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Travis Hound Dog Restoration


Hi Ron,
          Long time since I last contacted you. Things have been busy though. Hope you are well on the way to recover from your data crunch.
          I will be sending you another e-mail with some pictures from "Hound Dog Heaven". China Lake Naval Weapons Station, Ridgecrest CA. North of Edwards and South of Death Valley. They brought new life to our project. In the fall of 2005 we were able to obtain most of the parts we were missing from there. It was a four man scrounging trip with two of us making a second trip to obtain the hard stand the missile now sits on. This was all possible because some one at Edwards remembered seeing some "Dogs" in the desert and we are a military operation. (Most of it.)
          Part of the cost of this trip and the Missile Restoration is covered by a generous grant from "The Association of Air Force Missileers", Breckenridge, CO. and Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum  picking up the tab for the remainder.
  The Our Gang photo from left to right in rear row: Bill Lancaster, Charles White, Ben Reed, Dr. Gary Leiser, MSgt Terry Juran. Front row: Charlie Moran, Bob Jenkins, Bob Zirzow, Ken Cox. Kneeling: MSgt Mitch Danbury.
         This group is representative of the Museum Volunteers and staff. The Neil Wood photo is me.
         Bill Lancaster. Retired USAF, C-124 and things with props. Retired J.C. Penney Co.
         Charlie White   Retired USAF, B-52 Bomb Nav with Hound Dog interface. Also retired County employee.
         Ben Reed. Retired USAF, C-124 and others. Retired United Airlines A & P. B-29 restoration lead. Presently our librarian.
         Dr. Gary Leiser. Museum Curator.
         MSgt Terry Juran. USAF Reserve. The big project guy.
         Charlie Moran. USAF Veteran. Retired American Airlines. C-118 restoration lead.
         Bob Jenkins. Retired USAF. Lots of prop planes and C-141. Retired large glass plant manufacturing tech.
         Bob Zirzow. USAF Veteran. Retired United Airlines A & P .
         Ken Cox. Retired USAF, B-52 Crew Chief (He crewed the Museum's B-52 on active duty) Retired United Airlines A & P.
         Neil Wood. Retired USAF, Matador, Jet Engines, Hound Dog 397th AMMS, FE on C-141 & C5 75th MAS. Retired National Park Service, GGNRA.
Not shown:
         Joe Tattersall. Retired US Navy. Submariner and missileer with  Regulus. B-29 restorer.  Helped to drag the missile out of the trash pile.
         Gary Vostry. Civilian Pharmacist. Dug up the starting crew from you AMMS alumni list.
         Jake Jacobson. USAF Veteran. Retired Airline A & P. Our sheet metal guy.
         Eric Schmidt. Retired USAF. Retired Mobile Equipment Maintainer. Had the tow vehicle when we needed it.
        John Card. Retired USAF. AMMS Alumni, C-141 & C-121 FE. Retired Chevron Oil.  Recently took up the task of restoring the Equipment Beam. A Verdan Computer is needed to fill an empty spot.
         Numerous others gave a hand along the way.
         Sam declined on the Pitot tube. The Innovation photo is how we resolve that problem. The Nose Cone came from China Lake.   Charlie White's brother in law, a sheet metal shop foreman fabricated a transition cone, the mast is pilfered from our F-104 stash.
        Jerry Dubaka of Oaklawn, IL. and a 97th AMMS Alumni donated the Pitot Tube.
         Ed Roloff of Federal Way, Washington and a 5th Bomb Wing AMMS Alunni donated a copy of T.O. 21-GAM-77-2-1, 31 Jan 1961, Weapons System General and a Pylon bolt torque adapter.
        If anyone knows the where abouts of an available Pylon we would be very grateful for the information.  On the right side by the stable platform area there are three round access panels the center one is the "Optical Sighting Window" . What is the correct placard name of the other two ?  Same question for the rectangular access panel on the left side ? Other Tech Orders would be welcome. A stuffed Snoopy in aviation gear sitting on top would add to the display.
        Check out our serial number. Does anyone know the answer. It is not on the missile.
       An unveiling of the restored Missile is to take place at Travis Air Museum on Tuesday, March 27, 2007 at 10:00 am. Everyone is invited.
       There is still more to do. The equipment beam and stable platform will be displayed below the missile when completed. The transportation and loading trailer will get some attention soon. Beating the bushes for a pylon is my next priority.
       Hope this will make it to you with all the attachments. Thanks for all the work you do for AMMS Alumni.
                                                                              Have Fun !

Click here to view the article published in the Jimmy Doolittle Air & Space Museum Foundation News about the project.

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