenneth J—Bergstrom AFB
Bessinger, Hugo—Griffiss AFB
Best, George E—Minot AFB
Bethel, Glenn W—Blytheville AFB
Betts, Clyde W—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Bevins, J.L.—Wright Patterson AFB
Bias, Marvin W—Beale AFB
Bickel, Richard L—
Bickner, Lawrence - Davis-Monthan AFB
Biddle, George - Davis-Monthan AFB
Bidwell, Thomas D—Mather AFB
Biggs, Craig—Fairchild AFB
Bill, Donald F.—Loring AFB
Billings, Lary N—Walker AFB
Biondo, J.—Altus AFB
Bishop, David E—Fairchild AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Bishop, John H—Minot AFB
Bishop, John H—Griffiss AFB
Bishop,Terry—Fairchild AFB
Black, George - Davis-Monthan AFB
Black, Orville G.—Travis AFB (62-66)
Black, Thomas W—Kincheloe AFB Blytheville AFB
Blacketter, James D.—Griffiss AFB Homestead AFB
Blackwell, Theryl E—Griffiss AFB
Blackwell, William H. J.—Chanute AFB - Instructor (61-65)
Blair, Glenn W—Kincheloe AFB
Blair, Wiley N—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Blanchard, Joseph—Altus AFB Beale AFB
Blanchard, Lawrence—Ramey AFB Walker AFB
Blanck, Vernon D—Bergstrom AFB
Bland, Grady G—
Blaylock, James “Rod”  - Davis-Monthan AFB
Bleau, Richard E—Kincheloe AFB Eglin AFB
Blenker, Roger—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Blinn, John J—Barksdale AFB
Blum, James R—Kincheloe AFB
Bodovinic, Johh - Davis-Monthan AFB
Bogart, Fredric—Turner AFB
Boggs, Jerry - Davis-Monthan AFB
Bogush, George—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Bolger,Alvin P—
Bollendorf,Irvine—Kincheloe AFB
Bolton,Scott L—Grand Forks AFB
Bond, Alfred L. ----K. I. Sawyer AFB
Boneschans,R—McCoy AFB
Bonnell,Dennis M—Beale AFB
Boone,Jimmie L—Beale AFB
Booth,Jonny T—Walker AFB
Booth,William E—Minot AFB
Boothe,Charles—Eglin AFB
Bosley,Hugh B. Jr.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Bossert,Norman G—Griffiss AFB
Bott,Karin E—Blytheville AFB
Bougneit,Mark—Wright Patterson AFB Beale AFB (72-73)
Bowen,Johnny J—Altus AFB
Bowie,Gary R—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Boyd, Jerry---Davis-Monthan AFB
Boyd, Larry---Davis-Monthan AFB
Boydston,David—Columbus AFB
Boyer,Alfred D—Griffiss AFB
Boyer,John W—
Boyer,Robert—Fairchild AFB
Boylan,James A—Fairchild AFB
BoyleGerald—Columbus AFB
Boyle,William J—Beale AFB Griffiss AFB
Bozzard,Paul E—Columbus AFB
Bradford,H.R.—Loring AFB
Braendle,Gordon W—Griffiss AFB
Branson,M.A.—Altus AFB
Braumberger,David—Fairchild AFB
Brauner,Robert F—Mather AFB Dow AFB
Brazell,Gary R—Minot AFB
Breault,Richard H—Blytheville AFB Dow AFB
Bredemeyer,Bob—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Breen,Skip—Beale AFB (70- )
Brennan, Charles E—Minot AFB
Brennan, Joseph --Minot AFB
Breton,Albert R—Dow AFB
Bright,Walter—McCoy AFB
Britton,Hillard F—Beale AFB
Britton,James W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Broderick,Willy—Griffiss AFB
Brooks,Homer E—Mather AFB
Brooks,Kenneth B—Blytheville AFB
Brooks,Wallace—Altus AFB
Broome,Fred D—Robins AFB
Brown, A.J.—Wright Patterson AFB
Brown, Albert T—Bergstrom AFB
Brown, Arthur L—Blytheville AFB
Brown, Ben—Altus AFB
Brown, C.E.—Mather AFB
Brown, D.G.—Wright Patterson AFB
Brown, Gregory—Robins AFB
Brown, Guss M—Blytheville AFB
Brown, Herbert E—Bergstrom AFB
Brown, Jose—Travis AFB
Brown, Mike—Kincheloe AFB
Brown, Ronald G—Griffiss AFB
Brown, Walter C—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Brown, Willard—
Brown, William M. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Brown, William H—
Browning, Robert L—Walker AFB
Bruce, James E—Mather AFB
Bruha,Mike—Fairchild AFB
Brunell,Bruce R—Beale AFB
Brunni,G.G.—Grand Forks AFB
Bryant,James E—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Bryant,William N—Griffiss AFB
Buby,Joseph—Fairchild AFB
Buck,R.H.—Mather AFB
Buff,Victor—Ramey AFB
Buffalo,Carl P—Turner AFB
Bulla,Michal—Dow AFB
Bumbacher.Milton S.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Bunch, John W.—Loring AFB
Bunch, Pappy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Bundy,William T—Minot AFB
Bunn,Ronald—Dow AFB
Burchinal,L.D.—Loring AFB
Burdette, Cliff - Davis-Monthan AFB
Burdine,Billy J—Turner AFB
Burge,Henry W—Minot AFB
Burger,Ralph—Minot AFB
Burgess,James W—Turner AFB
Burgoyne,Bruce F—Robins AFB
Burke,James—Clinton Sherman AFB
Burke,John—Minot AFB
Burket,Herb—Ramey AFB
Burkhead,Larry D—Ellsworth AFB
Burkholder,Charles—Columbus AFB Ellsworth AFB
Burkholder,K.T.—Altus AFB
Burnett,W.C.—Wright Patterson AFB
Burnham,Daniel—K.I. Sawyer AFB Ramey AFB
Burpie, Bill--Davis-Monthan AFB
Burris,David—Fairchild AFB
Bush, David I—Mather AFB
Busse,Craig J—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Bust,William W—Griffiss AFB
Bustamante,Jose—Ramey AFB
Buster,L.A.—Loring AFB
Butler,Richard—Fairchild AFB
Butler,Ron—Eglin AFB Kincheloe AFB
Button,Charles R—Kincheloe AFB
Cacek,Raymond E—Travis AFB
Cady,Wayne—Dow AFB
Cain,Jack W—Blytheville AFB
Cain,James—Beale AFB
Caines,John C—Kincheloe AFB
Caisse,Alfred J—Bergstrom AFB
Caldwell,R.N.—Wright Patterson AFB
Calhoun,Dave—Wright Patterson AFB
Calhoun,Dwight—Griffiss AFB
Caliri, Tony - Davis-Monthan AFB
Cambell,Ralph—Griffiss AFB
Cameron,Foster E—Blytheville AFB
Cameron,William E—Kincheloe AFB
Camlin,Ed—Ramey AFB
Cammack, Louis—Eglin AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Campbell,Bobby W—Beale AFB
Campbell,C.—Walker AFB
Campbell,Donald A—Eglin AFB K.I. Sawyer AFB
Campbell,Donald W—Minot AFB (64-67)
Campbell,Robert L—Beale AFB
Canada,James C—Minot AFB
Cannon,Glen E—Walker AFB
Canterbury,Ralph K—Bergstrom AFB
Caprio,James—Fairchild AFB
Carangelo, Al - Davis-Monthan AFB
Card,John W—Loring AFB Homestead AFB
Cardenas,Joe—Beale AFB
Cardenas,Lazaro—Bergstrom AFB
Carey,Michael J—Loring AFB
Carline,J.H.—McCoy AFB
Carlton,Conrad M—Beale AFB
Carlucci,John A—Seymour Johnson AFB
Carns,W.C.—Blytheville AFB
Carpenter, Donald B—Dow AFB
Carpenter, Everett—Turner AFB Grand Forks AFB
Carpenter, W.L.—Travis AFB
Carper, Franklin—Ramey AFB
Carr, Dale E—Kincheloe AFB
Carr, Preston H—Beale AFB
Carroll, Bob—Blytheville AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Carroll, David H—Kincheloe AFB
Carroll, Paul—Ramey AFB
Carroll, Tom—Ellsworth AFB
Carson, Cottrel—Clinton Sherman AFB Griffiss AFB Ramey AFB
Carson, Robert—Ramey AFB
Carter, E.H.—Homestead AFB
Carter, James D. --Davis-Monthan AFB
Carter, Joseph E—K.I. Sawyer AFB Ramey AFB
Carter, M—Travis AFB
Carter, O.D.—McCoy AFB
Carter, R.H.—Blytheville AFB
Carter, Thomas A—Ramey AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Cartwright, Eddie D—Bergstrom AFB
Casey, John—Minot AFB
Cashion, Donald E—Griffiss AFB
Cassano, Martin J—Travis AFB
Casteldini, Don—Wurtsmith AFB
Castro, F.R.—Loring AFB
Catrow, Robert W—Seymour Johnson AFB
Cavanaugh, Charlie—Ellsworth AFB
Cave, Rex L—Dow AFB
Cavender, Carl E—Bergstrom AFB
Celmer, Jim—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Cervantes, Richard G—Griffiss AFB
Chaffe, Rick—Clinton Sherman AFB
Chambers, William C—Bergstrom AFB
Chancery, George—
Chanda, Richard E—Loring AFB
Chandler,Roger L—Columbus AFB
Chaney, Alfred D—Mather AFB
Chapman, Leonard—Robins AFB
Chapman, William—Turner AFB
Chase, Atchie—Minot AFB
Chase, Douglas W—
Chase, James C—Kincheloe AFB
Chatting, Ronald—Turner AFB
Chenavey, Frank—Kincheloe AFB
Chesbro, H.N.—Homestead AFB
Chesmore,Wesley S—Dow AFB
Chickering,Larry W—
Childress,C.S.—McCoy AFB
Childress,Jim—Ellsworth AFB
Chimento,Edward—Ramey AFB
Chin,Roy W—Griffiss AFB
Ching, Lloyd - Davis-Monthan AFB
Chittenden,Richard E—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Cholewa,John—Ellsworth AFB
Christ,Arthur D—Clinton Sherman AFB
Christen,Reginald—Robins AFB Ramey AFB
Christensen,Ed—Griffiss AFB
Christian,Granville—Griffiss AFB
Christian,William F—K.I. Sawyer AFB (69-73)
Christiansen,Robert—Fairchild AFB
Christmas,Philip C—Griffiss AFB
Christy,Edward O—Wright Patterson AFB
Cipollone,James W—Griffiss AFB
Cisneros, Jose M. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Clark, Dennis -Davis-Monthan AFB
Clark,Hershel—Eglin AFB Turner AFB
Clark,J.R.—Homestead AFB
Clark,Jim—Blytheville AFB Grand Forks AFB
Clark,Jimmie—Fairchild AFB
Clark, Richard—Blytheville AFB
Clarke, William E—Blytheville AFB
Clarkson, R.A.—Travis AFB
Clary, Jerry—Griffiss AFB
Clawson, Bill—Grand Forks AFB
Clawson, Willis D—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Clayburn, Jackie—
Clayton, S.S.—Mather AFB
Clement, David P—Dow AFB
Cleveland, Robert E—Ramey AFB Blytheville AFB
Clifford, Michael—
Cline, Thomas—
Clineman, Jerry--Davis-Monthan AFB
Clinger, J.W.—Loring AFB
Clineman, Jerry - Davis-Monthan AFB
Clingman, C.D.—Grand Forks AFB
Clute, Robert E.—Loring AFB
Coats, George—Grand Forks AFB
Coats, Roy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Cobb, David—Griffiss AFB
Cochran, Charles J—Kincheloe AFB
Cockerill, Jim—Homestead AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Cody, Brendan—Griffiss AFB
Coe, Mark D—Kincheloe AFB
Coffey, Roger—Walker AFB
Cogan, Harry—
Cogan, Jerry E—Ramey AFB Travis AFB
Cohn, Burton—Griffiss AFB Dow AFB
Colbert, Ernest—Loring AFB
Colburn, Walter L.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Colby, James—Altus AFB
Colby, Walter E. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Colclasure, Rich—Ellsworth AFB
Cole, Don--Davis-Monthan AFB
Cole, Donald—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Cole, Edward—Fairchild AFB
Cole, P.T.—Loring AFB
Cole, Thomas L—Fairchild AFB McCoy AFB
Cole, William F—Blytheville AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Cole, Z.R.—Blytheville AFB
Coleman, Finnos C—Ellsworth AFB
Coleman, Hoyte A—Minot AFB
Coleman, Samuel R—Travis AFB
Collier, George E.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Collins, Carl L—Minot AFB
Collins, Charles—Altus AFB
Collins, Earvin D—Beale AFB
Collins, J.P.—Mather AFB
Collins, Lyle - Davis-Monthan AFB
Collins, Michael—
Collison, Duane I—Barksdale AFB
Collura, J.J.—Blytheville AFB
Colvin, Thomas A—Loring AFB
Combs, Freddie E—Bergstrom AFB Barksdale (68- )
Comer, George H—Loring AFB
Compton, Gerald—Fairchild AFB
Compton, R.W.—McCoy AFB
Condon, Rick—Kincheloe AFB
Conley, Edward--Davis Monthan AFB
Conley, John R—Loring AFB
Conner, Cecil O—Beale AFB
Conrad, Wayne -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Conti, Louis D—Turner AFB
Conwell, William—Fairchild AFB
Cooey, Sidney -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Cook, Arthur—Altus AFB
Cook, D.D.—Wright Patterson AFB
Cook, David W—Bergstrom AFB
Cook, Fred L—Walker AFB
Cook, Gary W—Blytheville AFB
Cook, Hugh A—Loring AFB
Cook, Joe—Altus AFB
Cook, Larry—Grand Forks AFB
Cook, R. L.—Travis AFB
Cook, Steven E—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Cook, Wayne—Fairchild AFB
Cook, Whitey T. -  Davis-Monthan AFB
Cooke, Damon—
Cool, Don (Big Daddy) - Davis-Monthan AFB
Coombs,John T—Dow AFB
Coonan,Paul A—Loring AFB
Cooper,James G—Clinton Sherman AFB
Cooper,Johnny L—Turner AFB
Cooper,Leonard C—Dow AFB
Cooper,Richard W—Walker AFB
Corazzo,Armond J.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Corbin,Wilber R—Loring AFB
Corley,R.D.—Bergstrom AFB
Cormier,Donald A—Fairchild AFB Griffiss AFB
Cormier,Nelson R—Travis AFB
Cornell,Joel D—Beale AFB
Corolewski,J.C.—Blytheville AFB
Cothran,William R—Loring AFB
Cottam,Donald—Fairchild AFB
Cotter,Patrick J—Griffiss AFB
Cowell,Leon—Ramey AFB
Cox,Bob—Ellsworth AFB
Cox,David L—Ellsworth AFB
Cox,J.F.—Travis AFB Walker AFB
Cox,L.H.—Travis AFB
Cox,P.E.—Wright Patterson AFB
Cox,Thomas G—Blytheville AFB
Cox,William D—Blytheville AFB
Crabtree,John E—Wurtsmith AFB
Craig,Francis R—Blytheville AFB
Craig, Jerry D—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Carig, Jerry --Davis-Montahn AFB
Crandall,Patrick G—Minot AFB
Crane,Harry—Altus AFB
Crane,Herbert W—Griffiss AFB
Crane,Marv—Ellsworth AFB
Crapson,D.W.—McCoy AFB
Crawford,C.O.—Homestead AFB
Crawford,Lawrence—Altus AFB
Creech,Daniel F—Griffiss AFB Kincheloe AFB
Crenshaw, Harrell (Bucky) - Davis-Monthan AFB
Cressie, James T—Ellsworth AFB
Crews, Walter R—Walker AFB
Cribbs, George W—Beale AFB
Crim, Clarence N—Dow AFB
Crites, Richard L—Kincheloe AFB
