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AMMS History

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In The Beginning There Were 28 and Then There Were None.

1956 - Jan 18, 1956 - Headquarters USAF, issues General Operational Requirement  (GOR) -139 for a short range air launched decoy missile designed to simulate a B52 on enemy radar screens. The missile was later designated the ADM-20 Quail Missle Quail.

Feb 1, 1956 - Air Material Command selected McDonnell Aircraft as the prime contractor for the Quail.

1957 - Aug 23, 1957 - Headquarters USAF, awarded North American Aviation, a development contract for the Hound Dog air to surface missile.

1958 - Flight trials of the XGAM-72 began in Nov 1958. The first successful powered  flight of a GAM-72 lasted 14 minutes and covered 103 miles, in Aug 1958

A contract for production was awarded to McDonnell on December 31, 1958. 

1959 - Apr 23, 1959 - A B52 launch the first flight test of a prototype Hound Dog missile at Eglin AFB, Fl.

Dec 21, 1959 - General Thomas Power, Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command accepted the first production Hound Dog Missile at the North American Aviation's Downey, California Plant.

The first Hound Dog-equipped B-52G unit was the 4135th Strategic Wing, based at Eglin AFB in Florida. This unit first deployed in December of 1959

1960 - The Quail system was retrofitted in 1960 on the B-52E through G and was subsequently added to the B-52H

Feb 27, 1960 - The first Quails began to join the 4135th Strategic Wing at Eglin AFB.

Feb 29, 1960 - SAC launched its first Hound Dog missile.

April 11, 1960 - A B-52 took off from Eglin AFB, Fl carrying two operational Hound Dogs, turned around and flew back to Florida where one of the missiles was launched over the Atlantic Missile Range.

Jun 8, 1960 - First SAC Launch of a Quail missile at the Eglin Gulf Test Range

Sep 13, 1960 - First production Quail missile is delivered to the 4135th Strategic Wing at Eglin AFB, Fl.

Feb 1, 1961 - One squadron of the the B52G equipped 4135th Strategic Wing at Eglin AFB, is declared Operational with the Quail missile, by SAC Headquarters.  This is the first B52 unit to obtain this status.

The AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile B, an advanced version of the AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile A, first flew in May 1961. It  incorporated an improved Flight Control system using Terrain Following equipment and had greater range. 

The first launch of a AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile from White Sands Missile Range was June 1961.  (There were a total of 17 launch's between 1961 and 1967.)

Aug 25,1961 - The first Hound Dog missile was delivered to Beale AFB, California.  It was mated to a B-52 on 02 September 1961.

Dec 8, 1961 - Combat Evaluation Launches begin at Eglin AFB, Fl, by elements of the B52G equipped 4241st Strategic Wing at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

1962 - Jan 1, 1962 - For the first time, elements of the 42nd and 97th Bombardment  Wings and the 4038th, 4039th, and the 4241st Strategic Wings carried Quail missiles on Strategic Airborne Alert (Chrome Dome) missions.

42nd Bombardment Wing Loring AFB, Maine
97th Bombardment Wing Blytheville AFB, Arkansas
4038th Strategic Wing Dow AFB, Maine
4039th Strategic Wing Griffiss AFB, New York
4241st Strategic Wing Seymour - Johnson AFB, NC

Jan 9, 1962 - Under Operation JETBLACK, the first SAC Combat Evaluation Launch of a GAM-77 Hound Dog missile was made. A B-52G crew from the 4126th Strategic Wing, Beale AFB, California launched the missile down the Atlantic Missile Range. The missile flew 607 nautical miles and impacted
a target down range.

Jan 17, 1962 - The 4038th Strategic Wing at Dow AFB, Maine, with its B-52Gs, became the first SAC unit to carry Hound Dog missiles on Strategic Airborne Alert (Chrome Dome) missions.

May 28, 1962 - McDonnell Aircraft delivered the last Quail missile to the Strategic Air Command.

1963 - Feb 18, 1963 - The first attempted dual launch of Hound Dog missiles in the Atlantic Missile Range was successful.

Mar 28, 1963 - North American Aviation completed the last production  Hound Dog missile.

1965 - The last launch of a AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile over the Atlantic Test Range was Aug 30, 1965. There were a total of 77 launch's from 1959 thru 1965.

1967 - The Hound Dog rapidly became obsolete in the face of technological advances, the weapon being gradually withdrawn from service beginning in 1967

1970 - "Old Rover II" launch's were conducted using Alert missiles from several Wings.

1971 - Last Launch from White Sands Test Range of a AGM-28 Hound Dog MissileB was on Mar 25, 1971.  S/N 62-0139 from Robins AFB.

1972 - Jul 13, 1972 The last Quail operational test was flown at the Eglin AFB water test area

1973 - Jul 24, 1973 - The last Hound Dog operational test was flown at the Eglin AFB water test area.

1975 - After thirteen years of Alert Duty in the Strategic Air Command, the last Hound Dog missile was removed from Alert Status on Jun 30, 1975.

Note: 416th BW did not complete weapons package changeover until after 1800Z  on Jul 1 due to a unscheduled aircraft change over - HQ SAC refused to reconfigure the remaining aircraft until the change over was complete, last B52G  on Alert with AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile's at Griffiss was B52G 59-2585 (RME Alert Sortie 5).

1978 - Jun 15, 1978 - The 42d Bombardment Wing, Loring AFB, Maine, destroyed the last Hound Dog missile and removed it from the SAC inventory.

The last Quail missile came off alert on Jun 30, 1978 and the Quail was eliminated from SAC's missile inventory by mid-December.

If anyone knows of any pertinent History Facts that should be included please contact me.  Click Here!

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