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AMMS Squadron Association


President - Tom Hudson
Vice President - Bob Balient
Secretary/Treasurer - Jack McGaunn



Executive Board

Bob Balint, Stoystown, PA
John DeSousa, Montauk, NY
 Tom Dillon, Pensacola, FL
Bill Shanahan, Modesto, CA
 Bob Salzman, Cabot, Ark.



Adopted 11-30-04
The Association existing under these Bylaws is to be known as


ARTICLE I-Management

Section 1
The governing and management of the association is entrusted to an executive board comprised offive (5) members and known as the EXECUTIVE BOARD.

Section 2
The EXECUTIVE BOARD shall make decisions for the good of the Association with final approvalresting with the President and or the Vice President.

Section 3
Any vacancy of the EXECUTIVE BOARD that occurs from any cause other than the expiration of their term shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining Board members. Any member of the Association in good standing can be selected to be a replacement for such vacancy. This position will be held for the unexpired term of the member replaced.

Section 4
Because of the nature of the Executive Board, meaning that the members are spread out throughout the country, decisions of the Board will be decided by use of the internet, the results being conveyed to the President and the Vice President.

Section 5
The Board will insure that the ASSOCIATION Sect/Treasurer be bonded as that person will be responsible for controlling all funds and the issuance of checks that support all functions. Generally the BOARD shall have charge of and be responsible for the affairs of the ASSOCIATION

ARTICLE II-Duties of officers

Section 1
Duties of the President.
The President shall have general supervision over the business and affairs of the ASSOCIATION. The President shall approve all disbursements of funds and insure the Sect/Treasurer maintains a report that will be read at the Bi-Annual reunion.

Section 2
Duties Of the Vice President
The Vice President shall assume and discharge the duties of the office of the President in the absence of or disability of, or when called upon by the President.

Section 3
Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer.
The Secretary/Treasurer shall have charge of all finances and see that all funds are deposited in a banking institution offering FDIC protection. A semi annual accounting of such funds will be made available to all members present at the bi-annual reunions or at any time the President, Vice President or the Executive Board so wishes. The Sect/Treas can recommend as may be deemed necessary ways to raise funds with which to carry out activities or projects. These recommendations will be reviewed by the EXECUTIVE
BOARD. The Sect/Treas will sign all checks disbursing the monies of the ASSOCIATION and shall furnish such surity bonds in such a sum determined by Executive Board. In the event this person cannot sign checks, this responsibility will fall on the Vice President.

Section 4
Duties of the Chaplain. The Chaplain will be charged with the spiritual welfare of the ASSOCIATION andoffer nonsectarian service to any member if needed and to open and close bi-annual reunions, if available.

ARTICLE III -Terms of office

Section 1 President
The President will serve a period of four (4) years

Section 2
Vice President
The Vice President will serve a period of four (4) years

Section 3
The Secretary/Treasurer will serve a period of four (4) years

Section 4 Chaplain
The Chaplain will serve a period of four (4) years

Section 5
Executive Board
Members of the Executive Board will serve a period of four (4) years

ARTICLE IV-Elections

Section 1
Elections for new officers will be held at each bi annual reunion (every 4 years) at a meeting attended by all or as many as possible, ASSOCIATION members present. These elections will be held at 10 AM of the second day of the reunion and will be so listed in the reunion schedule of events.



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