Critteenden, John --Davis-Monthan AFB
Crocker, James W—Altus AFB Homestead AFB
Crockett, Jeffron B—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Cromwell, William V—Grand Forks Griffiss AFB
Crooks, Staiten C—Eglin AFB
Crooks, Staton R—Eglin AFB Wurtsmith AFB
Crosby, Tom—Ramey AFB
Crossett, Robert A—Griffiss AFB
Cruise, Walter—Beale AFB
Crumley, Larry—Kincheloe AFB
Cruz, Salvador—Mather AFB
Cummings, W.F.—Barksdale AFB
Curran, Joseph—Griffiss AFB
Curran, Lawrence L—K.I. Sawyer AFB Travis AFB
Curran, William J—Mather AFB
Current, Ernest J—Beale AFB
Curry, Charles G—Bergstrom AFB
Curry, David W—Blytheville AFB
Curtis, Larry C—K I Sawyer AFB
Cutts, Bill - Davis-Monthan AFB
Czupich, Fred C. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Dagle, Neal P—Walker AFB
Daigle, Joseph R—Kincheloe AFB
Dail, Louis W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Dale, Jimmy R—Beale AFB
Damro, Richard—Turner AFB
Daniel, Grover B—Eglin AFB
Daniel, Jimmy L—Beale AFB
Daniels, Harold—Altus AFB
Daniels, Tom E—Homestead AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Darby, R.L.—Travis AFB
Davella,John—Turner AFB
Davenport,C.T.—McCoy AFB
Davenport,Jim W—McCoy AFB
Davids,Rod—Wurtsmith AFB
Davis,Alan G—Beale AFB
Davis,Calvin—Altus AFB Robins AFB
Davis,Carl C—Griffiss AFB
Davis, Charles B. -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Davis, Charles E—Eglin AFB
Davis,Clifford—Ramey AFB
Davis,Clifford E—Beale AFB
Davis, George M. --Clinton Sherman AFB
Davis,H.A.—McCoy AFB
Davis,J—McCoy AFB
Davis,J.R.—Barksdale AFB
Davis,Joe E—Robins AFB
Davis,John L—Robins AFB
Davis,Jon R—Barksdale AFB
Davis,Mackey E—Beale AFB
Davis, Manuel Jr.--Minot AFB
Davis,Mike—Blytheville AFB (72-75)
Davis,Richard T—Grand Forks AFB
Davis,Robert L—Dow AFB
Davis,W.E.—Travis AFB
Davis,Wilbur—Ramey AFB
Davis,William—Travis AFB
Davis,William M—Bergstrom AFB
Davis,Willie—Blytheville AFB
Davison,J.C.—Altus AFB
Dawsey,John E—Eglin AFB K.I. sawyer AFB
Day,Gregory D—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Day,Larry—Ramey AFB
Day,Robert P—Walker AFB
Dean,Peter R—Turner AFB
Dearinger,Robert—Eglin AFB Travis AFB
DeatherageEdward J—Beale AFB
DeBlieck,David D—Beale AFB Homestead AFB
DeChaine,Richard L—Altus AFB Eglin AFB
Decker,Wayne F—Griffiss AFB
Deering,Walter R—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Dees,James R—Griffiss AFB
Deese,James L—Loring AFB
Degregorio,Nicholas E—Beale AFB
Dehlinger,John—Robins AFB Walker AFB
DeLacruz,R.—Blytheville AFB
Delaney, John -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Delano,Richard J.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Delgiudice,Robert O—Loring AFB
Delong,John W—Kincheloe AFB
DeLorme,Bob—Fairchild AFB Ramey AFB
Demetruk,George—Ramey AFB
Demier,Thomas J—Dow AFB
Deming,Theodore R. Jr—Minot AFB
Demott,Roger—Ramey AFB
Denning,Clyde E "Chuck—McCoy AFB
Dennison,Richard L—Minot AFB
Denny,Gary V—Clinton Sherman AFB
Densmore,Chester W—Walker AFB
Dent,Richard—Travis AFB
Derflinger,James H—Wright Patterson AFB Minot AFB
DeRienzo,Pete—Ellsworth AFB
Derrico,Michael—Ramey AFB
Derry,Gene—Mather AFB
Desigio,James A—Beale AFB
Detheridge,Ed—Wright Patterson AFB
Devalia,Sam—Turner AFB
Devito,L.J.—Homestead AFB
Dibartolo,Santo—Altus AFB
Dickey,L.L.—Wright Patterson AFB
Dickerson, Earl -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Dickey,R.A.—McCoy AFB
Dickinson,Richard J—Blytheville AFB
Dickson,D.W.—Blytheville AFB
Diehl,Sidney—Ellsworth AFB
Dietz, Jack - Davis-Monthan AFB
Dillinger,N.H.—Wright Patterson AFB
Dillingham,Jack W.—Wurtsmith AFB
Dingman,Bruce—Griffiss AFB
Dingman,Dennis A—Minot AFB (64-67)
Dinnocenzo,Donald—Robins AFB
Dinschel,W.A.—Altus AFB
Dixon,Dave—Minot AFB
Dixon,Dickie W—Mather AFB
Dixon, Larry R.----K. I. Sawyer AFB
Dixson,George E—Beale AFB
Dlugach,Jack L.—Barksdale AFB
Doak,Joseph—Seymour Johnson AFB
Dobson,David C—Ellsworth AFB
Dodson,Richard S.—Loring AFB
Doern,Dan—Beale AFB
Doherty, Joseph M. - Kincheloe AFB, Davis-Monthan AB
Dolliver, Charles - Davis-Monthan AFB
Dolliver, Richard E—Kincheloe AFB
Dolliver, Thomas -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Dolson, Chris -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Dombrosky,T homas E—Travis AFB
Domke, Bruce—
Domzalski, Mark - Davis-Monthan AFB
Donahue, John—Fairchild AFB
Donaldson, J.C.—McCoy AFB
Donnelly, Lawrence T—Ramey AFB
Donohoo, Steve “Doo” - Davis-Monthan AFB
Donovan,J oesph J—Turner AFB
Donovan, John P—Eglin AFB
Donovan, Michael—Ramey AFB
Donovan, Robert J—Loring AFB
Dorwart, Charles E—Dow AFB
Dossenback, Stephen C—Beale AFB
Doty,Roy C—Grand Forks AFB
Doucette, John L—Dow AFB Beale AFB
Dougan, Robert J—Walker AFB
Dougherty, W.W.—McCoy AFB
Douglas, Elton—Ramey AFB
Dow, Bruce J—Dow AFB
Dowling, Richard C—Kincheloe AFB
Downey, Mike—
Downs,R obert E—Eglin AFB
Doyle, Luke—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Drager,  Dale -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Dragoo, Donald E—Dow AFB
Drake, Kenneth A—Kincheloe AFB
Drake, Roy E. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Draper, Dale  -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Drennen, James H—Ellsworth AFB
Dressel, Thomas -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Drew, Terral W—Eglin AFB
Drews, Marty—Fairchild AFB
Driscoll, Paul - Davis-Monthan AFB
Droege, Michael—
Drosta, Eugene A.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Drummond, Ed—
Dudak, Michael A—Walker AFB
Dudley, Frank O—Clinton Sherman AFB
Duecek, Dan—Kincheloe AFB
Dufault, Mark L—Fairchild AFB
Duffy, Milton—Grand Forks AFB
Dugas,Charles N—Loring AFB
Dugas,Ned—Barksdale AFB
Duke,Michael J—Fairchild AFB Mather AFB
Duminski,Henry A—Walker AFB
Dunagan, Eddie D. (Col) --Davis-Monthan AFB
Duncan,Lynn M.—Travis AFB
Dunkle,Henry J—Grand Forks AFB
Dunkle,Henry J—Beale AFB
Dunklee,L.E.—McCoy AFB
Dunlap, Thomas L. --Clinton Sherman AFB
Dunn, Creevy -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Dunn, Edward J—Bergstrom AFB
Dunn, Tom—Blytheville AFB
Dunton,Clyde E—Beale AFB
Duren,Charles A—Barksdale AFB
Durham, Bill—Fairchild AFB
Durie, Stan—Grand Forks AFB
Dwyer, J—Homestead AFB
Dye, Jerry W—
Dyer, David—Blytheville AFB
Eastman, Richard L—Beale AFB
Eastman, Russ - Davis-Monthan AFB
Eaton, Donald—Griffiss AFB Ramey AFB
Eatton, David L—Bergstrom AFB
Eayres, Neil -- Fairchild AFB
Edgin, Gore M—Altus AFB
Edmonds, James D—Barksdale AFB
Edmonston, Carl A—Loring AFB
Edwards, Bernard G—Dow AFB
Edwards, Bill - Davis-Monthan AFB
Edwards, Hugh K—Walker AFB
Egge, George W Jr—Travis AFB
Eggert, Dave—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Ehlenfeldt, Lawrence R—Griffiss AFB
Eiceman, Charles H—Loring AFB
Eisenhut, Morris W—Walker AFB
Eisman, Paul—Kincheloe AFB
Ekle, William—Altus AFB Eglin AFB
Elam, Charles—Grand Forks AFB (70- )
Elam, Truman J.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Eldridge, Thomas—
Ellenberger, J.R.—Blytheville AFB
Eller, Robert A—Beale AFB
Ellerman, Richard I—Eglin AFB
Ellington, Michael J—Beale AFB
Ellis, R.L.—Loring AFB
Ellison, Melvin E—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Elmore, Rodney—Seymour Johnson AFB
Emerick, R.A.—Travis AFB
England, Benny J—Griffiss AFB
Engleman, Howard—Altus AFB
Ennis, W.B.—Wright Patterson AFB
Erickson, John E—Wurtsmith AFB
Ericson,James—Grand Forks AFB
Erstad,Donald P—Minot AFB
Ervin,William D—Beale AFB
Erway,James S. Jr.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Espinoza,Dan—Grand Forks AFB
Estey,J.—Homestead AFB
Evans,Gary W—Kincheloe AFB
Evans,William A—Minot AFB
Evenchick,Kenneth M—
Eviston,J.G.—Loring AFB
Ewell,Robert L—Griffiss AFB
Ewer,William R—Dow AFB Minot AFB
Fabick,Darryl C—Robins AFB
Fabjancic,V.J.—Travis AFB
Fagan,David R—Dow AFB
Fagan,John—Griffiss AFB
Fair,Jerry—Kincheloe AFB
Fair,Mike—Loring AFB
Famous,Daniel E—Loring AFB
Fannin,Gerald D—Kincheloe AFB
Fant,Charles—Homestead AFB (64-66)
Faria,Robert G.—Wurtsmith AFB
Farley,C.E.—Loring AFB
Farnham,Harold L—Blytheville AFB
Farnsworth,Charles L.—Loring AFB
Farris,Preston C.—Seymour Johnson AFB Walker AFB
Fast,J.L.—Blytheville AFB
Fate,Robert—Fairchild AFB
Faucette,Thurman T—Turner AFB (62-65)
Faulkenberry,James—Altus AFB
Faulkner,Lawrence B—Mather AFB
Faussett,T.R.—Homestead AFB
Faust,W.K.—Travis AFB
Fay,J.D.—Altus AFB
Fears,James J—Barksdale AFB
Feindel,Thomas G—Beale AFB
Fenz,David J—Grand Forks AFB
Ferguson,Don—Kincheloe AFB
Fermane,John—Dow AFB
Ferrell,Charles M—Beale AFB
Ferros,George G—Robins AFB
Fields, Lonie M. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Fields, Pat—
Fikes, David—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Finch, Donald—Loring AFB
Firth,J im F—Travis AFB
Fischer, Dick—
Fish, Charles W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Fisher, Charles F—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Fisher, John F—Minot AFB
Fisher, Verny—Blytheville AFB
Fisk, Charles E—Dow AFB
Fiske, Douglas—Griffiss AFB
Fitzgerald, L.M.—Homestead AFB
Fitzgerald, Mark - Davis-Monthan AFB
Fitzpatrick, Dennis—Homestead AFB
Fjelstrom, M.E.—Mather AFB
Flaherty, Thomas J—Chanute AFB - Instructor (61-65)
Flateau, Arlin—Barksdale AFB (64-66)
Fleming, Marvin—Altus AFB
Florenski, Robert S—Clinton Sherman AFB
Flynn, Gary L—Beale AFB
Fogerty, ? - Chanute AFB, Barksdale AFB
Foley, William—Fairchild AFB
Forbes, James M—Kincheloe AFB
Forcier, Mel—Griffiss AFB
Ford, Charles L—Barksdale AFB
Ford, Jimmy C—Homestead AFB Minot AFB
Ford, Leonard—Barksdale AFB
Ford, Phil - Davis-Monthan AFB
Ford, Raymon T—Loring AFB
Fordyce, William P—Griffiss AFB
Foresman, Dennis—Davis-Monthan AFB
Forney, Ralph W—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Forsyth, Craig—
Fortin, Ronald F—K.I. Sawyer AFB McCoy AFB
Foskett, Ron—
Foulks, Francis D—Minot AFB
Fout, Bobby—Griffiss AFB
Fowler, Harold—Ramey AFB
Fox, Dale I.—Wright Patterson AFB
Fox, H.M.R.—Homestead AFB
Fox, Marvin E—Mather AFB Minot AFB
Fox, Patrick H—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Fox, Robert N—Ellsworth AFB
Fox, Ronald C—Grand Forks AFB
Frady. John -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Franklin, Don J. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Franks, Howard—Dow AFB (64-67)
Fransen, Victor W—Eglin AFB
Fraser, Bill - Davis-Monthan AFB
Frazier, Charley—Beale AFB Robins AFB
Frederickson, Gary B—Barksdale AFB
Freeman, Charles—Altus AFB
Freier, William H—Minot AFB
French, Stanley L—Minot AFB
Frick, Bob—Blytheville AFB
Fricks, Billy—Minot AFB
Friend, Jeffery—
Frisbee, Jesse—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Frith, Robert W. -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Fritz, R—Wright Patterson AFB
Fritzgerald, Mark -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Froehlich,Richard A—Kincheloe AFB
Frost, Foltene F—Dow AFB
Frye, Jim - Davis-Monthan AFB
Frye, Larry—Beale AFB (70-74)
Fulton, Steve—Grand Forks AFB
Fultz, Charles G—Grand Forks AFB
Funderburk, Robert M—Ramey AFB Loring AFB
Fundis, T.H.—Altus AFB
Fyfee, Donald L—Mather AFB
Gabriel,R.E.—Travis AFB
Gadson,Foster L.—Wurtsmith AFB
Gaertner,Victor—Griffiss AFB
Gafey,Donald L—Bergstrom AFB
Galka,Robert—Homestead AFB (65-67)
Gallagher,Alon A—Blytheville AFB
Gallagher,John E—
Gallaher,Dennis O—Walker AFB
Gallentine,Gary—Kincheloe AFB
Gallitano,David—Blytheville AFB
Gamble,Don M—Loring AFB
Gammel,Kenneth—Dow AFB
Garcia,Joseph—Altus AFB
Gard,Herbert—Ramey AFB
Gardner,Richard L—Walker AFB
Garland,Donald R—Mather AFB
Garner,J.G.—Travis AFB
Garner,James H.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Garner,R.C.—Grand Forks AFB
Garnett,George W—Griffiss AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Garr,Preston H—Beale AFB
Garrett,Arthur H—Barksdale AFB
Garrison,Larry—Fairchild AFB
Gary, Donald H. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Gary, Durrick - Davis-Monthan AFB
Gashion, Donald E—Beale AFB
Gates,Roger A—
Gatlin,Harold W—Beale AFB
Gay,H.C.—Mather AFB
Gdovin,Stephen J—Grand Forks AFB
Gearhart,M.M.—Loring AFB
Gebhardt,Richard L—
Geiser,William—Loring AFB
Genetin,Herman A—Eglin AFB Blytheville AFB
