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Student Memories

The 3348th Squadron Orderly Room

58th Muster Roll Call Area
Robert Mohler - The Standard Bearer
Courtesy of: Robert Roeske

3359th HQ Building
Courtesy of: Bill Meredith

3359th Student Barracks
Courtesy of: Bill Meredith

Remember marching to school?

Remember those “feather soft” bunk beds?

Todd Laydon studying

Bruce Dorsey and Ralph Francis
looking for Trouble.

Walter Brown showing off New Stripes at Graduation

The Ropes of Chanute
L-R C. Fitzpatrick, S. Webster, M. Ley,
D. Brilhardt, K. Snyder, T. Laydon and J. Payeur.

Who Remembers Using This ?

Brilhardt and Ryan
Pick two cards none of this one card stuff.
Laydon and Ley
They thought it might be time to clean their room.
Capell's travelling VW

Todd Laydon at the
3358th Podium

Henry Wojciechowski
Standing Tall

Who is this
World War II Hero?

Steve Boehm's Memories of the 3348th


Do You Remember This ?
Bob Lindsay does.....

ChanuteinFlt_180x180With the Squadron area being lined up with the runway to the west, it made for some interesting moments during takeoffs and landings.  During the hot summer months when the air was thick and not providing much lift and they were taking off to the west, sometimes it appeared they would blow the shingles off the roof. When the wind shifted and we were in the landing pattern, many a night I woke with landing lights coming through the upper bay window into my face and wondered if they were going to cut through the upper bay on their way to the runway!


TarrandF86_240x180Owen Tarr standing by one of Chanutes F-86D's

One Large Pepperoni Please !
By Arden Elliott

Last nite I had a flashback to 1970 at Chanute.  What stood out in my mind
were the guys who came by the barracks in the evening selling small pizzas
and soda.  Most were instructors trying to make a few extra bucks.  If I recall correctly, they would come to each floor and yell-out "Pizza - Pop",hence their name the Pizza - Pop guys.

 I also remember tying a rope on a soda I hadn't drank and hung it out the window on a particularly brisk (Goddamn 20 below zero) day.  It froze and broke the bottle in under 10 minutes (or so it seemed). 

In my case, once you got your seat in school, you got moved into the new cinder block barracks and out of the WWII (or was that WWI) wooden barracks that had no insulation and little or no heat.

Maybe this will jar a few memories from the second generation hounddoggers.

"The Case of the Missing Mustang"
Or "Retribution Isn't Pretty"
By: David Matthews

The 3348th moved from the boondocks to the complex surrounding the airman' club (Chevron) in October of 1964.  We 'owned' the P-51 on static display next to the BX and commissary.  One Saturday morning that winter we were all rousted out of the barracks to 'find' our P-51.  Turns out our rivals in the 3360th (ground power school) had moved the plane over to the rec center parking lot, and we had to move it back.  Since we were such a small squadron, and the tires were basically flat, it was a hell of a job to move the Mustang back where it belonged.  For the next few weeks, when the 3360th C-shift marched past our barracks they could never stay in step from all of the multiple cadences and commands coming from our barracks windows...

From The Files of Jim Noll

Does 1960 Ring a Bell?


3349th Training Squadron Bldg

Troops marching in from school

Mail Call

Company Street

Student Barracks

A Basic Electronics Quiz

Jim Ferstl is still trying to teach us something.
If you don't know the answers you can blame him at:

Because I am the Command Historian here at the Defense Information Systems Agency, Washington, D.C., I often find myself digging around our archival holdings.  I was recently surprised to find an ancient Army TM 11-690: "Basic Theory and Application of Transistors" dated March 1959.  Just the thought of the TM 11-690 for most of us would bring flashbacks of our trying days in basic electronics training at Chanute AFB. 

    So with the TM-11-690 well in hand, I did what any an old instructor would do...wrote up a quiz: just couldn't help myself!  So give it a'll bring back memories.  And remember, as usual, we are looking for the BEST answer!

1.  An NPN transistor is composed of how many semiconductor crystals?
     a.  1.
     b.  2.
     c.  3.
     d.  it depends.

2.  The depletion region across a junction under forward bias, as compared to no bias
     a.  is reduced.
     b.  is expanded.
     c.  remains the same.
     d.  Talking about a depleted region: God, please don't let them send me to Minot!

3.  In an NPN transistor, hole flow through the base
     a.  is left to right.
     b.  follows the left hand rule.
     c.  is opposite electron flow.
     d.  Talking about bases: God, not Loring either!

4.  When a donor material like antimony are passed in a gaseous form over a slices of germanium crystal at very high temperatures, elemental antimony is absorbed interstitially into the crystalline structure, the resulting N-type germanium:
     a.  becomes negatively charged with excess electrons.
     b.  becomes positively charged with excess protons.
     c.  stays electrostatically neutral.
     d.  Like, this will really impress the next MSET crew I run into!

5.  In a common-base amplifier, the input signal is introduced into the
     a.  collector-base circuit.
     b.  collector-emitter circuit.
     c.  emitter-base circuit.
     d.  none of the above.


E.  To obtain feedback, the Hartley Oscillator is similar to the Colpits oscillator except for the use of a split
     a.  inductance instead of a split capacitance.
     b.  resistance instead of a split capacitance.
     c.  capacitance instead of a split inductance. 
     d.  it depends.

The Roy H Lewis Story

Photos courtesy of: Roy Lewis

Roy H Lewis

I joined on June 29, 1966.  They were out of the regular field jackets at the time so we were issued a VERY light jacket. They were great till the winter in Illinois came. They had no provisions
for the liner -- and NO hood.  They finally allowedd us to make a temporary hood using white towels!    Boy did we look NON-MILITARY with those towels.  Osama Bin Laden would have approved.   Some where along the line they finally got us replacements.  Luckily --as you know we also took busses to most of our class's.

I Enjoyed The Following........


Standing Formation

Barracks Inspections


Walking In The Snow

My Barracks

And most of all the 3358th Student Squadron

Webmaster Note: Are pictures really worth a thousand words?

Who Remembers This?

The Cadence As We Marched To Chow Hall 3

Pinch your nose,
Hold it tight,
Chow Hall 3 is now in sight,
Sound off,
1 2 3 4
1 2

Bob Roeske Remembered

Photo Memento's of: Eric Lemmon


Eric's barracks in 1963

Bldg P-985 - Hound Dog School

School Daze Remembered -  By: Ed Pipher

Just posing for a photo
L-R, Charlie Green, Robert Perry, Frank Siciliano, Richard Cragen and Gary Fanelli


L-R, Richard Cragen and
Ed Pipher

Charlie Green and Ed Pipher not knowing which way to go.

Ed Pipher remembers getting ammonia under the hood and wondering if he was ever going to breathe again.

James W West Coffee Cup
James W West put a lot of coffee through this coffee mug

More Student Memories

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