Gengler,Roy—Griffiss AFB
Georges,A.—Walker AFB
Gervais,Robert J—Blytheville AFB
Getz, Paul R.----K.I Sawuer AFB
Ghwan,George—Eglin AFB
Giba,Richard C—Griffiss AFB Fairchild AFB
Gibbons,Phillip K.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Gibler,James—Robins AFB
Gibson,Bob—Kincheloe AFB
Gibson,David W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Giddens,George T—Blytheville AFB
Gifford,James W—Travis AFB
Gifford,Tom—Fairchild AFB
Gilbert,Wayne I—
Gilbert,William G—Clinton Sherman AFB
Gillespie,D.R.—Altus AFB
Gillette,James E.—Loring AFB
Gillian,Frederick M—Griffiss AFB
Gilman,Robert—Barksdale AFB Dow AFB
Gilmer,Robert E—Kincheloe AFB
Giroux,George C—Kincheloe AFB
Gladden,Gary—Ellsworth AFB
Glasgow,Malcolm M—Ellsworth AFB
Glessner,Richard L—Loring AFB
Goff,Fredrick—Columbus AFB
Goff,William D—Columbus AFB
Goldensoph,Michael R—Kincheloe AFB
Gollihur,C.—Walker AFB
Gomez,Richard L—Ellsworth AFB
Gompf,George H—Clinton Sherman AFB Blytheville AFB
Gonzalis,Diego S—Ramey AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Gooding,Donald—Barksdale AFB
Goodpaster,Phillip R—Beale AFB
Goodrich,James—Wright Patterson AFB
Goodwin,J.L.—Homestead AFB
Goodwin,Robert D—Walker AFB
Gordon,J.I.—Chanute AFB - Instructor (64- )
Gordon,R.E.—McCoy AFB
Gorney,James L—Griffiss AFB Loring AFB
Gosbee,David A—Altus AFB Minot AFB
Gottselig,Daniel—Barksdale AFB Grand Forks
Gould,Ronald E—Blytheville AFB
Grace,John M—Dow AFB
Grady, J. O. --Davis-Monthan AFB
Graham,Alfred J—Loring AFB Fairchild AFB
Grahan, Peter -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Graham, R.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Graham, William J—Kincheloe AFB
Granchie,John J—Clinton Sherman AFB
Grannis,Charles E—Kincheloe AFB
Grassfield,Richard A—Eglin AFB
Gray,Bob—Blytheville AFB
Gray,Bruce E—Beale AFB
Gray,Donald H—Kincheloe AFB
Gray,Eloy I—Clinton Sherman AFB
Gray,J.A.—Travis AFB
Gray,Ralph W—Bergstrom AFB
Gray,Robert O—Fairchild AFB
Gray,Ronald—Dow AFB
Gary, Royce E.--Clinton Sherman AFB
Gray,Russell D—Dow AFB
Graybeal,William D—Mather AFB
Greecher,John S—Beale AFB
Green,Bobby R—Beale AFB Kincheloe AFB
Green,Harold E—Fairchild AFB Kincheloe AFB
Green,Jamie S—Walker AFB
Green,Johnnie L—Clinton Sherman AFB
Green,Kenneth W—Minot AFB
Green,Robert D—Barksdale AFB Minot AFB
Greene,Jack A—Robins AFB
Greene,R.—Walker AFB
Greenlee,Harry—Loring AFB
Greenwalt, Ken - Davis-Monthan AFB
Greer,Kenny—Kincheloe AFB
Gregory,P.J.—Grand Forks AFB
Gregory,Wayne K—Travis AFB
Gremillion,Earl—Ellsworth AFB
Grevy,Joseph A—Eglin AFB
Griffin,David P—DM AFB
Griffith,Buford H—McCoy AFB Loring AFB
Griggs,Walker W—Beale AFB Eglin AFB
Grim,Robert R—Barksdale AFB
Grima,A.—McCoy AFB
Grimm, Michael — Davis-Monthan AFB
Griswold,Lamax—Blytheville AFB
Groff,Carl—Eglin AFB Fairchild AFB
Grooms,. Jerry--Davis-Monthan AFB
Gross,M.H.—Altus AFB
Grover,Fredrick L—Kincheloe AFB Ramey AFB
Gruber,Wayne F—Blytheville AFB
Gruver,Charles T—Beale AFB McCoy AFB
Guess,Thomas L—Dow AFB
Guiher,Norman C—Kincheloe AFB
Guikema,R.J.—Wright Patterson A
Guleserian,Armen J—Robins AFB
Gulley, Jerry—Beale AFB
Gunn, Leonard—Griffiss AFB
Gunther, Robert—Griffiss AFB
Gurauskas, A.W.—Homestead AFB
Gurrick, Lonnie—Clinton Sherman AFB
Guthrie, William D—Wright Patterson AFB Loring AFB
Haack, Leonard E. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Haak, Paul E—Bergstrom AFB
Habka, David—Fairchild AFB
Hackmeister, Gaylord—Mather AFB (61-64)
Hadley, Gary - Davis-Monthan AFB
Hadley, Larry G—Beale AFB
Hafernik, E.F.—Travis AFB
Hagar, Rusty—Kincheloe AFB
Hagen,Jack L—Clinton Sherman AFB
Hagerty,Timothy J—Loring AFB
Haggerty, John A—Travis AFB
Hale, Dan—Griffiss AFB
Halistrum, Brian—
Hall, Bill - Davis-Monthan AFB
Hall, David A. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Hall, Gerald J—Mather AFB
Hall, James H—Dow AFB
Hall, Leaton—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Hall, Leon J—Ramey AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Hall, R.L.—Grand Forks AFB
Hall, Robert E—Griffiss AFB Homestead AFB
Hall, Ronald C—Kincheloe AFB
Hall, Tim--Kincheloe AFB
Hall, Tim—Wright Patterson AFB
Halladay, Ronald K—Seymour Johnson AFB Travis AFB
Halliday,William J.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Hallock, Charlie - Davis-Monthan AFB
Halstead, E.L.—Wright Patterson AFB
Ham, Ronald W—Turner AFB
Hames, Walter L—Blytheville AFB
Hames. Walter L—Beale AFB
Hamill, A.L.—Altus AFB
Hamill, Gifford E—Dow AFB
Hamilton, Alexander G—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Hamilton, Alexander F—Griffiss AFB
Hamilton, Jack—Fairchild AFB
Hamilton, Larry—Mather AFB
Hamilton, Phillip W—
Hamilton, S.L.—McCoy AFB
Hamm, Robert E—Dow AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB
Hamm, Walter - Davis-Monthan AFB
Hammer, Gary --Davis-Monthan AFB
Hammersted, Lloyd—Loring AFB (63-66)
Hammond, Gary—Barksdale AFB
Hammontree, Paul - Clinton Sherman AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Hand, William—Fairchild AFB
Hanks, Charles F—Walker AFB
Hann, Robert S.—Loring AFB
Hannel, Earl—
Hanner, Roger - Davis-Monthan AFB
Hansen, Bill -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Hansen,Charles M—Minot AFB
Hansen,Kenneth J—Minot AFB Barksdale AFB
Hansford,Larry—Minot AFB
Hanson,Charles—Fairchild AFB
Hanson,Douglas L—Loring AFB
Harbin,Arthur W—Bergstrom AFB Grand Forks AFB
Harden,John D—Clinton Sherman AFB
Harder,G.—Blytheville AFB
Harder,Ralph—Fairchild AFB
Hardy,Delbert—Eglin AFB Robins AFB
Hargis,Harvey—Fairchild AFB
Harkenrider,Thomas L.—Loring AFB
Harmon,Arviel D—Blytheville AFB
Harmon,Kenneth R—Homestead AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Blytheville AFB
Harmon,William H—Beale AFB Ramey AFB
Harmuth,Walt—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Harper,E.L.—Homestead AFB
Harper,Henry Jr—Minot AFB
Harper,Robert L—Beale AFB
Harper,Ronnie P—Griffiss AFB
Harrell, Robert C—Columbus AFB
Harrie, Peter M—Kincheloe AFB
Harris, Ernie - Davis-Monthan AFB
Harris, Charles E—Clinton Sherman AFB Barksdale AFB
Harris, E.G.—Wright Patterson AFB
Harris, Jerry B—Beale AFB, Clinton Sherman AFB, Barksdale AFB
Harris, Norman O—
Harris, Phillip C—Dow AFB
Harrison, Glen W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Harrison, Cecil—Kincheloe AFB
Harrison, Charles E.—Seymour Johnson AFB Travis AFB
Harry, Jack—Ramey AFB
Hart, Chester C—Minot AFB Ramey AFB
Hartley, Ronald C—Eglin AFB
Hartman, Lyle L—Travis AFB
Hartman, Richard H.—Minot AFB
Hartzell, Luther W—Kincheloe AFB
Hartzell, R.L.—McCoy AFB
Harvell, James R—Ramey AFB
Harvey, David—Beale AFB Robins AFB
Hatfield, Thomas B—Dow AFB Ramey AFB
Hathaway, John—
Haughey, Joe—Wright Patterson AFB
Hawkins, James O—Ellsworth AFB Robins AFB
Hawkins, O.M.—Loring AFB
Hawkins, Walter L—Clinton Sherman AFB
Hawley, Douglas E—Beale AFB
Hawthorne, John A—Blytheville AFB Kincheloe AFB
Hayes, Lester -- Kincheloe AFB
Haynes,Muary N—Beale AFB
Hays,Julius W—Clinton Sherman AFB
Head,R.R.—Mather AFB
Healey,James A—Clinton Sherman AFB
Heard,Nathan—Ramey AFB Chanute AFB - Instructor
Hearn,George G.—K.I. Sawyer AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Hearn,James L—Robins AFB
Heath.P.R.—Loring AFB
Hebert,William R—
Hedges,Gary N—Ellsworth AFB
Hedges,Kenneth—Grand Forks AFB
Hegg,Robert—Altus AFB
Hegner,Howard—Altus AFB
Hegwood,Edwin E "Larry" —Wurtsmith AFB
Heintz,Carl R—Beale AFB
Heinz,Percy D—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Heise,Richard W—Kincheloe AFB
Helisek,Joseph J—Ellsworth AFB Turner AFB
Helman,Dennis E—Travis AFB
Helminiak,Roland R—Seymour Johnson AFB
Helton,W.A.—Travis AFB
Hendershot,L.B.—Mather AFB
Henderson,Ralph S—Blytheville AFB
Henderson,Richard L—Ellsworth AFB
Hendren,Robert—Griffiss AFB
Hendrickson,Douglas—Beale AFB
Henningsen,R.K.—McCoy AFB
Henry,Virgil W—Dow AFB
Henry,William P—McCoy AFB Minot AFB
Herman,Russell—Kincheloe AFB
Hermetz,Robert J—Walker AFB
Heroman,John—Robins AFB
Herpst,Daryl—Fairchild AFB
Herren,Thomas—Walker AFB
Hester,Don—Fairchild AFB
Hettinger,Jordon R—Blytheville AFB
Hetzendorf,Venzel—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Hewett,Donald G—Travis AFB Dow AFB
Hiatt,Max G—Blytheville AFB
Hicks,Nelson C—Walker AFB
Hicks,Rick—Fairchild AFB
Hicks,Samuel B—Turner AFB Beale AFB Dow AFB
Hickson, Ron - Davis-Monthan AFB
Hier,Mason W—Beale AFB
Higby,Gerald F.—Loring AFB
high, Travis W. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Higgins,J.C.—Barksdale AFB
Higgins,R.A.—Wurtsmith AFB
Hightower,Roy A—Kincheloe AFB Ramey AFB
Hilderbrand,George—Barksdale AFB
Hileman,Billy—Wurtsmith AFB
Hill,Beamon—Beale AFB
Hill,G.R.—McCoy AFB
Hill,James F—
Hill, Paul S—Blytheville AFB
Hilton, Jimmy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Himmelburg,Ron—Ellsworth AFB
Hinchliffe,Royce—Ramey AFB, Bergstrom AFB
Hinkle, Daniel R. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Hirsch,M.M.—Homestead AFB
Hittle,Robert E—Beale AFB
Hockey,Bill—Walker AFB
Hockey,Billy B—Mather AFB
Hodder,C.A.—Travis AFB
Hodges, Jimmy—Beale AFB
Hodges, Les --Davis-Monthan AFB
Hoerter,R.R.—Wright Patterson AFB
Hoff,William F—Wurtsmith AFB
Hoffer,Mike—Fairchild AFB
Hoffman,L.G.—Blytheville AFB
Hoffner,Robert C—Loring AFB
Hofmann,William F—Dow AFB
Hogan,Christopher W—Mather AFB Ramey AFB
Hogan,Frank H.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Hogancamp,Billy—Ellsworth AFB
Hohman,Roger M—Beale AFB
Hojnacki,Stanley—Travis AFB
Holcomb,Robert B—Seymour Johnson AFB
Holcomb,Robert H—Beale AFB
Holcomb, Sigmond W—K.I. Sawer AFB
Holder,Robert—Clinton Sherman AFB
Holland,Bertram D—Dow AFB
Holland,E.W.—Altus AFB
Hollenbeck,S.—Walker AFB
Holley,Martin—Griffiss AFB Ramey AFB
Hollingsworth,Donald L—Barksdale AFB Bergstrom AFB
Grand Forks AFB
Hollins,Darnell V—Griffiss AFB
Hollon, Joe - Davis-Monthan AFB
Holloway,Francis E—Grand Forks AFB
Holly,Jim—Ramey AFB
Holmberg,Paul—Robins AFB
Holmes,Jimmy L—Columbus AFB
Holt,Wilburn—Robins AFB
Holtz,James E—Grand Forks AFB Griffiss AFB
Holyoke,Lawrence W—Ramey AFB Barksdale AFB
Homan,Earl C—Eglin AFB
Honeywell, Dave --Davis-Monthan AFB
Hooks,George W. Jr.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Hooper,Rick—Ellsworth AFB Ramey AFB
Hopkins,Michael D—Beale AFB
Hopkins, Phillip ---Kincheloe AFB
Hopkins,Robert D—Kincheloe AFB
Hopkins,Terry—Fairchild AFB
Horn,Joe W.—Minot AFB
Hornchler,J.H.—Travis AFB
Hornsby Jr.,, Sam -- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Horton, Bruce—Davis-Monthan AFB
Horton,J.H.—Wright Patterson AFB
House,Richard M—Beale AFB
Houser,William—Fairchild AFB
Housh,Dick—Minot AFB
Houston,Calvin L—Minot AFB Loring AFB
Houston, William T—Blytheville AFB
Houtz, Oran W—Blytheville AFB
Howard, Charlie --Davis-Monthan AFB
Howell, Edward S—
Howell, Joe K—Blytheville AFB
Hubbard, Larry - Davis-Monthan AFB
Huber, James A—Beale AFB
Hudson, David—
Hudson, Donald R—Blytheville AFB
Hudson, Elven M—Griffiss AFB
Hudson, Gerald L—Dow AFB
Hudson, Hal—
Hudson, Harold L—Wurtsmith AFB
Hudson, Joe—Eglin AFB Grand Forks AFB
Hudson, Steve—Wurtsmith AFB
Huff, Bernard A—Dow AFB
Huff, Otis F—
Huffman, Charles L—Barksdale AFB
Huggins, J.A.—Wright Patterson AFB
Huggins, Philip H—Ramey AFB
Hughes, Frank D.—Minot AFB
Hughes, John L—Griffiss AFB
Hughes, Jim --Davis-Monthan AFB
Hughes, Percy G—Griffiss AFB
Hummel, Randolph—Fairchild AFB
Humphrey, David—Fairchild AFB
Humphries, Pat - Davis-Monthan AFB
Humphries, R. D.—Altus AFB
Hunt,J ohn C—Dow AFB
Hunt,Lee A—Barksdale AFB
Hunt,Martin C—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Hunter,James F—Turner AFB
Hurn, D.J.—Altus AFB
Hutcheson, Tim—
Hutchinson, Herman E—Beale AFB
Hutineth,John T—
Hutson, Walter M—Bergstrom AFB
Hyde, Leland—Chanute AFB - Instructor (64-68)
Iadarola, John M—Dow AFB
Imdieke, Duane—Beale AFB (64- )
Ingham, Dennis E—Fairchild AFB
Ingram,Donald B—Griffiss AFB
Irish, Joh n C—Minot AFB
Irons, Ronald T—
Irvin, Robert W—Kincheloe AFB
Isaac, Thomas C—Dow AFB
Isenhour, T.L.—Wright Patterson AFB
Ishmael, D.B.—Grand Forks AFB
Ito, Frank—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Iverson, Bob—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Iverson, Harold A—Minot AFB
Ivey, John L—Clinton Sherman AFB
Jackert, Willis R.—Loring AFB
Jackson, Alan B. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Jackson, Billy E—Beale AFB
Jackson, Eddie H—Griffiss AFB
Jackson, Emerson L—Beale AFB
Jackson, F.D.—Barksdale AFB
Jackson, Ira A—Clinton Sherman AFB Homestead AFB
Jackson, Merilo—Seymour Johnson AFB
Jacobs, Ronald—Fairchild AFB
Jacques, Albert R.—Mather AFB Loring AFB
James, David R—Beale AFB
James, Francis G—Griffiss AFB
James, Harlan—Ramey AFB (63-64)
James, Richard L—Clinton Sherman AFB
James. Donald E—Beale AFB
Janning,J oseph—Kincheloe AFB
Jansen, Steve—Fairchild AFB
Jansky, Bruce—Blytheville AFB
January, John - Davis-Monthan AFB
Jardine,Robert L—Minot AFB
Jarm, Ronald F. - Mather AFB
Jarrett,Frank—Fairchild AFB
Jasper,Robert—Walker AFB
Jeffries,Darrell D—Kincheloe AFB
Jeffries,Joseph H—Robins AFB
Jeffries,Roy D—Bergstrom AFB
Jenkins,Wayne—Kincheloe AFB
Jenkinson,Wayne E—Kincheloe AFB
Jernigan,Norris C—Blytheville AFB Robins AFB
Jett,John E—Walker AFB
Jett,Richard F—Blytheville AFB Barksdale AFB
Jewell,Gary—Fairchild AFB
Jewell,William E—Robins AFB
Joes,Tom—Ramey AFB
Johnson,Albert L—Wurtsmith AFB
Johnson,Arthur J—Kincheloe AFB
Johnson,Claude—Minot AFB
Johnson, Darrel W. --K. I. Sawyer AFB
Johnson, Dick -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Johnson,Douglas E—Eglin AFB Fairchild AFB
Johnson,Edward C—Beale AFB
Johnson,Harry L—Griffiss AFB
Johnson, Howard - Davis-Monthan AFB
Johnson, I.H.—Wurtsmith AFB
Johnson,Jackie E—Minot AFB
Johnson, James—Altus AFB Grand Forks AFB
Johnson, John—Altus AFB
Johnson, Joseph S—Robins AFB
Johnson, Juan --Davis-Monthan AFB
Johnson, Kennard—Walker AFB
Johnson, Kenneth—Fairchild AFB
Johnson, L.L.—Travis AFB
Johnson, Linvel M—Walker AFB
Johnson, Michael W—
Johnson, Otha—Beale AFB
Johnson, Raymond B—Blytheville AFB
Johnson, Richard L—Beale AFB
Johnson, Robert - Davis-Monthan AFB
Johnson, Robert A—Blytheville AFB
Johnson, Robert W—Minot AFB
Johnson, Ron—
Johnson, Juan - Davis-Monthan AFB
Johnson, Victor T—Grand Forks AFB
Johnson, Wayne L—Barksdale AFB
Johnson, Willard T—Dow AFB
Johnson, William R—Grand Forks AFB
Joines, Forrest L—Homestead AFB Mather AFB
Wright Patterson AFB
Jokinen, Kenneth E—Griffiss AFB
Jones, Brian E—Barksdale AFB
Jones, Donald C—Barksdale AFB
Jones, Douglas F—Fairchild AFB Minot AFB
Jones, Henry—Minot AFB
Jones,L.L.—Travis AFB
Jones,Landers O—Kincheloe AFB
Jones,Larry C—
Jones, Lawrence A—Beale AFB
Jones, Lawrence C.--K.I. Sawyer AFB
Jones, Leon --Grand Forks AFB
Jones, Leroy D—Clinton Sherman AFB
Jones,Louis A—Travis AFB
Jones, Lured D—Clinton Sherman AFB
Jones, Max E—Eglin AFB
Jones, Otis T—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Jones, Raymond D—Clinton Sherman AFB
Jones, Raymond M—Ramey AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Jones, Richard A—Minot AFB
Jones, Ronald D—Minot AFB
Jones, Wayne—Clinton Sherman AFB
Jordan, Robert M—Robins AFB
Jordan, W.—Blytheville AFB
Jorgenson, William—Altus AFB
Joseph, John—Minot AFB
Joyner, Russell—Ramey AFB
Judkins, Roy—Altus AFB
July, Doug - Davis-Monthan AFB
Junk, Clarence W—
Jurnick, Rich—Kincheloe AFB
Kaczur, R.J.—Blytheville AFB
Kades, Don E—Ellsworth AFB, Mather AFB, Ramey AFB, Walker AFB
Kaiser, Anthony—Grand Forks AFB
Kaiser, Johnnie J—Chanute AFB - Instructor (61-65)
Kair, Norman W. ---K. I. Sawyer AFB
Kamenicky, Glayton O—Beale AFB
Kamp, Raymond E. --K.I. Sawyer AFB
Kangus, Bill—Travis AFB
Kapitzke,J ames—Ellsworth AFB
Karnak, Ronald V—Loring AFB
Kasker, Robert--Minot AFB
Kasner, Lawrence—Altus AFB
Kata, Joseph B. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Kautsky, G.A.—McCoy AFB
Kay, H—Walker AFB
Keegan, Franklin J—Dow AFB
Keehan, Tom—
Keenan, Michael—Ramey AFB
Keenan, Michael H—
Keene, Tim—Seymour Johnson AFB
Keim,Johnnie D—Beale AFB
Keller,Arthur—Grand Forks AFB
Keller,Bruce—Seymour Johnson AFB
Keller,Paul—Fairchild AFB
Keller,Richard L—Walker AFB
Kelley,Jackie L—Columbus AFB
Kelley,John—Barksdale AFB
Kelley,R.D.—Loring AFB
Kelly,Fredrick D—Kincheloe AFB
Kelly,J.L.—Travis AFB
Kelly, J.S.—Barksdale AFB
Kender, Thomas S—Beale AFB, Wright Patterson AFB
Kennedy, John—Fairchild AFB
Kennedy, William—Clinton Sherman AFB
Kennerly, Lewis—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Kenney, C.G.—Mather AFB
Kenney, Tom—Ellsworth AFB
Kenny, Carl J.—Wurtsmith AFB
Kern, Robert A—
Kerr, Robert W—Ellsworth AFB
Ketcherside, Robert P—Dow AFB
Ketchum, Tom - Davis-Monthan AFB
Key, D.R.—Travis AFB
Keyes, J.R.—Blytheville AFB
Kidd, William A—Dow AFB
Kielgas, D.R.—McCoy AFB
Kielgas, Donald--Minot AFB
Kienzeil, Marvin M—Loring AFB
Kilbreth, Lawrence C—Loring AFB
Kile, Kerry R—Ellsworth AFB
Kileen, M—Barksdale AFB
Kilman, Michael—Dow AFB
Kim, Charlie—Beale AFB
Kimbrell, Thomas R—Eglin AFB
Kimmel, L.A.—Loring AFB
Kincade, Thomas E—K.I. Sawyer AFB McCoy AFB Ramey AFB
King, Bill—Ramey AFB
King, Bobbie C—Altus AFB
King, Charles—Blytheville AFB
King, Clarence—Loring AFB
King, Darius—Ellsworth AFB
King, Don - Davis-Monthan AFB
King, Exum—Griffiss AFB
King, James L.—Beale AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
King, Lawton S—Dow AFB
King, Louis E—Dow AFB
King, Ronald—Dow AFB
King, Tom—Blytheville AFB
Kingsley, Daniel D—Blytheville AFB
Kipp, D.N.—Travis AFB
Kirk, John—Wurtsmith AFB
Kirts, Donald D—Robins AFB
Klien, Jim—Fairchild AFB
Klietz, B.C.—McCoy AFB
Kline, Richard—Altus AFB
Klinger, Robert—Fairchild AFB
Klomps, Richard—Griffiss AFB
Klunk, Lawrence E. ---K. I. Sawyer AFB
Knackers, Paul—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Knapp, Edwin P—Eglin AFB
Knapp,Glen—Minot AFB
Knapp,L.L.—McCoy AFB
Knight,Larry J—Eglin AFB Blytheville AFB Loring AFB
Knoop,Jacob R—Minot AFB
Koasis,Charles—Eglin AFB
Koler,Morton R—Mather AFB
Kolody, Dave (Oldie) - Davis-Monthan AFB
Kompa,Thomas M—Kincheloe AFB
Konertz,William D.—Homestead AFB
Koons,Donald D—Loring AFB
Koontz,John H—
Kopp,Ronald J—Robins AFB
Kornacki,M.C.—Mather AFB
Koscienski,Raymond F.—Loring AFB
Koski,Wayne C—Blytheville AFB
Koslowski,Paul H—Blytheville AFB
Kradjan,Norman—Altus AFB
Krajewski,Gerald J—Blytheville AFB
Kramer,Barry P—Dow AFB
Kramer,C.E.—Wright Patterson AFB
Kramer,George R—
Kramer,Warren R—Dow AFB
Krapkowski, Joseph T. -- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Krantz,Roger A—Loring AFB
Kraus,David L—Beale AFB
Krieger,Benny—Blytheville AFB
Krieger,Michael—Turner AFB
Krotzer,F.E.—Travis AFB
Krueger,Ron—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Kuebler,Richard F—
Kull,George H—Eglin AFB
Kurtz,Lawrence—Kincheloe AFB
Kysor,Greg—Ellsworth AFB
La Maintain-Leatherman,Daniel—Grand Forks AFB
La Rue,B.D.—Altus AFB
LaBelle, David F. -- K. I. Sawyer
Labatte,Edward—Clinton Sherman AFB
Lacey,Charles A—Beale AFB
Lackey,Conrad E—Griffiss AFB
Ladas,Zeno—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Ladd,Stephen C—Dow AFB
Laederich,Thomas D—Loring AFB
Lagelle,James B.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Laius,R.B.—Altus AFB
Lalonde,Gerald P—Loring AFB
Lambright,Ira G—Altus AFB Beale AFB
Lamp,Larry K—Beale AFB
Landin,Steven D—Beale AFB
Lane,Roy—Beale AFB
Lang,R.C.—Wright Patterson AFB
Langan,Allen K—Minot AFB
Langdon,Stanley A.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Langdon,Tom—Homestead AFB
Lange,Richard L—Grand Forks AFB
Langford,Kenneth R—Kincheloe AFB
Langley,W.B.—Blytheville AFB
Langrell, Larry - Davis-Monthan AFB
Lankeit,Klaus—Fairchild AFB
Lannington,George—Dow AFB
Lansdell,Clifford R—Blytheville AFB
Larson,G.C.—Altus AFB
Larson,George P—Columbus AFB
Larson,Gerold W.—Homestead AFB
Larue,William A—Loring AFB
Lasky,Richard—Ramey AFB
Lassiter,Larry—Columbus AFB
Lassiter,R.C. Jr—Minot AFB
Lasswell,James W—Fairchild AFB
Laverty,John V — Blytheville AFB (64-67) Davis-Monthan AFB (71-72)
Law,Fred J—Loring AFB
Lawson,F.O.—Barksdale AFB
Lawson,Franklin O—Barksdale AFB Ramey AFB
Lawson,William G—Loring AFB
Layva,Frank—Clinton Sherman AFB
Lazuski,Walter—Homestead AFB
Le Doux,George H.—Homestead AFB
Lea,D.L.—McCoy AFB
Leaks, George A—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Leale, Thomas J - Mather (60-66), Loring AFB (66-69), Ramey AFB (69-71), Ellsworth AFB (71-74)
Ledbetter, Howard—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Leddy, Robert C—Blytheville AFB
Lee, Edward E—Loring AFB
Lee, Harold L.—Loring AFB
Lee, James E—Griffiss AFB
Lee, Larry - Davis-Monthan AFB
Lee, Larry E—Ellsworth AFB
Lee, Rich—Minot AFB
Lee, Robert E III—
Lehman, Robert L—Travis AFB
Lehmann, Gary J—Walker AFB
Leighton, Henry—Mather AFB
Leinard, Vern C—Minot AFB
Leising, Robert—
Lejeune, Carol J—Bergstrom AFB
Lemaire, Frank—Wright Patterson AFB
Lenaghan, Charles W—Loring AFB
Lengel, Ralph—Loring AFB
Lening, Hayden—Altus AFB
Lentz, Tom E—Ellsworth AFB Griffiss AFB
Lenz, David—Fairchild AFB
Lenz, Roger W—Beale AFB
Leon, P—Grand Forks AFB
Leonhardt, Blanton C—Loring AFB
Lerro, Ray—Kincheloe AFB
Lesko, Mike—Loring AFB
Lesure, J.D.—Loring AFB
Levine, Sol—Ramey AFB
Lewis, Charles—
Lewis, David A—Turner AFB
Lewis, Eddie - Davis-Monthan AFB
Lewis, Gerald P—Kincheloe AFB
Lewis, Leonard R—Clinton Sherman AFB
Lewis Jr., Martin B. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Lewis, Morris D—Kincheloe AFB
Lewis, R.G.—Altus AFB
Lewis, W.A.—Minot AFB
Leyva, Frank—Ramey AFB
Liebel, Ernie—Fairchild AFB
Light, Burnie G—Clinton Sherman AFB
Lightfoot, Charles D—Travis AFB
Lillimonen, Bill—Travis AFB
Lilly, James R—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Lincoln, Robert J. ----- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Lind, H.W.—Wright Patterson AFB
Linders, Francis J—Kincheloe AFB
Lindsey, Glenn H—Seymour Johnson AFB
Lindsey, Terry E—Clinton Sherman AFB
Linney, James P—Blytheville AFB
Linton, R.T.—Blytheville AFB
Lipscomb, Nathan L—Bergstrom AFB
Lipsinsky,Erwin R—Blytheville AFB
Little,J.V.—Grand Forks AFB
Littlefield,Dell—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Livermore,Jerry—Loring AFB
Lloyd,Troy A—Ellsworth AFB
Locke,Robert L—Ellsworth AFB
Lockhart,Danny—Fairchild AFB
Logan,Martin W—Beale AFB (72- )
Logue,Charles—Grand Forks AFB
Logue,Richard J—Bergstrom AFB
Lombardo, James—Walker AFB
Long, Clarence—Blytheville AFB Ramey AFB
Long, Ed—Blytheville AFB
Long, J.B.—Wright Patterson AFB
Long, Lloyd W—Turner AFB
Long, Pat—Travis AFB
Long, Willard L—Seymour Johnson AFB
Long, William—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Loomis, David T.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Looper, Thomas—Griffiss AFB
Lopez, Jose—
Lopez, Leroy—Ramey AFB Minot AFB
Lopez, Manuel—Minot AFB
Lopez, Prudencio R—Beale AFB Loring AFB Robins AFB
Lorden, James D—Mather AFB
Lore, S.C.—McCoy AFB
Lorenzen, Paul—Ellsworth AFB
Lostlen, John L—Travis AFB
Lott, David A—Griffiss AFB
Louis, Joe—Robins AFB
Love, Clancy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Love, Clarence - Davis-Monthan AFB
Love, Jake K—Bergstrom AFB
Love, Lawrence -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Lovelace, William R—Ramey AFB
Lowing, Earle D—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Lowney, John J—Dow AFB
Lozito, Frank—Travis AFB
Luchuk, Jerome J—Loring AFB
Lucus, John—Loring AFB
Luedtke, James A. -- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Luker, George E—Griffiss AFB
Lund, Albert A—Clinton Sherman AFB Fairchild AFB
Lundberg, B.W.—Loring AFB
Lutz, George H—Griffiss AFB
Lynch, David - Clinton Sherman AFB
Lynch, Richard J—Beale AFB
Lyons, Daniel D—Mather AFB

Maas,E.R.—Homestead AFB
Mabus,Jules B—Wright Patterson AFB Chanute AFB - Instructor
Maccall, James--Minot AFB
MacDonaldC.H.—Homestead AFB
Maciarz,Stanislaus—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Mackey, Gerald M -- K. I. Sawer AFB
MacIntosh,Mike—Mather AFB
Mackenzie, David—Columbus AFB
Mackenzie, Ed—Davis-Monthan AFB
MacLauchia,C.R.—Dow AFB
Maclin,Joseph H—Griffiss AFB
Maddox,John—Homestead AFB (62-64)
Madison,K.D.—Mather AFB
Madon,Arther J—Beale AFB
Maggard,Curtis—Blytheville AFB
Maggard,Floyd W—Bergstrom AFB
Mahalie,Ron—Ellsworth AFB
Maher,William—Ramey AFB
Maine,George W.—Homestead AFB
Maines,Jesse W—Turner AFB
Majors,Keith—Ellsworth AFB
Malone, Steve - Davis-Monthan AFB
Mancuso,Michael A—Blytheville AFB
Mandolado,Benjamin T—Walker AFB
Mandon,Arthur J—Beale AFB
Manley,Bill—Blytheville AFB
Mann,Walter L—Turner AFB (64-67) K.I. Sawyer AFB (67-68)
Manning,Ronald A—Seymour Johnson AFB
Marazo, Louis .E.—McCoy AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Mares,Felix—Blytheville AFB
Marino,Tony—Seymour Johnson AFB
Marlar,Ronald C—Bergstrom AFB (62-66)
Wurtsmith AFB (66-70)
Marlow,C.F.—Homestead AFB
Maroney,G.H.—Travis AFB
Marple,James H—Beale AFB
Marshall,Fred A—Bergstrom AFB
Marshall,Richard A—Barksdale AFB
Martell,Charles E—Dow AFB
Martin,Clifford—Altus AFB
Martin,Donald H—Altus AFB
Martin,Edward C—Mather AFB
Martin,Everett G—Seymour Johnson AFB
Martin,Jack—Griffiss AFB Barksdale AFB
Seymour Johnson AFB
Martin,Jeremiah—Fairchild AFB
Martin,Paul—Grand Forks AFB
Martin,R.A.—McCoy AFB
Martin,Rick—Loring AFB
MartinezFrank—Columbus AFB
Marton,R.J.—Wright Patterson AFB
Maruniak,Charles—Clinton Sherman AFB
Marx,James—Seymour Johnson AFB
Masco, Tom - Davis-Monthan AFB
Marzo,Egidio C—Dow AFB
Maslow, Tom—Davis-Monthan AFB
Mason,William D—Ellsworth AFB
Massey,Homer A—Turner AFB
Massey,Jimmy R—Bergstrom AFB
Massie,G Jack R.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Mathews, Marvin R—
Mathis, Earl—Altus AFB
Mathis, Ernest W—Blytheville AFB
Matter, Benevell—Griffiss AFB
Mattfeldt, Otto G—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Matthews, Dave - Davis-Monthan AFB
Matthews, Russell T—Minot AFB
Matthews, Travis G—Columbus AFB
Mauro, Dan—Barksdale AFB
Mauter, R. J.—McCoy AFB
Mauter, Ronnie --Davis-Monthan AFB
Maxwell, Russells L—Eglin AFB
Maxwell, William—Griffiss AFB
Maynes,Samuel S—Beale AFB
Mayo, George M—
Mayo, Rod - Davis-Monthan AFB
Mayo, Robert D—Kincheloe AFB
Mays, Charles E—Turner AFB
Mazer, Mark—
McAllister, Douglas R—Turner AFB
McAllister, Robert—
McAnulty, Donald H—Griffiss AFB Blytheville AFB
McCafferty, Jerry - Davis-Monthan AFB
McCammon, James A—Loring AFB
McCarthy, David—Minot AFB
McCarthy, John J—Barksdale AFB
McCauley, Phillip—Fairchild AFB
McClain, James—Blytheville AFB
McClannihan, Bobby -- Davis-Monthan AFB
McCleary, Albert R—Columbus AFB
McCleod, James—Seymour Johnson AFB
McClintock, James R—K.I. Sawyer AFB
McCollum, Frederick B.—Loring AFB
McCool, Gary D.—Loring AFB
McCormack, Howard E—Robins AFB Blytheville AFB
McCormick, Joseph H—Loring AFB
McCormick, Theodore—Griffiss AFB Wright Patterson AFB
McCoy, Edward—Bergstrom AFB
McCoy, Thomas—Beale AFB
McCoy, William A—Beale AFB
McCracken, Kenneth S—Blytheville AFB
McCrea, Bandy - Davis-Monthan AFB
McCurley, David R—Eglin AFB
McDaniel, Richard—Grand Forks AFB
McDermott, Edwin J—Beale AFB
McDonald, Bruce—Mather AFB
McDonald, H.C.—Travis AFB
McDougal, Roger - Davis-Monthan AFB
McDougall, Thomas B.—Loring AFB
McElroy, Everett L—Mather AFB
McElroy, Peter E—
McFadden, J.B.—Loring AFB
McFadyen, T.P.—Barksdale AFB
McFarlin, Francis E—Homestead AFB
McFerrin, Eric D—Beale AFB
McGill, Thomas L—Clinton Sherman AFB Barksdale AFB
Beale AFB
McGirt,Jack B—Blytheville AFB
McGoldrick,James E—Dow AFB
McGough,Vincent E—Robins AFB
McGowan,Henry A—K.I. Sawyer AFB
McGowan,James B—
McGrath,E.—Walker AFB
McGuiggan--Fairchild AFB
McIlrath,Wallace W—Blytheville AFB
McIntire,B.M.—Loring AFB
McIntosh,David R.—Seymour Johnson AFB
McIntosh,Michael A—Mather AFB Wurtsmith AFB
McIntosh,Robert L—K.I. Sawyer AFB
McInturf,Mike—Blytheville AFB (72-75)
McIver,Michael E—Barksdale AFB Loring AFB
McIver,W.B.—Blytheville AFB
McKellip,M.G.—Mather AFB
McKellip,Marvin O—Mather AFB
McKenna,P.M.—Homestead AFB
McKenney,W.H.—Loring AFB
McKinzie, Ed - Davis-Monthan AFB
McKibben,James K—Beale AFB
McKinney,Duanne—Mather AFB
McKinney,Ronald F—Ramey AFB
McKnight,F.M.—Blytheville AFB
McKown,James H—Mather AFB
McLemore,Wiley A—Fairchild AFB
McMillan,Vernon E—Beale AFB, Kincheloe AFB
McMorrow, John --Davis-Monthan AFB
McMullen,Gene—Minot AFB
McMurphy,Joseph R—Beale AFB
McNeese,Oscar R—Blytheville AFB
McPherson,John C—Dow AFB
McPherson,Thomas E—Walker AFB
McQuillen,D.E.—Mather AFB
McVaugh,Francis K—Walker AFB
McVay,William P—Bergstrom AFB
Mead, Marvin E. ---- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Meade,Charles E—Blytheville AFB
MedinaJose—Wurtsmith AFB
Meeks,Coy—Grand Forks AFB
Melgren, Charlie—
Melland, Norm - Davis-Monthan AFB
Mellette, Thomas P—Barksdale AFB
Melton, Linton W—Mather AFB
Melvin, Norm - Davis-Monthan AFB
Menke, Robert J.—Seymour Johnson AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Mercer, Charles—Wurtsmith AFB
Mercer, James—Altus AFB
Mercure, H.L.—Loring AFB
Meriwether, Paul N—Grand Forks AFB
Merow, Robert L—Beale AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Merrel, Harold—
Merrick, D.C.—McCoy AFB
Merritt, R.K.—McCoy AFB
Merwin, Al—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Messer, Steve—Robins AFB
Metcalf, W.F.—McCoy AFB
Metzger, Donald E—Beale AFB
Meyer, Frederick H—Beale AFB Minot AFB K.I. Sawyer AFB
Meyer, Gerald T—Dow AFB
Meyer, Robert P.—Minot AFB
Meyer, Russell J—Turner AFB
Michaels, Ed—Barksdale AFB Ellsworth AFB Ramey AFB
Middlebrooks, G.L.—Barksdale AFB
Miklas, John W—Altus AFB Blytheville AFB
Mikulencak, Gene R—
Miles, Andy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Miles, Francis J—Walker AFB
Miller, C.E.—Homestead AFB
Miller, Dave—
Miller, Herbert J—Griffiss AFB
MIller, Lon -- Minot AFB
Miller, Mike—Mather AFB
Miller, Stephen E—Minot AFB Beale AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Miller, Thomas L.—McCoy AFB
Miller, Timothy M—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Miller, William D—Minot AFB
Miller, William G—Clinton Sherman AFB
Milliken, Donald H.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Milling, Henry—Dow AFB
Mills, Eldon D—Minot AFB
Mills, Paul W—Griffiss AFB
Mills, Willie - Davis-Monthan AFB
Milner, Michael—Dow AFB
Mindham, Richard G—Chanute AFB - Instructor (61-65)
Mindoro, A.—Wright Patterson AFB
Miner, Donald D—Robins AFB
Minetolla, Leonard—Kincheloe AFB
Mink, A.—Minot AFB
Miracle, Wayne—Barksdale AFB
Mitchell, Charles R.—Homestead AFB
Mitchell, Chuck --Davis-Monthan AFB
Mitchell, Darrell—Kincheloe AFB
Mitchell, Dave—Grand Forks AFB
Mitchell, Lester—Dow AFB
Mitchell, Luther W. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Mitchem, Charles E—Wurtsmith AFB (60-65) Altus AFB
Mitchum, Chuck - Davis-Monthan AFB
Mixon, James—Fairchild AFB
Mize, Terry—Kincheloe AFB
Mizzell, John H—Robins AFB
Moffitt, Robert A—Grand Forks AFB
Moman, Forrest A. ---- K. I. Sawer AFB
Monteith, William F—Grand Forks AFB
Montgomery, Freddie L—Walker AFB
Montgomery, John L—Fairchild AFB
Mooney, Steve -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Moore, Alvin—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Moore, Clarence G—Dow AFB
Moore, Daniel W—Minot AFB
Moore, David H—Griffiss AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Moore, Dean—Wright Patterson AFB
Moore, Ed—Grand Forks AFB
Moore, Elmer—Griffiss AFB
Moore, James A—Columbus AFB Mather AFB
Moore, Patrick—Clinton Sherman AFB
Moore, R.J.—McCoy AFB
Moore, Wilson W—Blytheville AFB
Moorman, John H—
Morazo, Lou - Davis-Monthan AFB
Moreau, Charles W—Blytheville AFB Dow AFB
Morehouse, Lenden K—Blytheville AFB
Morey, Al - Davis-Monthan AFB
Morely, William—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Morgan, Bennie K—Mather AFB
Morgan, Brad—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Morren, Ralph D—Bergstrom AFB, Fairchild AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB
Morrill, B.R.—McCoy AFB
Morris, Charlie -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Morris, Vernon L.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Morrison,Calvin—Clinton Sherman AFB
Morrison, Doyle--Minot AFB
Morrison, James A—Mather AFB
Morrison, John—Altus AFB
Morse, William H—Kincheloe AFB
Morton (Col) -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Morton, D.D.—Altus AFB
Mosher, Larry—Mather AFB
Mosley, Harvey C—Turner AFB
Moss, Charles W—Mather AFB
Motter, E. R. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Moulton, Joe—Homestead AFB
Moulton, Richard—Seymour Johnson AFB
Mueller, Anthony J—Wurtsmith AFB
Mueller, Ronald E—Minot AFB
Mullins, Dick—
Munsey, William B—Dow AFB
Munyan, R.A.—Minot AFB
Murdock, Leland J—Barksdale AFB K.I. Sawyer AFB
Mucklebust, Marv - Davis-Monthan AFB (Tech Rep)
Murphy, Gary L. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Murphy, James D—Beale AFB
Murphy, Stanley E—Ellsworth AFB
Murray, James D—Blytheville AFB
Murray, John L—Loring AFB
Murray, O.L.—Mather AFB
Murray, Thomas P—Blytheville AFB
Musser, William R.—Grand Forks AFB
Muzzi, Mark—Minot AFB
Myers, Bruce—
Myers, F.E.—Loring AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Myers, George—Homestead AFB Turner AFB
Myers, Samuel B—Dow AFB
Nack,  Dennis J. -- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Nadeau, Leo P—Loring AFB
Nader, Ernest R—Beale AFB
Nagel, Neil J—Mather AFB
Nairn, Ray - Davis-Monthan AFB
Nash, Jerry W—Barksdale AFB Chanute AFB - Instructor
Nawrocki, Ron - Davis-Monthan AFB
Neely,Claude A—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Neiderer,Stephen—Grand Forks AFB
Nell,Claude E—Robins AFB
Nellis,Stephen—Robins AFB
Nelson,Alvin G—Barksdale AFB Blytheville AFB
Nelson,Donnie—Blytheville AFB
Nelson,Ernest J—Loring AFB
Nelson,Otis C—Ellsworth AFB
Nelson,Steven R—Loring AFB
Nelson,Theodore H—Beale AFB
Nervik, Mike - Davis-Monthan AFB
Neuens,David L—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Newberry,H.P.—Homestead AFB
Newcity,Thomas W—Clinton Sherman AFB
Newcomb,Bryce—Fairchild AFB
Newman,Elvin—Fairchild AFB
Newman,Jackie—Altus AFB
Newton,Bernard G—Barksdale AFB Loring AFB
Newton,Mac—Columbus AFB
Nichlson,Hurman A—Kincheloe AFB
Nicholas,Robert—Ramey AFB
Nichols,L.R.—Wright Patterson AFB
Nichols,William H—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Nielsen,Richard P—Walker AFB
Nielson,R.—Walker AFB
Nightingale,Gary—Minot AFB
Nixon,Roy D—Barksdale AFB
Noble,Thomas F—Kincheloe AFB
Nofsinger,Scott W—Kincheloe AFB
Nolan,J.E.—Mather AFB
Nordstrom,James—Grand Forks AFB
Norford,Harry—Turner AFB Wurtsmith AFB
Norlander,Robert—Seymour Johnson AFB
Norman,W.W.—Blytheville AFB
Norris,Robert V—Blytheville AFB
Northup,John H.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Norwood,James—Wright Patterson AFB
Nunnery,H.G.—Wright Patterson AFB
Nuss, Carol - Davis-Monthan AFB
Nye,R.F.—Wurtsmith AFB
Nyman,Jim—Dow AFB
Oberst,E.F.—Travis AFB
O'Brien,Charles L.—McCoy AFB
O’Brien, William--Minot AFB
Ochoa,Robert—Altus AFB
O'Connor,Joseph P—Griffiss AFB
Oden,Lucian B—Dow AFB
Odom,Lawrence L—Turner AFB
O’Donnell, John D.----Grand Forks AFB
O'FlinnWilliam N—Travis AFB
Olare, Donald K. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Oldham,Talmedge E—Barksdale AFB Blytheville AFB
Oliva,Gerald F—Travis AFB
Oliver,James E—Griffiss AFB
Oliver,R.T.—Homestead AFB
Olson,Douglas C—Griffiss AFB
Olson,Edwin C—Walker AFB
Olson,Gary L—Grand Forks AFB K.I. Sawyer AFB
Olson,James A—Beale AFB
O’Reilly, Timothy S. -- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Orlando,Richard A—Mather AFB
Orlds,Ted M—Eglin AFB Griffiss AFB
Orlosky,John S—Loring AFB
Orr,Robert A—Columbus AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Osborne,Edward J—Barksdale AFB
Oswalt,J.W.—Blytheville AFB
Oswalt,Richard B—Blytheville AFB Ramey AFB
O'Toole,Charles—Blytheville AFB
Otto,Philip G—Bergstrom AFB
Ouellette,Joseph—Kincheloe AFB
Overby, Robert—Minot AFB
Owell, Edward M. --Davis-Monthan AFB
Owens, James E.—Loring AFB
Owens, Ted -- Davis-Monthan AFB (Tech Rep)
Owings, Paul L—Travis AFB
Oylear, Everett W—Ellsworth AFB
Pabron-Santos, Ignacio—Ramey AFB
Pacheco, Louis—Fairchild AFB
Packer, Leslie G—Loring AFB
Padoll, William H—Dow AFB
Palermo, Michael—Ramey AFB
Palinsky, John—Fairchild AFB
Pallay, George R—Turner AFB
Palley, George--Kincheloe AFB
Palmer, Gene - Davis-Monthan AFB
Palo, Dale—
Palodino,Nick—Grand Forks AFB
Pananganan, E.—Travis AFB
Paris, William B—Clinton Sherman AFB
Park, George M—Wurtsmith AFB
Park, Robert L—Robins AFB (63-66)
Park, Victor C—Grand Forks AFB
Parker, Clifford N—Grand Forks AFB
Parker, Dave—Grand Forks AFB
Parker, Edward W—Kincheloe AFB
Parker, Henry H—Kincheloe AFB
Parker, Roy L—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Parker, Stewart H—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Parker,Winiford C—Clinton Sherman AFB
ParkhurstJoe—Robins AFB
Parkman,David F—Mather AFB
Parks,Bob—Kincheloe AFB
Parlier,Robert N—Beale AFB
Paro,Thomas D—Mather AFB
Parrill,Virgil T—Mather AFB
Parrish,Don—Barksdale AFB Eglin AFB
Parrish,E.W.—Wright Patterson AFB
Parrish,Mark S—Kincheloe AFB
Parrott,John F—Kincheloe AFB
Parsons,James A—Wurtsmith AFB
Parsons,John D—Kincheloe AFB
Pasierb,Stanley M—Griffiss AFB
Paterson,James S—Loring AFB
Patrick,Elson L—Loring AFB
Patten,Walter R—Griffiss AFB
Patterson,Ede L—Bergstrom AFB
Patterson,Henry F—Clinton Sherman AFB
Patton,Ray—Ellsworth AFB
Patton, Reuben F. -- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Patton,Ron—Altus AFB
Patzer,James H—Robins AFB
Paulos,Arthur A—Mather AFB Ramey AFB
Seymour Johnson AFB
Payne,Carlton L—Altus AFB
Payne,Elmer—Clinton Sherman AFB
Payne, Fred E—Beale AFB
Payne, J. L.—Altus AFB
Payne, Ted --Davis-Monthan AFB
Payne, W. R.—Loring AFB
Payton,William C—Beale AFB
Peach,William K—Walker AFB
Peacock,James P—Eglin AFB
Pearce,J.W.—Blytheville AFB
Pearson,Wesley D—Mather AFB
Peck,Orrin R—Blytheville AFB
Pefferman,Gary—Grand Forks AFB
Peluso, Richard - Davis-Monthan AFB
Pemberton,Roger W—Ellsworth AFB
Pena,Elias—Griffiss AFB
Penix,Charles R—Minot AFB Turner AFB
Penninger,Gene P—Blytheville AFB
Penrod,Norman—Ramey AFB
Penrose,Spencer K—Ellsworth AFB (61-63) Walker AFB (63- )
Pentecost,Eldon W—Blytheville AFB
Percy, Wendy—Mather AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Perez,Pete—Loring AFB
Perezruiz,Angel M—Bergstrom AFB
Perigo,Coy—Ellsworth AFB
Perkins,Billie R—Griffiss AFB
Perkins,Glenn—Griffiss AFB
Perkins, Larry—Wright Patterson AFB
Perkins, Larry--Kincheloe AFB
Perry,Robert—Homestead AFB
Perry,Ronald J—Dow AFB
Perry,William W—Loring AFB
Person,Walter E.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Petermeier,Allan L—Dow AFB
Peters,Frank—Griffiss AFB
Petersen,D.W.—Altus AFB
Peterson,Bruce D—Beale AFB
Peterson,Leland M—Walker AFB
Peterson,Maxie J—Clinton Sherman AFB
Peterson, Pete --Davis-Monthan AFB
Peterson , Pete—Wurtsmith AFB
Peterson, Ray--Minot AFB
Peterson, Raymond A—Clinton Sherman AFB Homestead AFB
Peterson, Richard E—Columbus AFB
Peterson, Richard I—Dow AFB
Peterson, Robert—Clinton Sherman AFB
Peterson, Ronald A—Minot AFB Fairchild AFB
Petterson, Christian L.----Travis AFB
Petit, Thomas—
Petrie, Martin A—Dow AFB
Petroski, Daniel D—Ellsworth AFB Wurtsmith AFB
Petrosky, Dan—Ellsworth AFB
Pettersen, C.L.—Travis AFB
Pettitt, Paul R—Robins AFB
Petty, Teddy V—Barksdale AFB
Peyton, William A—Beale AFB
Pfarr, Timothy—Seymour Johnson AFB
Pflieger, L.M.—Loring AFB
Pheil, Thomas W—
Phillips, George M—
Phillips, James A—Clinton Sherman AFB
Phillips, Ronald G.—Minot AFB
Phipps, Ronald W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Picary, Stephen—Dow AFB (64-67)
Pickle, Ray - Davis-Monthan AFB
Pickles, Gerald C—Loring AFB
Pickwell, William G.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Pierce, Glen E—Clinton Sherman AFB Loring AFB
Pierce, Larry - Davis-Monthan AFB
Pierini, R.A.—Travis AFB
Pierpont, Cortlandt G—Barksdale AFB
Pike, C.O.—McCoy AFB
Pilato, Louis—Turner AFB
Pimental, Raynod—Blytheville AFB
Piper, Pat—Blytheville AFB
Piper, Ronald — Wurtsmith AFB
Pitts, Tommy C.—Travis AFB Ramey AFB
Place,James L—Travis AFB
Plumb, Bob - Davis-Monthan AFB
Pluster,Dave—Ellsworth AFB
Polenske,George—Dow AFB
Pollack,I.B.—Wright Patterson AFB
Pollard,Robert G—Walker AFB
Pollnow,Edward—Ramey AFB
Pollock,Edward J—Bergstrom AFB
Polo,George A—Barksdale AFB
Pond,Walter C—Columbus AFB
Poor,Jesse C—
Popov,David—Grand Forks AFB
Popson,A.S.—McCoy AFB
Porter,Andrew—Seymour Johnson AFB
Porter,Donavon M.—Loring AFB
Porter,Roy—Minot AFB
Postle,C.G.—McCoy AFB
Postlewait,Lester B—Grand Forks AFB
Potter,James D—
Potter,Larry T—Fairchild AFB
Potter,R.C.—Altus AFB
Pottselberger,Paul—Kincheloe AFB
Poust,James L—Minot AFB
Powelson, Robert M. ----- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Powell,Daniel F—Walker AFB
Powell, Dave—Dow AFB, Eglin AFB
Powell, Don—Dow AFB, Eglin AFB
Powell, Edward M. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Powell, Floyd A—Columbus AFB
Powell, Paul H.—Loring AFB
Powell, W.E.—Mather AFB
Powers, G.E.—Wright Patterson AFB
Powers, Terance J—Travis AFB Loring AFB
Prater, Neil — Minot AFB
Pratt, David H—Kincheloe AFB
Prehost, Emil J—Wright Patterson AFB
Preston, Harold W. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Preston, Walter H—Altus AFB Beale,  AFB Ramey AFB
Price, Clifford O.—Wright Patterson AFB
Price, David—Ellsworth AFB Ramey AFB Wright Patterson AFB
Price, Frederick D—
Price, Larry J—Altus AFB Turner AFB Clinton Sherman AFB
Price, M.E.—Homestead AFB
Price, Michael—Wurtsmith AFB
Pritchard, David M—Blytheville AFB
Prouty, Mike—Fairchild AFB
Pruitt,J ohnnie—Minot AFB
Prust, ames—Clinton Sherman AFB
Puckett, Lee F—Barksdale AFB
Pullen, John W—Barksdale AFB
Pulliam, C.C.—Mather AFB
Pulver, Benjamin A—Eglin AFB
Punches, Albert L. ---K. I. Sawyer AFB
Purvey, Merlin C.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Pyle, Donald V—Minot AFB )64-67)
Pyle, Richard W—Beale AFB
Pysz, Frank A—Dow AFB
Quarles, J.R.—McCoy AFB
Quarles, William L.—Homestead AFB Loring AFB
Quigg, E.F.—Mather AFB
Quigley, Craig—Kincheloe AFB
Quillen, John E.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Racette, R.P.—McCoy AFB
Racquer, Wilfred R—Dow AFB
Ragland, Billy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Raduenz, Vernon—Altus AFB
Ragsdale, John C—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Rambeau, Jimmie W—Loring AFB
Rambo, William D—Eglin AFB
Ramey, William K—Kincheloe AFB
Randall, Lee M—Columbus AFB
Randell ----David-MJonthan AFB
Rasmussen, Robert L—Altus AFB Chanute AFB - Instructor
Ratajczak, David L—Kincheloe AFB
Ratcliff, V.W.—Walker AFB
Rawlings, Rex M—Turner AFB
Ray, Earl A—Mather AFB
Ray, Howard S. Jr.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Raymond, Gene - Davis-Monthan AFB (Tech Rep)
Reader, Richard L—Walker AFB
Reagan, John J—Fairchild AFB Ramey AFB
Reardon, Joseph—Dow AFB
Reaves, J.T.—Homestead AFB
Rebtoy, Charles F.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Redmond, Johnny—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Reece, David W—Grand Forks AFB
Reece,William M—Mather AFB
Reed,James L—Kincheloe AFB
Reed,S.L.—Loring AFB
Reese,Leslie M—Grand Forks AFB
Reeves, James—Fairchild AFB
Reeves, Ronald - Davis-Monthan AFB
Regan,William C—Dow AFB
RegulaRussell D—Kincheloe AFB
Reid,H—McCoy AFB
Reid,L.C.—McCoy AFB
Reifke,James M.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Reinhart,G.A.—Wright Patterson AFB
Rembert,Charles H—Mather AFB
Renaud,Donald A—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Reynolds,Bernard C—Altus AFB Turner AFB
Reynolds,Byron E.—Loring AFB
Reynolds,J.G.—McCoy AFB
Reynolds,James Jr—
Reynolds,John—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Reynolds,Mike—Eglin AFB
Reynolds,Raymond P—Barksdale AFB
Reznak,Frank L.—Wurtsmith AFB
Rhea,Charles E—Blytheville AFB
Rheinecker,Ralph L—Blytheville AFB
Rhoads,George A—Kincheloe AFB
Rhode,Raymond P—Beale AFB
Rhodes,Billy R—Kincheloe AFB
Rhodes,Cecil—Wurtsmith AFB
Rhodes, Earlye T. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Rhodes,Lawrence W—Columbus AFB
Rice,Carlton R.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Rice,Edward L—Dow AFB
Rice,Phillip R—Clinton Sherman AFB
Rice,Robert—Grand Forks AFB
Rich, Steve — Wurtsmith AFB
Richard,John E—Barksdale AFB Turner AFB
Richard,William—Grand Forks AFB
Richardet,Joseph J—Blytheville AFB
Richards,J.E.—Barksdale AFB
Richards,William A—Beale AFB
Richardson,C.W.—Wright Patterson AFB
Richardson,Eric S—Loring AFB
Richardson,Paul W—Dow AFB
Rickardet,Joseph J—Bergstrom AFB
Ricketts,Charles B—Travis AFB
Ricketts,Richard—Dow AFB
Rideau,Al—Grand Forks AFB
Ridgew Paul—Seymour Johnson AFB Travis AFB
Riggs, Charles—Clinton Sherman AFB
Riggs, Gregg—Minot AFB (64-67)
Riggs, Wayne E—Grand Forks AFB Ramey AFB
Riggs, William W—Loring AFB
Riker, Samuel T.—Loring AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Riley, Charles H—Travis AFB
Riley, Frank J—Kincheloe AFB
Riley, Walter J—Altus AFB Homestead AFB
Riling, David C—
Riney, Doyle V—Ellsworth AFB K.I. Sawyer AFB
Rinker, Edwin W—Kincheloe AFB
Risco, Anthony—Griffiss AFB
Risse, William G—Kincheloe AFB
Ritson, W.H.—McCoy AFB
Ritter, Paul K—
Roaf, Steven—Barksdale AFB (69-71)
Robbins, Elmer G—Fairchild AFB
Robbins, Von L—Columbus AFB
Robbins, William—Altus AFB Clinton Sherman AFB
Roberts, C.B.—Wright Patterson AFB
Roberts, David L—Dow AFB Bergstrom AFB
Roberts, Earl -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Roberts, Edward—Dow AFB
Roberts, Lanier—Turner AFB
Robertson, Patrick F—Clinton Sherman AFB
Robertson, William—Ramey AFB
Robin, Dana—Davis-Monthan AFB
Robinson,David B—Dow AFB
Robinson,E.H.—Barksdale AFB
Robinson,Junior L—Altus AFB
Robinson,L—Altus AFB
Robinson,Robert—Clinton Sherman AFB Mather AFB
Robinson,W.C.—Minot AFB
Robles,Joseph J—Kincheloe AFB
Rock,Robert D—Griffiss AFB
Rockwood,M.W.—McCoy AFB
Rode,Allen G.—Seymour Johnson AFB Loring AFB
Rode, Willam C. ---- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Rodgerson,Sam—Altus AFB
Rodney,James—Columbus AFB
Rodriguez,A—Loring AFB
Rodriguez,Rodolfo G—Beale AFB
Rogers, David F. (100th AMMS Commander)
Rogers, Jimmy—Clinton Sherman AFB Fairchild AFB
Romano,John—Bergstrom AFB Columbus AFB
Romero,Antonio—Barksdale AFB
Roper,Clarence H—Ellsworth AFB
Roper,Donald M—Walker AFB
Rose,Donald—Dow AFB
Rose,Jack—Barksdale AFB
Rosebrock,Carl A—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Roseman,Jerry P—Walker AFB
Rosenbeck,P.D.—Wright Patterson AFB
Ross,Joseph—Altus AFB
Ross,Mark G—Griffiss AFB
Ross,Philip A—Kincheloe AFB
Ross,Russ—Seymour Johnson AFB
Rossiter,Charles M—Blytheville AFB
Roth,W.A.—McCoy AFB
Rousche,Norman—Clinton Sherman AFB
Rowand,John C—Bergstrom AFB
Rowe,Carlton S—Dow AFB
Rowe,John E—Robins AFB
Rowe,William T—Turner AFB Beale AFB
Rowell,J.R.—Grand Forks AFB
Rowzowski,Paul—Dow AFB
Royce,Gray—Dow AFB
Royston,J.—Walker AFB
Rubio, Hector - Davis-Monthan AFB
Ruff,Melvin—Kincheloe AFB
Ruffino,Robert A—Dow AFB
Ruiz,Ysidro—Blytheville AFB
Rupe,Richard J—Robins AFB
Russell,Edgar A—Mather AFB
Russell,James P—Dow AFB
Russell,John E—Beale AFB
Russell,Robert M—Bergstrom AFB
Rutherford,Donald J—
Ryals,Wilson B—Loring AFB
Ryan,John—Griffiss AFB
Ryan,Larry I—Griffiss AFB
Ryan,Terry—Dow AFB Eglin AFB
Ryan,V.J.—McCoy AFB
Ryan, Vincent -- Minot AFB
Ryder,Pete—Ellsworth AFB
Sack,Thomas T—Kincheloe AFB
Safranek,Richard D—Loring AFB
Saigeon,Robert—Fairchild AFB
Sainz, Louie -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Salber,Richard—Clinton Sherman AFB
Salisbury,Stephen C—Dow AFB
Salisbury,Williard—Barksdale AFB
Salmons,Raymond—Altus AFB
Salter,Doyle—Blytheville AFB
Salter,Jerry D—Turner AFB
Sams,Merril G—Loring AFB
Samuel,Walter N.—Loring AFB
Sandell,D.C.—McCoy AFB
Sanders,Carl—Griffiss AFB
Sanders,Leawn D—Eglin AFB McCoy AFB
Sanderson, L.D.—Minot AFB
Sanderson, Lawrence D—Griffiss AFB
Sanderson, William -- Davis-Monthan AFB
Sanderson, William A—Altus AFB,  K.I. Sawyer AFB
Sandley,J.S.—Wright Patterson AFB
Sandoval, Steve—Mather AFB
Sandusky,Joseph E—Eglin AFB
Sandven,William C—Mather AFB
Sanford,Bobby—Homestead AFB
Sanford,Bruce K—Travis AFB
Santiago,Augustus—Minot AFB
Santos, Edward--Minot AFB
Santos,Herman C—Fairchild AFB
Sargis,Arnold J—Loring AFB
Sarkisian,D.G.—Wright Patterson AFB
Sassman,Verne W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Satchel,James—Loring AFB
Satterfield,Edwin—Wurtsmith AFB
Saucier,Joseph T—Blytheville AFB
Sauerwein,Robert E—Travis AFB
Sauls,Samuel T—Kincheloe AFB
Saunders,Robert E—Ramey AFB
Sawyer,Ramsey L—Robins AFB
Saylor,Larry D—Beale AFB
Scallon,Louis—Columbus AFB
Scarberry,Glen N—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Schaller,Willis J—Turner AFB
Schelling, Don E.----Grand Forks AFB
Schartz,Donald H—Chanute AFB - Instructor (61-65)
Scheufler,D.L.—Wright Patterson AFB
Schiavone,Michael L—McCoy AFB Mather AFB (67-70)
Schiele,Paul—Mather AFB
Schimel,Lawrence F—Walker AFB
Schinke,Walter B—Walker AFB
Schleicher,Richard P—Grand Forks AFB Robins AFB
Schmidt, Carl - Davis-Monthan AFB
Schmidt, Carl A—Ellsworth AFB
Schmidt, Douglas L—Walker AFB
Schmidt, Hallard S. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Schmidt, John D—Loring AFB
Schmit, D—Walker AFB
Schmultz, Richard—Wright Patterson AFB
Schneider, Karl—Travis AFB
Schockro, William—Griffiss AFB
Scholz, Richard L—Blytheville AFB
Schoner, Donald J—Griffiss AFB
Schroeder, John S—Minot AFB
Schroeder, Larry M—Ramey AFB
Schroeder, Richard—Ramey AFB
Schubert, William A—Loring AFB
Schug, Raymond J.—Loring AFB
Schuler, Al—Ellsworth AFB
Schulte, Richard A—Kincheloe AFB
Schultz, Robert A—Minot AFB
Schumacher, Robert W—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Schwarz, John D—Grand Forks AFB
Schwertner, Lloyd F—Beale AFB
Schwindt, Dennis E.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Scmick, Richard—
Scott, Barney C.-----K. I. Sawyer AFB
Scott, Elzie E—Dow AFB Griffiss AFB Walker AFB
Scott,J.E.—Loring AFB
Scott, Johnnie C—Griffiss AFB
Scott, William K. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Scott, Willie C—Homestead AFB, Ramey AFB
Scribner, Joseph W—Bergstrom AFB
Seago, Kenneth R.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Searcy, Robert—Ramey AFB
Searle-Spratt, Richard J.—Mather AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Sebeck, Geroge A—Walker AFB
Sedor, Robert A—Beale AFB
See, Ronald L—Minot AFB
Seeley, William (Skip)--Minot AFB
Segovia, Ramon—
Seidel, William E—Turner AFB
Sekelsky, E.J.—Grand Forks AFB
Selement, Charles L—Eglin AFB
Selinsky, Paul—
Sellers,Ron—Ramey AFB
Selstrom, Jeffery --Davis-Monthan AFB
Seppila,Jack A.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Serrano,A.—Walker AFB
Sesky,J.—Loring AFB
Setter,Gary W—Blytheville AFB
Seward,William C—
Sexton,D.S.—Wright Patterson AFB
Seymour,Thomas B—Robins AFB
Seyster,James A—Bergstrom AFB
Shadwell,Phillip C.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Shaeffer,Shelby V—Griffiss AFB
Shafer,Ronald K—Kincheloe AFB
Shaffer,Harold—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Shaffer,Randall E—
Shalley,Carl E—Beale AFB
Shanesee,Bill—Kincheloe AFB
Shanks,Mervin M—Wright Patterson AFB
Sharp,Ira W—Beale AFB
Sharpe,James—Altus AFB
Sharpe,John W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Shaw,William—Fairchild AFB
Sheer,Al—Ellsworth AFB
Shell,James S—Eglin AFB
Shelman, James G. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Shelton,Grady L—Bergstrom AFB
Shelton, James R—Beale AFB K.I. Sawyer AFB
Shene,Harley N—Eglin AFB
Shepherd,Lavoy D—Bergstrom AFB
Sherwood,Richard N—Griffiss AFB
Sherwood,Robert C—Turner AFB Eglin AFB
Shindle,E.J.—Altus AFB
Shipee,W.R.—Wright Patterson AFB
Shirley, William D.---Grand Forks AFB
Shockley,Eugene—Clinton Sherman AFB
Shockley,Stephen F—Clinton Sherman AFB
Shoulars, Philip E. —Davis-Monthan AFB
Shults, Roy L—Blytheville AFB Minot AFB
Shultz, Dale S—Beale AFB
Shultz, L.J.—Blytheville AFB
Shupe, Roy W—Dow AFB
Shute, Kenneth L—Kincheloe AFB
Siciliano, Frank—Turner AFB (65-67)
Sickeler, T.L.—Blytheville AFB
Sievers, Dennis—Altus AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Sigler, Richard D—
Sikirski, D.D.—McCoy AFB
Silcox, Joseph E—Beale AFB
Silver, Charlie --Davis-Monthan AFB
Simmons, Charles D—Bergstrom AFB Grand Forks AFB
Simmons, Ronald E—Walker AFB
Simms, Colin—Dow AFB
Simms, John W —Davis-Monthan aFB
Simons, John G.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Simons, Kenneth—Griffiss AFB
Simpson, Andrew B—Beale AFB
Sinclair, J.G.—Loring AFB
Singer, Richard G—Loringt AFB
Singley,J oseph—Altus AFB
Sinnock, Larry—Loring AFB
Sitton, Jim—Homestead AFB
Sivley, Larry E—Blytheville AFB
Skilling, ike—Mather AFB
Slaughter,Henry L—Barksdale AFB
Sloan,Robert—Griffiss AFB
Sluber,James—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Small,Lee T—Eglin AFB
Small,Otis M—Eglin AFB
Smart,Steven R—Griffiss AFB
Smathers,David—Seymour Johnson AFB
Smealy,Paul E—Loring AFB
Smekal,Dale—Grand Forks AFB (70- )
Smiley,Norman D—Bergstrom AFB
Smith, B.C.—Loring AFB
Smith, Bob - Davis-Monthan AFB
Smith, Charles D—Turner AFB
Smith, Charles F.—Ramey AFB
Smith, Chester H—Blytheville AFB
Smith, Daneil L—Kincheloe AFB
Smith, Darryl—
Smith, David C—Mather AFB
Smith, Dean—K.I. Sawyer AFB (72-75)
Smith, Delmer P—
Smith, Edwin B—Bergstrom AFB
Smith, Frank D—Walker AFB
Smith, Gary—Kincheloe AFB
Smith, Geoffrey --Davis-Monthan AFB
Smith, H.K.—McCoy AFB
Smith, James J.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Smith, Jessie—Altus AFB
Smith, Joseph M—Robins AFB
Smith, Kenneth—Beale AFB
Smith, Larry—Fairchild AFB
Smith, Leon S—Fairchild AFB Homestead AFB
Smith, Lloyd E—Bergstrom AFB
Smith, Mark—Ramey AFB
Smith, Merlin E—Bergstrom AFB
Smith, Randall—
Smith, Richard M.—Dow AFB Seymour Johnson AFB Turner AFB
Smith, Robert D.—Mather AFB
Smith, Robert M—Griffiss AFB
Smith, Ronald D—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Smith, Ronald E—Beale AFB
Smith, Ronald P—Columbus AFB
Smith, Ronald T—Ramey AFB
Smith, Stanley V—Homestead AFB
Smith, Terry D. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Smith, Tom—Griffiss AFB
Smith, Vincent --Davis-Monthan AFB
Smith, William F—Travis AFB
Smith, William R—Dow AFB
Snell,Gary W—Blytheville AFB
Snider,Eldon M—Columbus AFB Loring AFB
Snodgrass, Melvin W—Griffiss AFB
Snyder, Glenn L.—Loring AFB
Snyder, Jery L—Loring AFB
Sobczyk, Gerald—Barksdale AFB
Socha, A.J.—McCoy AFB
Sohn, Charles D—Grand Forks AFB
Sohn, Gary L—Altus AFB (64-67)
Sohn, John—Beale AFB (73- )
Solano, Joseph F—Kincheloe AFB
Solberg, Linden F.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Solomon, Keith—Fairchild AFB
Somers, K.K.—McCoy AFB
Sonnie, Raymond E—Wurtsmith AFB
Sonnter, Jimmy - Davis-Monthan AFB
Sorenson, Eugene E. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Sorenson, Otto M—Turner AFB
Sorrels, Earl F—Mather AFB Walker AFB Beale AFB
Sotelo, Arnold—Bergstrom AFB
Sova, L.G.—McCoy AFB
Sowers, Arlo K—Bergstrom AFB
Spanbauer, J.R.—Altus AFB
Spangler, Glenn E—Ellsworth AFB
Spann, William C—
Sparks, Floyd W—Loring AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Sparks, Jack H—Robins AFB
Spataro, James A—Griffiss AFB
Spears, Daryl—Ellsworth AFB
Spence, Daniel E—Beale AFB
Spencer, Gerald H—Kincheloe AFB
Spencer, Maurice B—Beale AFB Kincheloe AFB
Spenser, H.H.—Grand Forks AFB
Spero, Richard—K.I.Sawyer AFB
Spiga, Edward A—Kincheloe AFB
Spillman, Robert—Kincheloe AFB
Spisak, Kenneth J—Chanute AFB - Instructor (61-65)
Spooner, William—Minot AFB
Sprawls, William—Altus AFB
Spurlock, Richard B—Eglin AFB Dow AFB
Squires, Thomas H—Fairchild AFB
St George, Aaron N—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Stacey, Marshall—Barksdale AFB
Stacey, Morris R—Barksdale AFB
Stack, Gary--Minot AFB
Stankiewicz,J ose A—Walker AFB
Stankiewicz, Joseph—Fairchild AFB
Stanley, B.M.—Barksdale AFB
Stansell, Conally R—Eglin AFB
Stauffer, N.L.—Altus AFB
Stauffer, Richard G.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Staunton, Michael A—Beale AFB
Steagall, Rodney K—Dow AFB
Stecher, William H.—Beale AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Steen, C.L.—McCoy AFB
Steigerwalt, Franklin A.—Loring AFB
Stelljis, Lloyd—Altus AFB
Stempinski, John M—Grand Forks AFB
Stephens,Jerry N—Walker AFB
Stephens,John R—Turner AFB
Stephens,R—Grand Forks AFB
Stephenson,David H.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Stephenson,Jerry—Robins AFB
Stephenson,Kenneth E—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Stevens,J.R.—Altus AFB
Stevens,P.C.—Altus AFB
Stevens,Tim—Beale AFB (73- )
Stewart,C.O.—Mather AFB
Stewart,John R—Blytheville AFB
Stewart,Keith—Altus AFB
Stewart, M. J. “Red” --Davis-Monthan AFB
Stewart,W.B.—Wright Patterson AFB
Stewart,William C—Griffiss AFB Beale AFB
Stewert,George—Ramey AFB
Stidham,Jerry R—Blytheville AFB
Stieber, Phil - Davis-Monthan AFB
Stiffler,Donald R—Minot AFB Ramey AFB
Still,Clinton B—Robins AFB
Stillman,Robert L—Kincheloe AFB
Stoehr,Andrew J—Dow AFB
Stoffel, John R. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Stokes,Clifton—Mather AFB
Stone,A.G.—McCoy AFB
Stone,Charles—Ramey AFB
Stone,James G—Barksdale AFB
Storer, --Davis-Monthan AFB
Storm.John E.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Story,James L—Blytheville AFB
Stotts,Charlres O—Mather AFB
Stoudt,William P—Griffiss AFB
Stower,William E—Dow AFB
Strachan,John T—Blytheville AFB
Strait,Keith—Dow AFB
Streeter, Davis W. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Strehlow,Freddie E—Minot AFB
Strickland,Russel D—Ellsworth AFB Blytheville AFB
Strickland,Thurman B—Dow AFB
Strickland,Willie E—
Stripling,Gerald D—Bergstrom AFB
Strobush,Earl—Clinton Sherman AFB Eglin AFB
Strong,Edward W—Dow AFB
Strong,Robert D—Blytheville AFB Kincheloe AFB
Stroud,Dale—Turner AFB
Stroud,Harold—Grand Forks AFB
Strunk,Randolph—Grand Forks AFB
Stubbs,Leonard G—Wurtsmith AFB
Stuber,John—Kincheloe AFB
Stutzman,Paul—Blytheville AFB Eglin AFB
Sukkinnik,David A—Dow AFB
Sullivan, George C—Blytheville AFB
Sullivan, Elmer Lee—Davis-Monthan AFB
Sullivan,Michael P—Griffiss AFB
Summerfield,Steve—Wurtsmith AFB Ramey AFB
Summers,David L—Barksdale AFB Ramey AFB
Summers,G.L.—Barksdale AFB
Summers,Ronald A—Beale AFB
Sunde,Howard R—Grand Forks AFB
Superack,Pete—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Surles,J.M.—Grand Forks AFB
Suter,Robert W—Robins AFB
Sutton,Kenneth W—Loring AFB
Sutton,Michael—Bergstrom AFB
Sutton,Robert L—Loring AFB
Sutton,Ronald D—Beale AFB
Swaim,Levi—Beale AFB
Swan,Virgil W—K.I. Sawyer AFB Barksdale AFB
Swartz,K.W.—Wright Patterson AFB
Sweat,Ellery—Ramey AFB
Swingle,Donald O—Minot AFB
Sworder,James—Ramey AFB
Sylvester,Richard L.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Symal, Gerald J. ---K. I. Sawer AFB
Tabor,Carroll D.—Wurtsmith AFB
Taggard,Harvey—Altus AFB
Takahashi,Dalton R—Griffiss AFB
Tallman,T.C.—Homestead AFB
Tanioka,Harry Y—
Tapp,Robert E.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Tascano, Ernie --Davis-Monthan AFB
Tate, James T—Eglin AFB,  Davis-Monthan AFB
Tatum,Charles A—Travis AFB Minot AFB
Taylor,Elwood E.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Taylor,Frank W—Barksdale AFB
Taylor,Kenneth L—Griffiss AFB Blytheville AFB
Taylor,Luther K—Travis AFB
Taylor,Norman—Altus AFB Chanute AFB - Instructor
Taylor,Orval R—Kincheloe AFB
Teager,Allen J—Griffiss AFB
Teague,K.L.—Loring AFB
Teaty,Thomas W—Loring AFB
Tedford,Jimmy R—Eglin AFB
Teel,Thomas A—
Teeters,Wayne—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Teichman,Gary A—Kincheloe AFB
Temple,W,F.—Loring AFB
Ten Cate,Cecil B—Ellsworth AFB
Tenney,L.E.—Columbus AFB
Tenny,William F—Loring AFB
Terry,James—Barksdale AFB
Terry,William—Blytheville AFB Loring AFB
Chanute AFB - Instructor
Tew,Otho E—Griffiss AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Thiemet,Walt—Grand Forks AFB
Thoden,Avery—Barksdale AFB
Thoemmes,Gary—Ellsworth AFB
Thomas,Alex—Kincheloe AFB
Thomas,Bruce—Wurtsmith AFB
Thomas,Calvin D—Clinton Sherman AFB
Thomas,Edward—Ramey AFB
Thomas,Robert A—Clinton Sherman AFB Grand Forks AFB
Thomas, Robert J. -- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Thomas,Roger E—Grand Forks AFB
Thomas,Ronald L.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Thomas,Sharron E—Blytheville AFB
Thomas,W.R.—Homestead AFB
Thomason,Franklin W—Griffiss AFB
Thompson,C.A.—Wright Patterson AFB
Thompson,Chester—Blytheville AFB
Thompson,Don—Ramey AFB
Thompson,Elwin A—Dow AFB
Thompson,Greg—Kincheloe AFB
Thompson,John C—Griffiss AFB KI Sawyer AFB Robins AFB
Thompson,John S—Bergstrom AFB
Thompson,Kim R—Beale AFB
Thompson,Vernon B—Loring AFB
Thomsen,Gregory L—Kincheloe AFB
Thoren,William T.—Loring AFB
Thorne,H.D.—Barksdale AFB
Thorne,Richard D—Barksdale AFB
Thornton,Julian L—Beale AFB
Thornton,Raymond O—Beale AFB
Thurber,Vance—Mather AFB
Tibbetts,Wayne E—Griffiss AFB Loring AFB Kincheloe AFB
Tidwell,J.H.—Altus AFB
Tiegs,Peter A—Beale AFB
Tighe,Scott—Blytheville AFB
Timlake,Johnny W—Dow AFB
Timmerman,M.—Walker AFB
Tinder, Sherman - Davis-Monthan AFB
Tipton,Harold—Altus AFB Minot AFB
Tipton,Joseph D—Grand Forks AFB
Titcombe,Daneil L—Kincheloe AFB
Tobin, Pat - Davis-Monthan AFB
Todd, Jack—Travis AFB
Todd, R. L. --Davis-Monthan AFB
Todisco, Michael—Beale AFB
Tofel,Richard W—Loring AFB
Tolbert,Carl W—Ellsworth AFB Blytheville AFB
Tompkins,Lawrence M—Loring AFB
Tomulcheski,Wally—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Torres,Anthony—Ramey AFB
Torres,Joe—Minot AFB
Totty,Herbert—Griffiss AFB
Townley, Steven R.----Grand Forks AFB
Towns, Michael--Minot AFB
Townsend,T.A.—Wright Patterson AFB
Trambley,Thomas A—Minot AFB
Traughber,Clarence L—Turner AFB
Trayler, M.T.—Barksdale AFB
Trease, David C—Blytheville AFB
Treherne, Joseph--Minot AFB
Treichel, Gary D—Dow AFB Mather AFB
Trembley,J oseph P.D.—
Trevino, J.L.—Wright Patterson AFB
Trevino, Jose—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Trezepla, Ed—Seymour Johnson AFB
Trombley, Harry L—Loring AFB
Trott, Leroy F—Bergstrom AFB
Troutman, Adri D—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Troxell, John—
Truelove, Jim - Davis-Monthan AFB
Truelove, Mike --Davis-Monthan AFB
Truit, Jerry - Davis-Monthan AFB
Trull, Harold C—Kincheloe AFB
Truman, Charles—Fairchild AFB
Truman, Ralph R—Griffiss AFB
Trzaska, Felix—Mather AFB
Tubbs, Frederick M. --Davis-Monthan AFB
Tucker, Keith—Beale AFB
Turk, Robert S—Barksdale AFB
Turner, Allen H—Minot AFB
Turner, M.T.—Altus AFB
Turner, Richard C—Dow AFB (62-64)
Turner, W.T.—Wright Patterson AFB
Tutaj, Ronald R. ---- K. I. Sawyer AFB
Tuttle, James W—Barksdale AFB
Twaddle, William—Eglin AFB
Tyler, Donald R—Ellsworth AFB
Tyler,J ames P—Robins AFB
Tyler, W.F.—Homestead AFB
Ulrich, Fredrick, E—Kincheloe AFB
Ulrich, William H—Loring AFB
Underwood, Jack D—Griffiss AFB
Urch, Harold—Eglin AFB
Urdahl, Robert L—Barksdale AFB Fairchild AFB Ramey AFB
Urgahl, R.—Barksdale AFB
Urquhart, Kenneth C—Bergstrom AFB
Utter Jr., Oakley E. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Vail,J .P.—Mather AFB
Van Gorder, Dale—Wurtsmith AFB
Van Horn, Gary - Davis-Monthan AFB
Van Meter, George—Wright Patterson AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB
Vanalst, Robert L—Eglin AFB
Vanderpool, George—Clinton Sherman AFB Ramey AFB
VanDixon, Philip D—Chanute AFB - Instructor (61-65)
Vanevehoven,C.R.—Altus AFB
Vangilder,Rodney G—Travis AFB
Vannucci,P.M.—McCoy AFB
VantineWayne—Minot AFB
Varga,Robert—Ramey AFB
Vasquez,J.—Walker AFB
Vaughn,H.H.—Grand Forks AFB
Vaughn,Richard—Blytheville AFB
Vaught,Charles J.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Veheyen,David L—Loring AFB
Vasquesz, Lous “Skip” - Davis-Monthan AFB
Velayas,Michael E—Ramey AFB
Verboon,William D—Beale AFB
Veres, Andy----Grand Forks AFB
Verheyen,D.L.—Loring AFB
Vernon,William E—Minot AFB
Viator,Harry J—Ellsworth AFB
Vick,Harry—Fairchild AFB
Vigrass,Roger P—Robins AFB
Vigue, Bruce F—Loring AFB
Villard, Jesse—Altus AFB
Villarreal, Larry—
Visser, Harold R—Eglin AFB Grand Forks AFB
Vocke, John L—Kincheloe AFB
Vogt, Gene - Davis-Monthan AFB
Von Schipman, William J—Columbus AFB
Voortheis, Wilber J—Loring AFB
Voss, Carl—Bergstrom AFB
Voss, Fred—Robins AFB
Vroman, David P—
Wade, Paul R—Loring AFB
Wade, Shirley J—Dow AFB Grand Forks AFB
Wade, Terrell G—Minot AFB
Wade, William J—Mather AFB
Wadman, Thomas—Loring AFB
Wadsworth, D.C.—McCoy AFB
Waggoner, Carol R—Mather AFB
Waggoner,Robert J—Clinton Sherman AFB
Wagner,Cecil—Loring AFB
Wagner, Frank—Fairchild AFB Davis-Monthan AFB
Wagner, L.J.—McCoy AFB
Wagner, Phillip J. --Grand Forks AFB
Wagner, Richard J—
Wagner, Wayne F—Minot AFB Mc Coy AFB
Wagoner, Francis—Fairchild AFB
Wahle, D.J.—Wright Patterson AFB
Walczak, J—McCoy AFB
Walker, Billy G—Barksdale AFB Fairchild AFB
Walker, Kermit—Fairchild AFB
Walker, Steve A—
Walker, Thomas J.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Walker, W.L.—Grand Forks AFB
Wall, Samuel A—
Wallace, Alan K.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Wallace, C.E.—Wright Patterson AFB
Wallace, Eugene—Dow AFB
Wallace, Frank J—Griffiss AFB Altus AFB Ellsworth AFB
Wallace, Isaac—Griffiss AFB
Wallace, John R—Griffiss AFB
Wallace, Lorn A. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wallace, Randall - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wallace, Thomas—Kincheloe AFB
Wallace, William G—Blytheville AFB
Wallander, Raymond A—Chanute AFB - Instructor
Walley, Glennon L—Blytheville AFB Fairchild AFB
Walter, W.R.—Barksdale AFB
Walters, Tom—Eglin AFB (61-63)
Walters, Virgil—Minot AFB
Waltz, Mark W—Kincheloe AFB
Walvoord, Andrew J—Loring AFB
Wandzel, Carl R—Beale AFB
Ward, Ethredge H—Dow AFB
Ward, Francis D—Minot AFB
Ware, Raymond O—Eglin AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Warmack, Hardy C—Eglin AFB (62-64)
Warren, James C—Columbus AFB
Warren, Steven—Fairchild AFB
Washer, William L—Beale AFB
Washington, Ernest W—Bergstrom AFB, Seymour Johnson AFB, Turner AFB
Watkins, Kenneth A—Eglin AFB Minot AFB
Watson, David D—
Watson, Dirk—Blytheville AFB (72-75)
Watterson, C.A.—Homestead AFB
Watts, Robert—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Weaver, L.L.—Loring AFB
Weaver,  Daniel J.---Grand Forks AFB
Weaver, W.D.—Homestead AFB
Webb, C.—Wright Patterson AFB
Webb, Charles W—
Webb, Harold W—Bergstrom AFB
Webb, Leroy—Loring AFB
Webb,  Olin --Davis-Monthan AFB
Webb,R.—Loring AFB
Webbster, Steve—Loring AFB (70- )
Weber, James D—Clinton Sherman AFB
Weber, William H—Beale AFB
Webster, Dennis—Seymour Johnson AFB
Webster, Lorenzo - Davis-Monthan AFB
Weck, Werner - Davis-Monthan AFB
Weihe, Robert W—Kincheloe AFB
Weiss, Leonard G—
Welch, Bill—Clinton Sherman AFB
Welch, Hugh - Davis-Monthan AFB
Welch, Raymond—Mather AFB
Wells, Brian—Clinton Sherman AFB
Wells, Kenny - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wells, Ronald W—
Wells, Wilber - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wells, William C—Ellsworth AFB
Welsh,Jim—Fairchild AFB
Welsh,Raymond—Ramey AFB Chanute AFB - Instructor
Welshimer,D.C.—McCoy AFB
Wenberg,James O—Loring AFB
Werchan,Kenneth R—Loring AFB
Wert,B.R.—Wurtsmith AFB
Wertepny,M.W.—Loring AFB
Werth,Donley A—Seymour Johnson AFB Ellsworth AFB
Werthmann,James A—Beale AFB
Wesley,M.T.—McCoy AFB
Wessinger, Larry --Davis-Monthan AFB
Wester,Bruce E—Turner AFB
Wester,John W—Bergstrom AFB
Wetzes,William J—Eglin AFB
Whalen,Kenneth—Fairchild AFB
Wheeler,J.L.—Grand Forks AFB
Wheeler,James W—Blytheville AFB
Wheeler,Otis K—Minot AFB
Wheless,S—Walker AFB
Whipkey,Emil E—Blytheville AFB
Whipps,Gary M—Beale AFB
Whitacker, Curtis ---- Travis AFB
Whitaker,Harold G—Turner AFB
Whitaker,William S.—Minot AFB
Whitcomb,Art J.—Wurtsmith AFB
White,Charles—Homestead AFB
White,Daniel M—Clinton Sherman AFB
White,Daniel R—Ellsworth AFB Wurtsmith AFB
White,Edward—Fairchild AFB
White,G.L.—McCoy AFB
White,Gary W—Blytheville AFB
White,Harry—Fairchild AFB
White,Joe W—Kincheloe AFB
White,Luther L—Beale AFB
White, Todd R.—Seymour Johnson AFB
White, Wayne—Altus AFB
Whitehead, Marion E—Blytheville AFB
Whitehead, Stuart L.—Minot AFB
Whiteman, William—Griffiss AFB
Whiting, Gary R—Griffiss AFB
Whiting, Ivan N—Beale AFB Ramey AFB
Whiting, Lionel—Beale AFB
Whitley, William R—Bergstrom AFB
Whittaker, C.A.—Homestead AFB
Whittaker, Candis---Travis AFB
Whitten, George A—Blytheville AFB
Whittington, William P—Beale AFB
Wigley, Mike - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wiggs, James—Columbus AFB
Wilbert, L.E.—Wright Patterson AFB
Wilcox, Robert W. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wilde, Charles A—Dow AFB
Wilder, Mike—K. I. Sawyer AFB (72-75)
Wilder, Robert H—Dow AFB
Wiley, Walter—Clinton Sherman AFB
Wilheimi, Francis - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wilkerson, Russell W—Ellsworth AFB
Wilkerson, William D—Turner AFB
Wilkie, A.E.—Barksdale AFB
Wilkie, Gordon—
Wilkins, Larry (Butch) - Davis-Monthan AFB
Willaford, Feliz D—Walker AFB
Willert, Allen—Wurtsmith AFB
Willett, H.R.—Barksdale AFB
Willette, Loress J—Kincheloe AFB
Williams, Albert D—Beale AFB
Williams, Alderd E—Dow AFB
Williams, Dale E—Eglin AFB
Williams, Edward—Fairchild AFB
Williams, Felix—Griffiss AFB Kincheloe AFB
Williams, Gary L.—Loring AFB
Williams, Granville K—Griffiss AFB
Williams, J.J.—Homestead AFB
Williams, James—Fairchild AFB
Williams, James O—Walker AFB
Williams, Jesse—Griffiss AFB
Williams, Jim - Davis-Monthan AFB
Williams, Paul D—Walker AFB
Williams, Roger—Minot AFB
Williams, Wayne—
Williams, William T—Loring AFB
Williamson, William D—Dow AFB
Willis, Benjamin E.—Mather AFB
Willis, Herbert D—Dow AFB
Willis, John R—Ellsworth AFB
Willis, Norman L—Dow AFB
Wilson, David R—
Wilson, Gary—
Wilson, James E—Walker AFB
Wilson, Lowell R—Columbus AFB
Wilson, Raymond—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Wilson, Reagan—Ellsworth AFB Ramey AFB
Wilson, Robert N—Grand Forks AFB
Wilson, Verl W—K.I. Sawyer AFB McCoy AFB
Wilson, William L—
Wilson, William X—Columbus AFB
Winders, Kenneth W.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Wineburg, Gene --Davis-Monthan AFB
Wingle, Earl F.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Wingo, Keith—Grand Forks AFB
Winkebauer, James J—Blytheville AFB
Winkles, Fredie R—Dow AFB
Winston, Lehman—Walker AFB
Winter, Tommy H—Walker AFB
Winters, Jan H.—Blytheville AFB
Wise, Larry R—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Wisely, Dick --Davis-Monthan AFB
Wisler, Ralph E. -- K. I. Sawer AFB
Wisman,Keith A—Blytheville AFB
Withers,Harrison C. Jr.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Witt,Donald E—Minot AFB
Wittmeyer,Roger—Fairchild AFB
WolanskiLawrence L—Columbus AFB
Wolf,Robert—Blytheville AFB (72-75)
Wolfe,David—Ellsworth AFB
Wolfe,W.C.—McCoy AFB
Wolffe,H.D.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Wolfson,John—Dow AFB
Wood, B. H. --Davis-Monthan AFB
Wood. Charles H.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Wood, James L—Dow AFB
Wood, Ron (Kemow) - Davis-Monthan AFB
Wood, Thomas V—Columbus AFB
Woodland,Robert T—Altus AFB (62-63)
Woodstock, John R. “Bob” --Davis-Monthan AFB
Woods,Denis J—Loring AFB
Wooton,Charles W—Ramey AFB Seymour Johnson AFB
Worell,Robert F—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Work,Richard L—Dow AFB
Wormser,Walter—Barksdale AFB
Worrell,Bob—Griffiss AFB
Worsley,H.L.—McCoy AFB
Worthy,Charles D—Fairchild AFB
Wright,David L—Loring AFB
Wright,Joseph L—Dow AFB
Wright,Leman W—Griffiss AFB
Wright,Richard I—Kincheloe AFB
Wright,Wilburn—Altus AFB
Wroten,William W—Dow AFB
Wruck,Gary P—Homestead AFB
Wuebker,Harold J—Kincheloe AFB
Wyckoff,John D.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Yeager,David—Homestead AFB
Yeager,John A—
Yeargan,J.D.—Minot AFB
Yee, Arnold--Minot AFB
Yocco,Lou—Kincheloe AFB
Young, Alfred W—Fairchild AFB Loring AFB
Young, George L—Beale AFB Ramey AFB
Young, James “JIm” - Davis-Monthan AFB
Young, John A—Robins AFB
Young, Johnnie—Altus AFB
Young, Larry D. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Young, Oneal—K.I. Sawyer AFB
Young, Robert H—Clinton Sherman AFB (61-64) Beale AFB (65- )
Youngs, Lloyd—Griffiss AFB
Yungkirth, Howard --Davis-Monthan AFB
Zalenski, Raymond F.---Loring AFB
Zamora, Salvador—Blytheville AFB
Zeigler,Timothy—Barksdale AFB
Zeitlman,Edward F—Mather AFB
ZelinskiRaymond—Loring AFB
Zell,Charles—Barksdale AFB
Zepeda,Fernando—Minot AFB
Zettle,Elmer E—Kincheloe AFB
Zetty,James P—Bergstrom AFB
Zietlow,Daniel R—
Zilich,Jeff—Ellsworth AFB
Zillmer,Kenneth E—Travis AFB
Zimmerman,E.—Walker AFB
Zimmerman,Richard J—Walker AFB
Zimmerman, William J. - Davis-Monthan AFB
Zinn,Robert T.—Seymour Johnson AFB
Zirkle,D.R.—Wright Patterson AFB
Zurawski,Milton E—Loring AFB



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